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One Ocean is also the location for Race Packet Pick up, so super convenient if you are staying there! You may pick up for other family members but we are not responsible for misplaced bibs or shirts. T-shirts may NOT be exchanged for a different size at race packet pick up. We will have spaces reserved in the lot to the right of Once Ocean, in front of the Seahorse Oceanfront Inn.

The parking attendant will need to see your registration confirmation on your phone or print out. Parking will be free up to 1 hour for you complete your pick up. This a fun, family event- strollers and friendly, leashed pets are welcome at your own risk. Only registered participants must have bib are allowed on race course.

You will receive a T-shirt and finishers medal. The fun run will begin anytime between - a. Any registrations after November 25th are not guaranteed a shirt or size. Contest begins at 9am, must be preregistered and limited to first 12 participants Winner is determined by whomever eats the most pie in 60 seconds with h ands behind back and hair pulled back. Just need 5 or more members to form.

Must pick up all shirts and bibs together, so assign one person to pick up race packet day- this makes things simple and faster. We will have all your team shirts and bibs in one bag. No giveaways available for teams. Must be present to receive. Only first place winner in each age group will be announced at event, due to time restrictions. Children 4 and under are FREE for the 5k -with adult registration does not include t-shirt. Tony , Jan 28, Well yeah otherwise you would had been the witness to the big rebellion and also zero clients from now on That's just a sign of poor management.

When you started selling lifetime keys you should've taken that into consideration.

There's no excuse for this bullshit move, don't try to justify it with a worse option. It's like those people who defend everything wrong that Trump does by talking about Hillary's Server. You are in the wrong, and time to recognize that. You screwed your customers and are trying to make it look like a good thing "As a company we had the option to shut everything down and give nothing to users". Here's the thing that I think everyone has missed These are not businessmen. The money Bloom has pumped into the club has helped Brighton win promotion to the Championship, where they now sit in fourth place, vying for promotion to the Premier League next season.

His devotion to the club has made him beloved among fans, who can occasionally spot him on the train to away matches. When Bloom took over the club, The Telegraph dubbed him a multimillionaire property developer , and The Argus attributes much of the wealth to a portfolio of private equity and property investments. Neither mentioned Starlizard.

The word that comes up most when you ask former Starlizard employees about Bloom is "nice. Despite being a millionaire many times over, Bloom, as well as the associates who are believed to profit from his gambling, is not flashy with his wealth, according to former Starlizard employees. He is described in the press as an intensely private family man, and he has a 7-year-old son with his Australian-born wife, Linda, a psychologist. The family divide their time between a home in North London and Australia.

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Bloom and his wife are trustees of the Bloom Foundation, and his wife runs the charity Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. Linda was found to have MS 15 years ago. Born in , Bloom grew up in Brighton, the seaside town an hour south of London. Chapel attendance is compulsory for all pupils. Lancing itself is rural, surrounded by fields. But the school is a half-hour drive from Brighton and, according to former England cricket captain Mike Atherton's book "Gambling," Bloom used a fake ID during visits to town to get into betting shops at just 15 — three years below the UK's legal age for sports betting.

Bloom went on to study mathematics at Manchester University, where he continued his sports betting. After just six months as an options trader, Bloom decided to become a professional gambler. Despite the test-match setback, Bloom won more often than not. His success caught the eye of the bookmaker Victor Chandler, which approached Bloom in the late s to set up its international betting operation. Sports betting and gambling are huge in Asia, but gambling on football operates very differently there, using a system called the Asian handicap.

Originating in Indonesia, the Asian handicap system is meant to even the playing field for both teams by giving the underdog a theoretical goal advantage. To give an example: Manchester United are playing Norwich.

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Odds are given in decimal format rather than fractions. A two-goal handicap would be Manchester United at 2. In most cases the handicap will be much more fine-tuned than the above example, reflecting more precisely things like form and injuries — Manchester United 2. Payouts become more complicated for handicaps such as these, but the essential thing to grasp is that the handicap system rests on the number of goals scored by each team. Bloom persuaded Victor Chandler to bet everything it had made from the World Cup on France to win in the final.

Reuters If a team you've backed can't overcome the theoretical goal deficit — if Manchester United win by only or — you lose. Bloom enjoyed much success setting up Victor Chandler's Asian betting operation, using his maths background to crunch stats on teams and come up with handicaps. Bloom told The Argus in : "I was one of the first people outside of Asia to take a keen interest and an understanding of it. I worked in Thailand for seven months, then Gibraltar for three years. Convinced the market was underestimating the odds of a French victory, Bloom persuaded Victor Chandler's management to bet everything it had won so far from the tournament on France to beat Brazil in the final.

The host's victory over Brazil netted a huge prize. A former Starlizard employee described the story as the founding myth of Bloom's career. But no one Business Insider talked to knew the exact amount staked or how much Victor Chandler won. The company later became BetVictor, one of the UK's better-known online gambling brands. The company was an early online bookmaker that took bets under the Asian handicap system.

A BBC article from the time describes how Bloom operated the company :. It is heartening to find that in this age of robot dogs, online everything and space stations, Mr Bloom works [the odds] out himself.

