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Popular Deal. Joined Nov L1: Learner. Featured Comments. So this is how my kids can become crazy rich asians? I'm in. Go to Comment. Common core math. How I despise it. To clear up any potential confusion, note that Cheryl only tells Albert the month of her birthday while only telling Bernard the date.

If not, no reason to despair. May 15 16 19 June 17 18 July 14 16 August 14 15 17 Cheryl then tells Albert and Bernard separately the month and the day of her birthday, respectively. Hurry Before It's Gone! Thank you! See comment 81 above for a little more in depth on this. Thank you for all your info, including your thoughtful comments. I am struggling deciding between the us standard edition and common core edition. My two went to school last year and they used common core, so I thought I should just stick with it. But I question common core at times and feel the standard might be more straight forward.

A friend of mine said they are probably very similar, just vary in presentation. I was wondering your thoughts. Math to me is getting it, then moving on. Common core seems to push looking at different ways to get to your answer, but frustration along the way. It might just be me though, in deschooling the way I was taught. Many of the pages are identical, but the CC version does focus a little more on alternate ways to find answers and explaining answers in words. Could I get by using your preschool book and Addition facts book or should I purchase the Singapore curriculum, teacher guide and all?

It depends on where your daughters are at. If they already understand the numbers to 10 thoroughly in that they can count 10 disorganized objects, count OUT 10 objects, tell whether 8 is more or less than 6, etc. I have started supplementing the math that my son does in public school 3rd grade this year with the Singapore math challenge workbook. This book was published by Frank Schaffer Publications, and says on the cover that it is correlated to the common core state standards.

From reading your article and questions, I have realized that this book is not part of the official Singapore math curriculum, since it has a different publisher. Would you happen to know, how this workbook compares to the Singapore math intensive practice workbooks? Thanks very much for your help. The Singapore Math Challenge books look like wonderful supplementary math challenges I may grab a few for a math club that I run!

The Intensive Practice books provide more focused skill work, rather than interesting puzzles and supplementary topics. But if your son is enjoying the book, it looks like a great way to enjoy math together at home. Thanks very much for your prompt reply. Yes, the Math challenge books are certainly teaching us to look at math differently from what we were used to.

Some of the problems are a little ambiguous and need to be more clearly stated to get the answer in the back of the book. Some of the problems actually seem like simpler versions of the Math Olympiad problems my older son does. Thanks very much! This is our first year homeschooling 4th grade and using Singapore Math, I was surprised at how teacher intensive it is. What are some math programs you recommend after Singapore Math? I have trouble wrapping my head around Saxon.

It can be rather maddening for kids who are used to thoroughly grappling with a topic before moving on. Hi Kate, Thanks so much for your detailed reply and helpful insight! I noticed that you also recommend Math Mammoth. In your opinion, is it somewhat easier to teach than Singapore? Or in general, what are some differences between MM and Singapore? Aside from my 4th grade son, my daughter will be starting first grade and I may look into Math Mammoth for her. The MM website seems to have quite a lot of resources including videos by the author.

Thanks again for sharing your insight! You can read about Math Mammoth in detail in my full review , but the quick answer is that it is less teacher-intensive than Singapore.

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But that comes with all the usual caveats: Most kids will need at least some one-on-one teaching throughout their years of math. My son is in public school.. I have second thoughts about it for few weeks now …. So I would like to switch to Singapore Math but I would like to know which edition to choose from … I read a lot in lot of forum but still having hard time to decide on them … I might go with standards edition just for the sake of color Bcz I know my son will love it but I would like to know in what way CC edition may differ … I did read the comparison chart in SM website but still lost to make the decision.

Honestly, any version of Singapore will provide what you want. If you think your son would love the color, then I would definitely go with that. Sometimes, whatever makes our kids most motivated is the best choice. Thanks for the helpful review! My son is 5 and we will start KG with him this coming fall.

Singapore Math

He has great number sense and can already do simple calculations in his head. Would you recommend still going through both Kg books or could a child potentially start at level B? Starting with Essentials B sounds like a great idea for your son. Book A is quite simple, so that will probably provide a better level of challenge for him.

Being able to individualize curriculum for your child is definitely a huge perk of homeschooling! I would not live without , you helped me earlier. This time for my little one who is going to pre-k but still doensot know his numbers. Also my elder would be going to 2nd grade advanced math. What should i be getting for them. Try my Preschool Math at Home for your younger child to help him learn his number basics.

