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All those things come at a price.

And the same goes for the comparable range from Worcester; the Greenstar I. You can get a fixed price online on BOXT for a Worcester, and compare that with quotes from local installers on a Vaillant.

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But, the cost of the boiler, is only a small part of the puzzle. The majority of boiler installation costs are made up of labour, as well as materials. But, there are lots of other things that can affect the cost of installation. Is a magnetic system filter being fitted advisable? The list goes on.

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But you can get quotes from local installers on Vaillant boilers here, and a fixed price on a Worcester from BOXT here ; compare the two to get the best deal. Naturally, they get Worcester boilers well below what most installers can.

No need for home visits, quotes, phone calls; the prices are all fixed and online. But, like we do before buying any other product, checking out reviews is always worthwhile. Some of the best, come from Expert Trades. You can read all the reviews for Vaillant on Trust Pilot here. Either way, there are two options for you below, and in both, you should be able to get finance on your new boiler.

You can contact 3 different Gas Safe installers to get the best deal here. The first, is what efficiency rating your boiler is.

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If it is less than 5 years old, the scheme makes an assumption that is is more cost effective to repair your old boiler, than it is to have it replaced on the scheme. Some of the benefits mean that you will qualify for a boiler grant automatically, with no other requirements. With some others you may need to have an extra qualifying component such as being responsible for a child under 16, be of a certain age etc. You can view the full criteria here. If you don't claim any benefits, you could consider paying monthly for your new boiler. Visit heatable. Our interactive online application process lets you check if you qualify for a free, new boiler grant in less than 2 minutes.

If you do, we can put you in contact with UK Government approved company who can assist you with your application. If you do not receive benefits but your current boiler is broken and you want to get the best deal, head over to Heatable. You'll be able to get a fixed online price for a new boiler instantly. Finance is available and they're able to fit boilers within as little as 24 hours. Before you commit to buying, check out their guide to find the best combi boiler.

It's super useful. Because we are part of the EU, the UK has been set very large targets to reduce the carbon footprint of its housing stock. Built in to everybody's bills is a small percentage of money which is paid towards ECO, the Green Tax. This money is controlled by the Big Six energy suppliers and they are now obliged by the UK Government to fund the installation of free boilers and home insulation in to low-income households and those who are most vulnerable. If you do not currently receive benefits, and your boiler needs to be replaced, you could consider getting a boiler on finance.

If you receive the correct combination of benefits, you could have your old gas, oil or LPG boiler replaced for free via the ECO boiler grant scheme.

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The boiler scrappage scheme was a program which used to run and gave customers cashback for replacing their old, in-efficient boilers. Unfortunately, that scheme is now no longer available and applications are closed. If you claim benefits, apply for the ECO scheme. If you don't get any benefits, considering paying monthly for your new boiler. This depends on the type of installation you need. It's hard to say exactly, but, if you're after a reliable boiler with a long warranty, you can't go too wrong with a Viessmann. They're German engineered and are growing in popularity.

If you're obtaining a new boiler via the ECO scheme, you may not get a choice on the boiler model or brand. Read Heatable's guide on the best combi boilers. Within minutes of applying, a local company contacted me to check my benefit details and to book my survey. Within 2 weeks, my boiler was installed. The process was hassle free and my new boiler was installed to a very high standard. My boiler was losing pressure and without boiler grants it would have been a very, very cold winter for me and my family.

I can't fault them. Up until recently, it has only been standard central heating boilers which have qualified through the governments ECO scheme. So now, if you live […]. The ECO scheme has seen some rather rocky times in recent weeks. How, and why? Up until very recently, properties with Oil, […].

We help qualifying home owners to access Government backed home efficiency grants including funding for free replacement boilers , home insulation and even some renewable energy products such as free solar panels. We also assist private paying customers too, by helping them to compare solar pv quotes , get great deals on new boiler finance and new boilers online.

Because we work alongside a network of approved UK installers, we can help you to access the grants much more efficiently than others and in usual circumstances, you can expect to have a replacement boiler installed from start to finish in less than four weeks.

Each installer on our network has the necessary certifications required in order to carry out the work, we regularly monitor your feedback to ensure that the highest levels of service are being achieved.