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When I use the Melaeuca Polish I instantly feel the difference. My teeth get that glassy professional cleaning feel and actually appear slightly whiter, which I wasn't expecting. My gums also feel better and my mouth just feels cleaner and fresher all day. That it is natural and tastes good is a plus.

This includes: two whitening gels, two remineralization gels, two whitening mouth trays, one LED blue light, and fitting instructions! Promising review : "I've been looking for an at-home teeth whitening kit and decided to try this Dental Duty one. I previously tried strips that were uncomfortable and slipped off my teeth. The two pre-molded mouth guards are soft and comfortable and the LED connects to them easily. This kit comes with color chart to watch the progress as your teeth become whiter. Gel does not have any strong taste or odor and has not caused any teeth sensitivity.

It removed all of the tea stains on my teeth in less than a week. It looks like I had a very thorough dental cleaning and professional teeth whitening done. In fact, I've had several people ask me where I got my teeth whitened and how much it cost, just because it is that noticeable of a difference. My teeth feel super clean and smooth. Even first thing in the morning, I don't have that gross, fuzzy teeth feeling.

The first paste provides a deep clean and freshens your mouth, while the second whitens your teeth! Their micro-cleansing whiteners gently scrub away surface stains without harmful scratching.

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Promising review : "Unbelievably superior to other whitening toothpastes. After brushing, I feel like I just came from a dental cleaning.

These are the 5 best Amazon deals of the weekend

No kidding. It cleans exceptionally well and there are very noticeable whitening benefits. I won't use anything else. Promising review : "After using the products as directed, my mouth feels incredibly clean, like after-the-dentist clean! I had some gum sensitivity before using these products, but now it is totally gone. My mouth also used to get dry a couple hours after brushing with commercial toothpastes, but not at all since using Uncle Harry's. My teeth are much more white — like many shades whiter. I used it for about a week before I was completely sold.

Day one I saw a change, however, I wanted to be sure I wasn't buying into the madness. The results are certainly REAL! I would recommend this product 10 times out of Promising review : "I was so impressed that I decided to write a review. I was a little apprehensive at first but I wanted something natural to whiten my teeth and Minimo Blanc delivered. Promising review : "This is such a nice alternative to those tooth whitening kits! I have only used this a few days, and I can tell you that I am already seeing results.

There is literally no taste or smell to it, and it does not leave my teeth with any sensitivity. Once you rinse, your mouth actually feels nice and clean. Promising review : "I was really skeptical about this product. I've been using the rinse and toothpaste and accelerator for about two months now and saw results within the first week.

I couldn't believe how much of a difference this made from the very first time I used this product! I highly recommend it, and it's so easy to use and so quick! It takes literally 30 seconds longer than brushing your teeth. I love it! It's gentle enough to work with all dental restorations bonding, caps, veneers, and dentures without harmful bleaches or abrasives!

Promising review: "I've been using Supersmile for several years and love it!!

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Classic Vivid Treatments, 10 Count

I have very sensitive teeth with receding gums, but Supersmile toothpaste and the whitening pre-rinse do NOT hurt my teeth. My dentist always tells me, 'Whatever you're using, keep on using it because your teeth look great. Promising review : "It does not hurt your gums, it is very gentle and effective on sensitive gums. Highly recommended brand in Europe. I recommend using it with Curaprox toothbrush After a few days, you will never go back to the ordinary toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Amazon: AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit $29.99 (Regular Price $100)

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  4. I started using the whitening treatments last night and feel that there is a difference with just one use. Very simple to assemble and use. I have sensitive teeth, and did not feel any sensitivity at all. I think the LED light helps a great deal as I have used whitening strips for years and have not seen this quick of results after one treatment.

    Will definitely repurchase! This stuff is amazing, just like the tubes I got from my dentist but so much bigger and cheaper!

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    After only one treatment and my teeth are two colors whiter. I would definitely recommend getting the blue sensitive treatment, because after a couple uses you will find your teeth get really sensitive. I tried the AuraGlow Deluxe Home kit for the first time last night and am really, really impressed. I experienced no sensitivity, and can already see results after a single use.

    I used to use Crest Professional Effects strips per year to remove stains caused by coffee and tea, but the strips started causing me a lot of pain and irritated my tongue, lips, and gums. I'm so glad I stumbled onto Auraglow. I'll never go back.

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    I attached a comparison picture from yesterday and today. Both pics were taken in the same lighting at my desk and left unedited. I tried to keep gum in my mouth in the same spot to help compare the changes. I'm going to keep taking progress photos and will update this review to include those. Note: I received no payment or discount for this review. I'm just a really happy customer. I have used other teeth whitening products before but none of them really got the job done like this one, the last product i used gave my gums a burning feeling and was pretty uncomfortable to have sitting on my teeth for the time being while this product is the complete opposite!

    Using this product has become part of my daily regimen, i will absolutely be buying more. I already had whitening trays, but I needed refill whitening gel.