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Moreover, from what we've seen they don't provide much, if any, picture quality improvement compared to 4K TVs. In the future 8K TVs will surely get cheaper and more mainstream, but it will be years before they're worth considering for all but the richest TV buyers. Further reading: 8K TV: What you need to know. The biggest new trend in gadgets, including TVs, is the ability to be controlled by voice commands. TV remotes with built-in mics and "push to talk" functionality, for example to search for TV shows and movies, are nothing new.


What's new is integration between the TVs and the two big players in voice today, Google and Amazon. TVs from Sony and LG have Google Assistant built-in, so you can use their voice remotes to not only search, but order pizza, play trivia games and music, and control lights and other Smart Home devices. Samsung TVs have Bixby built-in. Even cooler is the ability to control certain functions on the TVs with an Alexa or Google Home speaker, without touching the remote.

Samsung is also adding Alexa and Google Home speaker control in Just count the number of devices you'll want to connect, and make sure your TV has at least that many HDMI ports or one or two extra if you'll be expanding. USB inputs are nice for displaying photos, but hardly necessary.

And of course you'll need an antenna input standard on nearly every TV if you're cutting the cord and want free over-the-air TV. The latest HDMI 2. And yes, you should just buy the cheap HDMI cables. Even so, your next TV will likely have smart apps whether you use them or not. Further reading: Smart TV or media streamer? If you're planning on cutting the cable TV cord , or you have already, you might want to make sure the TV you get has a built-in over-the-air tuner.

It will allow you to watch free local TV broadcasts, usually in higher quality than cable, satellite or streaming. Further reading: Cord cutter's guide to the best indoor antennas. If you aren't planning to use a universal model or the remote that came with your cable box, pay attention to the TV's included clicker.

It's nice when it can command other gear directly especially cool is Samsung's new system , and I prefer TVs to include medium-size remotes with well-differentiated, backlit buttons. Fancy remotes with touchpads and gesture controls are nice , but a good universal model will almost always work better, consigning your included remote to ignominy in a drawer. Further reading: Best universal remotes.

Since TVs are basically furniture, manufacturers have concentrated on making their sets look nicer. Many TVs today look like almost all picture from the front, and when seen from the side or hung on a wall, the thin cabinets almost disappear. Other innovations include channels to hide wiring and, in the case of high-end Samsung TVs, a separate input box to further combat clutter.

What's the best TV brand? I don't have a favorite brand; instead I try to judge the TVs I test on their individual merits, largely ignoring brand cachet or reputation. I don't test TVs over the long term, but from what I know all of the major brands are more or less equally reliable. Some brands do perform more consistently better than others in my tests, or deliver remotes, smart TV systems or designs I prefer over competitors, but these can change on a fairly regular basis.

Another way to answer that question is to check out my current list of best TVs. What's the best TV for gaming? What about sports? Trick question! I believe the best TVs for watching pretty much anything are the TVs with the best black level, color and other standard performance characteristics not to mention the biggest screen. Motion resolution isn't a major concern since most blurring on TV sporting events is inherent in the source, and input lag, which we measure for every TV review , can often be improved by specialized gaming modes common on most TVs. What about all those picture settings?

Should I buy a calibration? Properly adjusting the picture is very important to getting the most out of your TV. That said, simply selecting the "Movie," "Cinema" or "Calibrated" preset will get you the most accurate picture on most TVs. What accessories should I buy? If you don't have a universal remote already, you should get one. Our list of best home video and best home audio gear has other good suggestions.

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How long will my new TV last? The short answer is "it should last a very long time. Can I use my TV as a computer monitor? Yes you can, and it should work very well, especially if it has 4K resolution. Here are a few tips. How do I set it up? Geoff Morrison has you covered again. How come you never mention rear-projection or plasma TV? Because rear-projection TVs are no longer on sale as of , and the last plasma TVs were manufactured in They'll be missed. OK, so what about front-projection?

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Unlike dinosaur rear-projectors, I think front-projectors are really cool, and we've we've reviewed a few. And yes, your TV is too tiny. What happened to 3D TV? Once a futuristic add-on filled with promise -- remember "Avatar"?


The last two major brands to support 3D, Sony and LG, dropped support entirely in , joining Samsung, Vizio and most other brands. All of the TV makers we asked cited lack of interest from consumers. Neither one has proven better in our tests yet, and it mostly depends on the TV. Where can I find the latest TV reviews? Right here.

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See at Amazon. You can even get remotes that accept voice commands -- just say what you want and the TV will respond. Each pixel is a small organic light-emitting diode, eliminating the need for backlighting and allowing for a super-slim and energy-efficient design. If you want to go really deep into your entertainment then perhaps a curved TV is for you. The curved screen design helps to increase immersion by wrapping the image around your field of view, giving you more of a sense of depth.

And let's face it -- they look pretty darned cool, even when the screen is turned off.

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For a larger-than-life cinematic experience from the comfort of your own couch, a home theatre projector will do the trick. Imagine a screen that could fill your entire field of view for truly immersive viewing. You can also save space mounting the projector on the ceiling and the screen on the wall. Categories 29 inch and Smaller TVs Current Offers.

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