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It's just ultra convenient from where I live. I'll waive a processing fee if I feel like someone's about to walk, just so I can get a deal.

01. Timing is everything.

I would rather keep my members happy rather than make them pay an obscene amount to start off. Convinced my friend to sign up and he got the whole thing waived. I literally signed up for a membership 5 days ago, said I'd be willing to sign up for a membership immediately if they waived the initiation fee. He waived it 5 minutes later and I'm just paying the monthly fee now. There was a post on here a while ago recommending people sign up for a college class and then just using the campus fitness center.

Maybe you could do that option.

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Less crowded too. Upvoted to replace the other downvote. I appreciate it but I'm going to be a commuter student at a campus and it doesn't start still August. I don't know if I'll want to commute, go to class, then go to the gym but it is absolutely another option I've been considering. For now, I want immediate access, my sister just passed away and her fiancee has a LA fitness membership so I figured if there was a time to make the jump it was now, thank you bro.

It's how you get money from the resolutionists. It also covers the time the dude spent talking to the GM. Not a lot of work for him if he has 3 hours to talk to somebody.

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I'm from the UK and worked in Indianapolis for 6 months last year. At the time I arrived I was only meant to be there for 6 weeks but that increased as time went on. Didn't pay the initiation fee, but it was part of a corporate deal through my employer. Not sure how much that helps, but it IS possible to get it waived. I signed up just last year and they waived the fee for me. I just had to pay first and last month's membership.

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I also added on towel service, which is so worth it. Can't beat that deal. If you aren't a student and have a job, see if your company has gym membership deals. Mine has one with a company called GlobalFit and they basically show you all the gyms they partner with and show you the pricing so you can choose. They frequently have deals to waive initiation fees and reduced monthly memberships. Anyway to get in for a little less? Hey boss, dunno if you pulled the trigger already but that sounds like a really good deal if you're gonna use the guest pass. My membership was a basic all state, no premier club nor guest privileges.

If you don't need that, then you could def lower it. Also that fee is waivable, try calling to other la fitness's. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Fitness comments. Want to join?

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How Much Does an LA Fitness Membership Cost?

Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Hopefully this helps you mate. Getting Started with Fitness. Muscle Building Weight Loss You can even find discounts on classes. Whether you're looking for a new you in the new year or simply treating your old self to a better deal, you deserve to give these tips a try.

Photo Credit: Jordan Voth. There are so many benefits to working out from home or outside, so embrace the savings with us! Home Lifestyle. Timing is everything. Try before you buy. Check for discounts through your employer. Check for reimbursements from your health insurer. Bring up your budget. Get a membership at Costco. Consider ClassPass. Say farewell to fees. Join with a friend. Search for a better price online.

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