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The book is written alphabetically from apple to turnip. If there are several varieties of a fruit or veggie, like apples and potatoes, the book provides photos and labels to help you distinguish among them. Finally, there are recipes. If you need a basic guide to using produce, this book can get you started. Reviewed by Amber K. With a stirring array of eye-popping colorful photographs this collection is at once a volume of recipes, history, and inspiration. No need to travel to Little Italy for the sweetness of this cool treat, now readers can recreate the flavors with the ease of an ice cream maker and a zest for flavor.

So where does one start? After the initial familiarization of supplies and equipment, scan the pages and follow the saliva trail from The Basics. Feeling a little more daring? Skip to the Italian Classics, where you will find such flavors as Prune and Armagnac.

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You will never be the same. This fiercely independent bookstore in Corte Madera, California, and at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, hosts more than author events a year. She is often called by major media to comment on books, authors, and the book business. The book signing that started around 10 am at the Ferry Building was jam-packed, for lack of a better word.

He proceeded at noontime to Battery Street for the special luncheon prepared for him at Il Fornaio. I arrived at this venue earlier and was very privileged to meet and speak with Bourdain as well. His unique signature scribbled on the first page of my Medium Raw copy also included a knife. Whether this was some sort of a threat to only deliver a great review of his book is beyond me. He really was a very likable guy, down-to-earth, and approachable—his aura will brighten up any place.

This luncheon had a very long line of people waiting for the doors to open. The fee included a copy of Medium Raw, a signing and photo-op with Bourdain, a threecourse meal paired with wines, courtesy of Trione Vineyards, and a guaranteed intimate and unforgettable experience.

More than people filled the place, the staff was gracious, and the service was excellent. The owner, chef, and staff truly went out of their way to make sure that this was a book launch to remember. I truly relished the intimacy and pleasure of meeting like-minded aficionados, and most especially, the gifted author Bourdain, whom we all celebrate and admire. Read my review of Medium Raw at www. A lot. Missy is certain that she will never love a book the way Miss Brooks does and proceeds to denigrate every book which crosses her path.

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From there, Missy discovers a book called Shrek! Overall, this is a genuinely fun book that just might give a reluctant reader food for thought. Treasure Ship starts with a photograph of a gold coin. On the next page, the camera pulls away to show the gold coin among other treasure.

Each successive photograph continues to pull further away. The viewer sees the treasure in a sunken ship, the sunken ship in a glass bottle, the glass bottle in a window display, that window in a shop, the outside of the shop that could be made from the remains of the boat, that shop on a street, and that street in a post card. In the final photograph, the post card lies on a beach where the gold coin has. All of this taken together hints at a story with many possible interpretations.

Treasure Ship provides the same well designed puzzle pictures we expect in the I Spy series, but with an intriguing twist.

This book will make an excellent choice for any child who loves picture puzzles. Curious, Tommy stays awake until sunrise so he can see color. Just as Tommy is about to fall asleep, the caterpillar shows him the Sun, who rises to paint the world each day. From there, the story continues to unfold in unexpected ways and ends with Tommy falling asleep as the Moon repaints the world in dark colors.

That is all right, however, because the Sun will re-. In A Most Vivid Day! Suddenly, his lie lifts him high above the circus into space, a space filled with tellers of other lies, big and See DOUG, page Only a drastic measure— telling the truth—can save him now. Each page of Doug-Dennis is full of visual humor, side jokes, and funny commentary that come to live through pen-and-ink drawings and digital graphics.

It is winter, and the child yearns for summer, posing the question of the title repeatedly to his mother. The gorgeous cut-paper illustrations are captivating in and of themselves; and the scenes they depict, of mother and child enjoying the unique charms of each season, are captivating as well.

From mittens warming cozily on a radiator to the gathering of sticks for a fort to the planting of seeds and the reading of books underneath an apple tree, this mother and child find countless ways to enjoy all that nature has to offer, no matter. Reviewed by Margo Orlando Littell. Clark shows us that good fashion sense and style knows no species boundaries as Papa Bear pairs plaids with flowers.

Mama Bear works hard to make a cozy, comfortable home for her family complete with a well tended garden, cherished family heirloom china, and tasteful, even grand furniture that would welcome anyone in to make themselves comfortable there. Sure to become a favorite to pass on to the next generation.

Reviewed by Laura Friedkin. The other sheep of couse, immediately rideicule the idea. In her own clever way, she is able to turn each description of an orange balloon into a description of herself, so that their explanations only strengthen her case. This is a charmer of a picture book. Mathilda is an endearing character, reasonable and cheery as she goes about showing her fellow sheep she can be whatever she wants to be. Collectively, they are about as dull and gray as a herd of sheep can get.

As she watches it float away, she decides she wants to be a big orange balloon. Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire! Like usual, each fancy word is translated into simpler words or explanation. In this book, Nancy says her teacher, Ms. Glass, reads poems everyday and encourages her students to write their own poems. When Ms. She searches and waits for inspirations. She also shows a couple of acrostic poems. Poems can be so fun with or without the rules. With all these in mind, however, Nancy is still some-. Any girl who is familiar with the Fancy Nancy collection would enjoy Nancy turned poet-extraordinaire!

The illustrations are exquisite and full of fancy expression Reviewed by Sophie Masri. If anything, it seems out of touch with the current American financial climate. Reviewed by Amanda Mitchell. And oddly enough, these days God seems mostly concerned with ordering them to undertake the strangest tasks.

