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Matt Sayer is a writer covering the latest tech, telco and video game news at finder. In his downtime from helping Aussies make informed decisions on their broadband, mobile phone, and streaming video plans, he likes exploring rich video game worlds and kicking back with a good book. If you need a plan better equipped to deal with multiple people browsing, streaming and downloading all month long, Flip's Unlimited Value plan is worth a look. You'll have to settle for a slower Basic NBN connection as a trade-off though, so don't count on being able to stream Netflix in multiple rooms of your house at the same time.

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The speedy Standard Plus connection boasts one of the highest typical evening speeds you'll currently find, ensuring that your connection doesn't suddenly go all sluggish when PM rolls around. Coupled with unlimited monthly data and an impressively aggressive price, Flip's Fast NBN plan is a top choice. If you're happy committing to a month contract, you can save even more by signing up to Exetel's Standard Plus NBN plan. In addition to one of the cheapest monthly rates going around, you get a pay-as-you-go VoIP phone service, unlimited data and typical evening speeds that promise lag-free streaming even during the busiest hours of the day.

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Not only is it one of the cheapest plans on the market, it outranks its competitors in average download speeds based on reports from the gaming service Steam. It clocks in quite a bit cheaper than the majority of competing Premium NBN plans while still delivering solid typical evening speeds of You don't have to worry about any lock-in contracts or installation fees either, which is always a big plus. If you're forking out for a Standard Plus NBN plan, you'll want a decently-sized monthly data cap to give your high-speed connection room to strut its stuff.

Exetel's month, GB Standard Plus plan fits the bill nicely. Not only can you sign up on a no-lock-in contract and cancel at any time without penalty, the plan comes with unlimited monthly data so you never have to worry about racking up exorbitant excess usage fees. Top that off with some of the fastest typical evening speeds at the Standard Plus tier, and Flip establishes itself as a smart choice in the NBN space. Of the same sample group it was found that the streaming services of Netflix, ABC, and SBS provided the best experience to their users.

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Month to month. Results explained. Check if you can get the NBN at your address. What is the NBN? Types of NBN connections Depending on your area, there are different types of connections. Fibre to the curb FTTC Intended for launch in , this type of connection will use fibre optic cabling from the exchange to the telecom pit outside the property, and a smaller amount of copper cabling between the telecom pit and property.

Fixed Wireless Connection In some cases - particularly in remote locations - it would be impractical or too expensive to physically connect a property to the fibre-optic network. What speed do I need? It's best to shop around How do I know when it will be available? When will the NBN be completed?

We've scoured the Australian NBN market for the best-value broadband plans to suit different needs.

What is Mbps? What is the best NBN plan for me? How do I get connected? How much does it cost to install? How much does it cost to keep it? What happens if I have Cable? Do I have to change over to the NBN? What happens to my home phone when the power goes out? Where in my home will the NBN equipment be installed? It is recommended that your internal equipment is installed in a location: -Where there is an accessible powerpoint within 1.

What happens with back to base alarm systems? What happens to my Foxtel? What happens to my medical alarms? What happens to my landline when the NBN gets rolled out in my area?

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  • Do I need to be at home for the NBN to be installed? It depends on the type of NBN connection available to you. Can I keep the same home phone number? Can I get updates on the NBN rollout? Can I pre-order the NBN? Are there activation fees?