For your child going to 2nd grade, check and make sure that he knows his addition facts and subtraction facts well.

Singapore Math Standards Edition

You can find tests to check here and here. If he does know the addition and subtraction facts, take a look at this list of summer math options to find a good book for him. We have been using the singapore math books earlier and he is good with addition, subtraction a little of multiplication and little division.

I would like to continue the singapore math books. What would be good for him. Do you think I still need to get the textbook or workbook or extra practice? Was reading your comment to Sirisha as I type. Sorry about that. No problem, Viv! My Son just completed Kindergarten in US. He will be going to Grade 1 in September. He is very interested in Math and pretty good at learning. Is this the right choice? Are you aware if this new curriculum is better? Your website is incredible! Thank you for helping me narrow down the plethora of math options.

This will be our first year of homeschooling. I have two will- be first graders coming out of public school common core math. One did very well, the other not so well, but managed to keep up with lots of help. I also have two will-be Pre-Kers, and I envision the same situation. One older kid is very visual, the other is very hands on.

Would it be wise to start with RD and transition to Singapore, or only do Singapore? Or do you have a better suggestion of curriculum tracks? It boils down to four kids two years apart, but in very different places in terms of skill level and maturity. Teaching 4 different RightStart lessons each day would be waaaay too much. Also make sure to have them do the placement test before you buy books—Singapore is fairly advanced, and so they may place back a book, or even in different books.

If you want to keep them together in the 2nd grade books, make sure your struggler has mastered the addition and subtraction facts before starting so that he can absorb the new content. For your little ones, check out my Preschool Math at Home book. Hi, so glad I found your site! I will be a first time homeschooler this year for 3 kids in grades 5, 3, and 1.

They were in public school using common core math and they did very well. What do you recommend i do for 3 kids in 3 different grades? I would definitely need all the extra guides to help me teach them. Use the Singapore placement tests to help you decide what level each child should be at. How do you know if a mastery based curriculum like Singapore is the best choice or a more traditional curriculum like Rod and Staff or Horizons?

Older son is a kinesthetic learner and going into 6th. Younger son is visual learner and has been doing the same math as his older brother. A friend recommended using 2 different curriculums. Their homeschool evaluator suggested Horizon Math. What do you recommend for 2 different learning styles? They also thrive on the feeling of success that comes from knowing what to do. On the other hand, children who pick up math more easily generally prefer more conceptual programs. They thrive on understanding how things work and love the aha-moments that come when a concept clicks.

These kids are often bored to tears by traditional programs. Being able to individualize instruction is a wonderful benefit of homeschooling. I am so happy to find your website! This information on Singapore Math is very helpful. The quick answer: not much! The main difference is that there are particular subskills that end up in one grade level or another.

So, for example, you might find bar graphs in first grade in one edition but in second grade in another edition.

We are a military family who moves every 2 years. I recently decided to homeschool my 1st and 3rd grader this year and have decided to use Singapore. My 3rd grader had Go Math in 1st grade and then ST Math in 2nd grade; the switch affected her confidence in math. The CC version of Singapore is only a tiny bit different from the other editions. A solid foundation in math will benefit your kids no matter what other programs they use later.

Even different Common Core programs will use different terminology from each other, so there will be an adjustment period any time your kids switch between programs even if both programs are Common Core. Hello Kate, I loved reading through all of the comments and responses. I learned quite a bit just from that! This is my first year homeschooling my 10 year old son, who is in the 5th grade. He is a bright kid, and a very quick learner. He scored a little above average on his math benchmark.

He is pretty much grade level. He still struggles with multiplication facts, but we do daily practice to try to help him memorize them. Otherwise, he generally catches on to new concepts in math very quickly, and generally does not struggle with anything else as of yet. I started this year with Teaching Textbooks and we were torn between two levels because their sequence seems off to me, and we went with 5 to make sure we do not create any gaps. I have heard that they are about a grade behind.

I recently purchased a used set of Singapore Primary math, US edition 5A, but since I have since learned there are different editions and I will probably be going with the Standard edition. I have been trying to figure out where to start him. I am torn between level 4 and 5. From what I have seen, I prefer the way Singapore standard edition has the cumulative review and the Home Instruction Guide. It is important to me that my son is up to par with his grade. Is level 5 equivalent to grade 5? I am also going to be supplementing with Beast Academy because my son does not care for math and he is exited about comic guides.

