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The people with the credit card company told me it would take about 45 days for the dispute to gather all the information I could and to call the police and get a report. Which I did. I was told that they would have an officer on the way. The manager disappeared then I received a phone call from the Houston police. The officer told me this was a civil matter and they would not get involved. I told them that I just needed a credible witness. She was very short and told me that I was breaking the law by buying the TV then not paying for it and could go to jail that I just need to leave and settle it in court.

When I tried to ask a question she hung up. There should at least be a police recording of this. I did leave the store without the TV.

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I am 68 years old and on Social Security. And I will file a lawsuit.

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I really believe that this Fry's was losing money on all the returned TVs and if there was damage that they caused it. My advice is to all that read this is to be aware when you buy from Fry's. Heed my warning and read the other complaints against Fry's. They apparently, buy the rejects and year old models to sell them at a discount rate. When there is a problem they will look for any reason not to honor their warranty and you will have just saved them from paying the junkyard to dispose of a product with toxic chemicals.

They will even threaten you with the Police. This was at Fry's store S. Freeway, Houston, TX. Phone number Friday April 19, time After the hinge on my Lenovo laptop failed, we took it in to get it fixed. When all was said and done, the laptop was returned to me in worse condition than before, with two of the screws on the back plate being stripped, making it exceedingly difficult to repair it by myself.

And the backlight on my LCD display is now non-functional, leaving the screen useless, which is almost invariably as a result of damaging the pin display cable that connects the screen to the motherboard. Overall, the initial prices on the machines themselves were good, but the fact that they would try to knowingly overcharge me leaves me wondering if anyone else ended up being scammed.

Once again, I'm not sure if it was just the Palo Alto location, but this was my experience. Difficulty getting SIM card from provider as it is outdated. Associate at Campbell store stated can look for item in mobile phone dept. Thereafter, associate looked at receipt to state this was sold at Brokaw Store.

There is no love or customer appreciation. It is disingenuous to request a higher restocking fee for the sales price and ignore customer promise of a working unit. Please have CEO honor the return of this item sold at Fry's based on lost income by customer due to promise by sales associate that BLU Diva Flip works with all service providers. I ordered this item over the phone on January 27th. Immediately got confirmation email that it will be delivered on February 1, The order was never shipped as the item is sold out and is on backorder.

The person who took my order knew perfectly well that the item was not available yet promised delivery in 5 days. When I called to complain the representative didn't even bother to apologize. Don't use this company. They are dishonest and unprofessional. I've never had such poor experience in my life. Fry's Electronics is getting worst as the days goes by.

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I'm very disappointed with Fry's Electronics and will never buy from them again. Placed an order online for a laptop using a promo code. PROMO Marketed as Refurbished. Confirmed condition of product. I was lied to, the item was an open box item.

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Not refurbished. I have been requesting for an explanation for the price variance and that's being ignored. The store models are highly outdated and you have to go through different lines to check out a product. The website is from the early s, there is no accurate inventory of what is in stock. On several occasions I have purchased a product online to pick up in store, only to find out that the store does not have it in stock.

The salespeople lack knowledge and are not friendly.

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I am amaze how this company is still in business. I made a laptop purchase online and when I decided to return I was told I need to pay for the shipping cost. I will not buy anything online from this company. I went to store next day and asked them replace this with nano size sim or cut the sim to nano size, they refused to either replace or cut the sim or refund the money.

When I called Ultra Mobile support they told that generally our SIM card comes in all size and store guys should have helped you. Now I have only option left to cut the SIM myself that have chance of damage or throw that.

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I felt really bad the way store manager responded. Part of the reason was they offered free same day delivery. I was supposed to receive a confirmation email within 20 minutes, but never did. Contacted the store the next day and was told this was a Black Friday ad that was released early and they wouldn't deliver it, even though it stated right in the ad that there was free delivery. I had to come in the store and pick it up. I told them I still wanted it and asked them if they would hold it for me. Flat out told me no, he couldn't do that. I was flabbergasted at the total disregard for what they advertised and that they wouldn't do anything to take care of me.

This isn't the first time I have had a terrible experience with these guys and would warn everybody that this company doesn't stick behind their advertising and could care less what we want. Will take business days to refund my money into account. I purchased a 75 inch Television at Frys. The television was locally delivered by a nearby Fry's store. The television was dropped off in our garage. The television was removed from the box and inspected by the driver. The television was never plugged in, but the driver had me sign something and left.

