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You can utilise Telkom faults service line to help log a fault for them to take care of. You can find Telkom contact details on the company's website and you can call them to assist you with any of their services or products. Telkom branches can be found throughout South Africa, check the company's website for the branch locator and conveniently get to one closest to you.

There is always Telkom specials available and you can check out their online store for products as well as see the Telkom catalogue for deals. Telkom began its journey a long time ago when telegraphs were the first forms of communication in South Africa. By the 's SA was connected to 72 nations with outgoing international calls going well over 28, per year.

To date Telkom operates in more than 38 countries across the African continent and continues to grow. Telkom's company values include External - understanding customer needs, putting the customer first, and never stop working until getting it right, Internal commitment is that the company exists to serve the customer.

Telkom employees hold values of accountability, respect honesty, and teamwork.

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Telkom is a leading brand and company when it comes to excellent telecommunications services as well as affordable products related which can be tailor-made to your residential or business needs. Telkom offers excellent Telkom contracts which is suited to customer needs and lifestyle whether it be for business or personal use. Telkom specials helps you to get great products and services at excellent prices whether you need it for your large, medium or small business or simply at your home.

Miguel - waves. John Mayer - Who You Love feat. Katy Perry. Ashanti - Foolish. Recently played. Funny that it happens only now. I tried calling Telkom mobile support but they informed me, no refund can be given and I have to use the data which I incorrectly bought.

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I tried to explain that the description does not describe the product that I received but still they could not do anything for me. This doesn't work anymore for about 1 week. Usually, my router Bs got a public IP address which is no longer the case. It gets now a CGN address I couldn't test many ports but it ssems, UDP is blocked at least and 53 are working as well as most of the TCP ports.

Web browsing, email and SSH. FTP initiates the connection but gets a time out.

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Also, port does not work. Furthermore, Google asks me every now and then if I am a robot as it is now a shared public address I tried to reconnect and restart the router. I always get a CGN address.

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What happened? Anyone else experiencing this? Just got out of a very frustrating chat with Telkom over something which has cropped up today on my Uncapped LTE and wondering if there's anybody else out there with Telkom's Uncapped LTE who has noticed the same thing. So what I've noticed is that my public IP address changes every few seconds.

The LTE connection doesn't drop but it just changes - google "what's my IP and refresh constantly and you literally watch it change every few seconds. It's always This can't be correct. There are consumer services which doesn't necessarily require a static address, but does require that your address not change during a single connection session. Services like smartDNS, which for me no longer works because of this. This started from today for me. Has anybody else run into the same or similar issues recently on their Uncapped LTE?

Telkom’s 12 Deals Of Christmas

Need some help connecting to telkom band 40 ie TDD Got Huawei Ea and downloaded latest E toolbox v0. Would like to have telkom LTE-A by force. Positive experiences? I remember none. I am going through a bad patch with them after several uneventful years. These years were due to cutting them out of my internet life, so little hassle was experienced.

I got rid of them after some spectacular difficulties back in , when I moved house. In my area we had fibre installed last year up to the junction box. I noted that with interest, and went off to my UK house for three months.

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  • While I was away Openreach installed fibre into each house on our complex. I knew nothing of this until one of the Trustees told us that our newish louvre deck had been damaged by the installers in the process, despite being warned off by the Trustee. The wire was left dangling on the wall. We got a quote and told Telkom on our return. Apart from queuing for around half an hour at the Menlyn branch, it took a further half hour to give me a contact at Openreach, due to the bad internet connection there! We had four visits from them subsequently. Two of these were to our old address. One was from Openreach who had come to finish the installation, but wanted paying first.

    I had been given the impression that no charge was to be made, so said no.

    It may have been a corrupt request for all I know. Another visit was from the installer who had done the damage, and wanted to fix it himself.