I ordered 3C to fill in any gaps and also because BA seems pretty advanced. Does it sound like Singapore Primary Math Standard edition is the right fit and what level do you recommend we start at?

Singapore Math?

Again, I want to make sure we start him at the right level but I want him up to par with his grade. From your description, it sounds like you could go either way on level 4 or 5. The best way to tell which level to use is to have your son take a placement test. This is a great website. My daughter goes to school and she is in six grade. She has a language disability and is having trouble with math word problems. How can Singapore Math help without confusing her with the method they teach in school? My son is in prek and I would like to start with the Singapore math books. Thank you.

Also he is having a hard time past 10 what should I be doing. It covers counting, subitizing, comparing, written numerals, and beginning adding and subtracting up to You can read more about the importance of these skills here. Then, move on to with Singapore Essential Math A and B their Kindergarten book once your son is ready for more pencil-and-paper work and already grasps the numbers to 10 well. Otherwise, the larger numbers just become a memorized oral sequence rather than having meaning. We will be transitioning to homeschool next year with children who will be in 4th, 1st and K.

My question is with regards to the rising 4th grader…the math track he is currently on in US public school actually has students skip 4th grade math they get a teaching packet for over the summer and move to 5th grade math during their 4th grade year which then tracks them into pre-algebra in 6th grade. I plan to have him start in the US edition 4a in the fall since he will be switching curriculum and move at his speed, however, I wanted to ask if there are any skills or techniques taught in earlier books that I need to worry about him not having?

Then, you can use the results to see if there are any gaps from the previous books to fill before moving into the full curriculum. Other than that, expect that word problems may take some extra time and adjustment as he gets used to the bar model diagrams. If you wanted to do a little extra work over the summer, you might have look at the examples of bar models in 3A and work through some problems from that textbook.

Do you have a direct link? Or how might I navigate to find it? Then, it should come right up. I have kinder and 5th grade kids. Singapore Math was recommended by a ex teacher in a book shop. My elder one is struggling to catch up with Math. So I am thinking of teaching him with Singapore math. I am looking for which edition to go for my elder.

Which edition will be best for him. Looking to start for my younger one too. Please guide me in this. All the different editions can definitely be confusing! Hi Kate, Thanks much for your review , they are very insightful. Also for buying the books should i directly buy it from the publishers or i can also get it from amazon? My concern is the amazon version of the books may not be the latest if there are multiple releases of the same book. You definitely have to look carefully if you buy the books from Amazon. Based on your advice I went with standard editions. It worked out great for me than the dimensions curriculum as Iam not that good in teaching without help.

Please suggest me a math curriculum for middle schooler. Next year I am looking for math curriculum for 6th grader. Is primary maths standard edition ok for middle school or do you suggest any other edition or curriculum. So glad to hear that Standards edition worked well for you! But if Standards is working for you, no need to switch yet. Hi Kate, Thank you so much for all your helpful reviews and answers to questions. I was wondering if you could tell me a little about how Singapore Math teaches place value?

It mostly uses base-ten blocks, as well as place-value disks, as manipulatives for understanding place-value and multi-digit numbers.

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Hi, I am considering switching my kids from Right Start to Singapore. Do you have any knowledge of the Singapore Math Live website? Also, I have an almost 11 year old finishing up Right Start level E 2nd ed.

Year 4 Singapore Maths Model Lesson: Measuring Area - Maths — No Problem!

We have not been doing many of the games recommended and I feel that there is too little practice for the concepts being taught. However, I felt this way in the past only to get to the next level of Right Start and the concepts are covered again and a little deeper. This year he has struggled more with not really understanding some things and the progam just moves on and that is that. Any thoughts would be helpful. I already have Singapore 2A materials and I really like it. I am considering switching my daughter to 2A from Right Start C. She loves writing and using the workbook. I think my 11 year old might do better actually seeing pictures of what he is doing before he does it if that makes any sense but he is almost finished with Right Start at this point.

I am worried that he might not be where he should be. So sorry for such a confusing mess of questions!

Splash Math - Shopee Blog | Shopee Singapore

It sounds like you have several good reasons to switch from RightStart to Singapore. Just make sure to do a placement test so that your kids end up in the correct books. Thank you Kate for your response! I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I am having some anxiety over switching math from Right Start. I love how scripted Righ Start is and I worry Singapore might not give as much direction. So much to think about!