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He has all the statistics to hand to help him work out what the handicap should be, but it basically boils down to him watching a huge amount of football and making a judgment based on what he sees. Bloom competing in the Aussie Millions poker tournament. More success came riding the online poker wave of the s. Two online poker sites he helped set up, Tribeca Tables and St Minver , sold in the mids.

It is not clear how much Bloom made from the sales. As well as gambling at work, Bloom did it for pleasure. Bloom made a name for himself as a formidable, high-stakes poker player in the early s. Bloom is listed by PokerNews. His form earned him the nickname "The Lizard" at the poker table — he must be cold-blooded to make such ice-cool decisions, people said.

Poker player and TV presenter Victoria Coren dubbed Bloom a "poker phenomenon," writing in The Guardian in : "If tournament winnings the flawed yet standard measure of poker success were divided by number of tournaments played, the low-key Lizard would probably turn out to be the biggest winner in the world. Bloom told The Times in : "Poker gives you a good grounding in lots of things, including reading situations and reading people and making tough decisions.

Those skills can be used in business and certainly in running a football club. Bloom is incredibly unusual in that he plays at the highest level merely for fun, rather than professionally. He told Atherton that he inherited his love of gambling from his grandfather Harry Bloom, who owned greyhounds.

After five hours, Bloom lost and "with his characteristic calm walked away," according to VegasInsider. Bloom clearly took a shine to his poker nickname, as he used it for his next venture, Starlizard, set up in Starlizard represented a shift away from taking bets into advising on them. The company is a consultancy that offers proprietary odds analysis to rich clients looking to make smart, high-stakes bets. These high-rollers then use Starlizard's internally generated odds to identify "value" bets — instances in which the retail bookmaking market has underestimated or overestimated a team.

In these cases, the risk-reward ratio is swayed in the bettor's favour. An employee of Starlizard's rival Smartodds told The Guardian in : "We're not trying to say this is going to happen, we're trying to say this will happen with a certain probability. If our probabilities are better than those of the bookmakers, then, in the long run, our clients will win money. Starlizard's discreet Camden headquarters. Google Maps Starlizard specialises in estimates tailored for the Asian handicap market — Bloom's favourite — by calculating what it sees as the most likely scoreline for any given football match.

This is crucial, as the handicap rests on the favourite scoring a certain number of goals. Bloom is not listed as a director of Starlizard, but several of his key lieutenants are: Steven Edery, described by former employees as Bloom's right-hand man; Marc Sugarman, a former Citigroup equity analyst who is also on Brighton's board ; and Adam Franks, a chartered accountant who knows Bloom from his Manchester University days and who is finance director for all of Bloom's businesses.

Franks is also on the Brighton board. Everyone Business Insider talked to within the industry and who had worked at the company said that despite not appearing on the paperwork, Bloom was in charge. It's unclear why Bloom is not a director.

Should you have any questions please call right away.

He even keeps an apartment in the same building as Starlizard's Camden offices, according to one former employee. About the same time that Starlizard was created, Bloom established a gambling syndicate, a group of close associates who would pool their money together to make high-stakes sports bets. By increasing the available pot of betting money, the group maximises potential winnings. Bloom runs the syndicate and is believed to provide the vast majority of the bankroll. But former employees and industry insiders spoke of Starlizard and Bloom's syndicate as one and the same, and they say Starlizard spends most of its time dealing with Bloom's syndicate.

In essence, the company is Bloom's gambling money manager. Starlizard and Bloom declined to comment on these specific claims. Starlizard's latest accounts, made up to June , say the business is "diversifying revenue streams in order to reduce the risk of overreliance on a particular client. While it's unclear why Bloom is not a director of Starlizard, it is clear why he set up the company.

Bloom acknowledged in Michael Atherton's book that he had "an addictive personality," saying: "At university I made myself a promise that I would become fiercely disciplined. I wanted to gamble because I enjoyed it and therefore I needed to do it properly in order to win. I didn't want to lose my money. Starlizard allowed Bloom's syndicate to make cold, calculated decisions about where to stake cash, separating the decision-making from the money and making it as mathematical as possible — no gut feelings.

Starlizard helped pioneer a new, corporate approach to professional gambling, more closely resembling an investment bank or hedge fund than a bookmaker. About workers spend their days crunching statistics, building computer models, and doing huge deals on the other side of the world. Some are fresh out of university, but ages range right up to the mids. The mix of genders and races is diverse — all that matters is a razor-sharp understanding of the betting market and a head for statistics. The company is split into four teams, each performing a specific role in the generation of odds.

One generates data, another crunches that data into odds, a third decides which bets to take based on those odds, and a fourth places those bets on behalf of clients with bookmakers in Asia. Starlizard's football researchers generate internal data on a team's form while watching matches.

They do this by watching matches and recording things like goal-scoring opportunities or shots on target. A former employee says: "If a game was but the home team had missed a penalty, the best scoreline to go back into a predictive model would be something like 0. If a team missed a penalty and had, say, two shots where they hit the woodwork, they probably deserved to win.

These researchers also make it their business to get as close as possible to the action, speaking to a network of contacts that includes journalists and league experts.