Later, when we turned on the TV, a large internal crack that immediately appeared from what I've read was most likely a thermal defect which made the TV unwatchable.

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I called Frys. The following is an account of my experience with Fry's: Day 1: Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back. Day 2: No one called.

Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back. Day 3: No one called. Day 4: No one called. Said we will replace your TV, but unfortunately they did not have the same TV in stock, so it may take a few days. Since we're not a fan of being lied to, went down to Fry's and they agreed to have someone replace the TV.

Day 6: Driver comes in same driver who dropped it off!

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Said needs to inspect old TV. First Takes a bunch of pictures while talking to Store Manager on the phone. Told me there was that although I was in their 30 day return window, there was nothing they can do, but since there was no external damage they can contact the manufacturer "on my behalf. My store manager will call you back in 24 hours. If anyone wants a 75" broken TV let me know I asked someone from the staff and he told me there should be 23 more in the back, but when he came back he said there was nothing? Funny thing, one of the Starbucks staff came with a little pumpkin spice latte to try I tried and decided to buy one.

If I would rate the Fry's store, I would give them maybe 2 stars, Starbucks is getting 5 Stars of me. After setting it up and turning it on there is a crack in the screen. Called their non customer service and they told me I had to put it back in the packaging and bring it back to the store so a manager could look at it. I did so and they said I must have damaged it and they would not stand behind it. No way I damaged it, small claims court is scheduled. I will never purchase from them again.

Samsung customer service isn't much better! I was in the Manhattan Beach Store on Sept. I was looking for a hard case to protect my Not too many people in the store, at that time. But just my luck, there was a couple in the exact area I was interested in. The husband was standing back several feet while his wife was literally tearing boxes open and then either stuffing the cases back in the torn packaging or just dropping the stuff in a pile on the bottom of the shelf a real pig.

An employee in a red shirt, wearing a headset, actually walked by her when she started her vandalism. He very directly told her not to open packages. He shook his head and walked away. I milled around for a few minutes down the aisle about 15 feet. Her husband decided to join his wife's lunacy by trying to pull a case from 3 back in the display.

Click here to find a Fry's Food Store location near you! Easy and convenient - Print your own discount tickets NOW! Click Here To Get Started! Makes a Great Gift! You can always purchase your admission tickets the day of the event onsite at the Festival Box Office. Must provide military ID. Spouses must also present their dependent military ID. Children must provide dependent military ID. As soon as they are "off ad" lots of stock will magically appear. If you want two you can sometimes get the checkout person to ring it up on a separate tape.

But beware - do not use the same credit card or the Fry's system will flag it and require a manager to OK the transaction. This one approval can take up to 20 minutes and almost certainly will cost you more in time and aggravation than the savings. It's best to pay with CASH for a second item on limit one.

See the horror links below for stories from customers who dared to use a check 12 Do not rely on signs or posted prices above products. Their strategy seems to be that by the time you get to the checkout you won't go back for the 2 bucks. Always assume that the better the deal the more incentive Fry's has to placing obstacles in your way. Always bring the item number from the ad and check it against the product label. Memory must be purchased in the components department. You should also never rely on memory advice from most but not all of the associates in the compenents department. Always know exactly what kind of memory not brand but specification you need.

Laptop memory is much more finicky than desktop. Many of the best deals at Fry's and many other places require one or more rebates. I hate rebates for many reasons but be careful of the following: a rebates almost always requires the UPC code from the box be sent in. Once done you cannot return the item to Fry's for an exchange or refund b most rebates are one per household - don't forget and buy more than one item or get the second item on a different checkout tape and use a different address for the 2nd rebate - it's also better not to use a credit card with the same name on both items c the rebate expiration can be very short - if you can not resist the rebate then test the item as soon as possible and send in the rebate form.

Think of shopping at Fry's like a competition. There can only be one winner of a Fry's visit, you or them. Like any sport you need to be in both good physical and mental condition. New Rules. Since I first wrote these rules, Fry's has not stood still. They have continued to hone their techniques and so must you. Always keep your eyes on your shopping cart. It can be very tempting to park your cart at the end of an isle - Fry's is usually very crowded and a cart can really slow you down.