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Ramming fellow drivers, robbing banks, creating the ultimate barbecue sauce, putting a wedding chapel in a pawn shop, destroying department store Christmas displays because Santa is the devil, of course God apparently keeps a massive to-do list, and God Made Me Do It assembles some of the more curious entries on that list.

My only issue with the book is that I wish Hartzman had broken the articles up into sections separating lighthearted and less pleasant fare. In the beginning, God told Marc Hartzman to write this book. And it was good. Reviewed by Glenn Dallas P. I Hate It Here are not particularly funny, in fact not really funny at all. Printed on too-small pages that demand squinting, the handwriting is pretty much illegible, unless you happen to be the parent or teacher. Unless you are wholly unfamiliar with the first homesick days and the about-turn when the weather and the food and fun improve, there.

It may be curmudgeonly or rebellious or even sound anti-kid to dislike the book, or to say the awful spelling is an indictment of the education system, but that is the nasty taste that lingers. For this book triggered acid reflux as my gut reaction. This incorrigible child resides within the mind and body of an almost middleaged adult, who as a prank posts letters from a supposed ten-year-old to the infamous and famous familiar to us. Among those who responded to the deceitful notes of a supposed innocent child who beseeches advice about continuing with school, are the Menendez brothers, the Unabomber, Charles Manson and other notorious celebrities.

It was around this time Mr. Geerhart bought his first gun. These crude and rude notes include a stamped envelope for a reply. Many of the celebrities returned the letters with their autographed photos noted with love as their only comment. Filling the book pages are copies of the childish scrawled letters and a narrative about the person, company, or charity addressed. Congratulations to those who refused to respond to the letters, but these personalities are regarded as sore losers for not taking on the challenge of responding to the intrusive letter.

This publication should get the reward for boorishly immature behavior. Reviewed by Rita Hoots. We lie to protect ourselves, to protect others, to prevent hurt feelings, to get what we want, to stay out of trouble. We lie for reasons both selfish and selfless. There are big lies and little lies, and statements that are lies to some but truths to others.

A Brief History of Lies examines the culture of lying, focusing on not only how pervasive lying is, but how it has become a fundamental part of human interaction. There are catalogues of different kinds of lies and liars, all in an attempt to. This is reinforced by a quotation on every page some of which become rather repetitive as the book progresses. Because money, relationships, and countries are social constructs, they are lies. I find this unnecessarily pessimistic. As a scholarly treatise, A Brief History of Lies succeeds admirably, but it could do with a bit more heart.

Narrated dispassionately by Stevie, Slights is told in a series of squirm-inducing vignettes jumping between her present and her childhood. At the least antisocial and at the most a sociopath, Stevie veers between casual cruelty and sulking resentment. Reviewed by Ariel Berg. The New Dead exemplifies the potential of the genre, featuring quality tales of all shapes and sizes. With names like Joe Hill, Aimee Bender, Max Brooks, and Tim Lebben at his disposal, Christopher Golden has assembled an outstanding collection, one worth the time of any devotee of the genre.

Their newest book, Android Karenina, keeps up that tradition. Although it may seem strange at first, Tolstoy and science fiction are a very good mix. Science fiction has always been a great medium for exploring important themes, and the addition of robots to Anna Karenina helps to sell its theme of truth versus falsehood, aristocracy, and hypocrisy. The robots allow for a greater level of exposition than in the original, allowing the characters to explore their emotions a bit better and not feeling faked as if they were talking to themselves.

Although the almost passive telling may turn some off, the book takes on an almost steam-punk air. Reviewed by Jamais Jochim. Cyn makes Yara nervous like no one else, with his conspicuous scar and cocky readiness. But bred to wield power, Yara has no place in her life for someone like the freighter captain.

But she feels very empty, with only a cat the size of a small hippopotamus for company. Reviewed by Axie Barclay. In a journey through space, his renegade cleverness collides with her embedded honor, as they find themselves on opposite sides of a war.

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But as the heir to the throne of Azra and the candidate favored by the rebelling lower classes in her bid for power, Yara is far beyond the reach of an outlaw like Cyn. Though they find them-. Complex, flawed characters grace the pages, and the rich brogue and prose fairly leap from the page as Erin Quinn, an engaging storyteller with a lovely sense of pace and detail, follows the tale of Rory MacGrath and his dream woman, Saraid of the Favored Lands.

Rory is tossed back through time into the arms of the woman of his dreams, only in the body of another man, the one already engaged to her. She holds secrets of his family and past, and at the center of it all, the strange black bound and gold trimmed Book of Fennore. But everything is turned upside-down when her birthday wish, to be 29 again for one day, comes true!

Now Ellie is young, beautiful, and out for a day with her granddaughter Lucy, eager to explore all of the opportunities she thought were lost to her forever. Spicy foods? Sexy clothes? Cute men? But what if she could stay this way, stay young and re-live her life? The novel 29 explores what is surely a secret fantasy of many older women: to be young again.

Ellie is a fun protagonist; her early revelations about her life and family are a guilty pleasure to read, and many readers will cheer her on as she achieves what the rest of us only dream about. Her ultimate decision, and the deeper reflections on the value of family and friends, will resound deeply with everyone. This book is quirky and fun, a great option for a quick summer read. Reviewed by Holly Scudero. These themes are used well, if not with the depth of their sources. Superhero novel Shades of Gray, light, fun, and well-paced, serves it up nicely. Jet struggles to preserve order, knowing that CorpCo, her former employer, brainwashed her, while villain Iridium, protecting her territory against extrahumans driven mad by years of mind control, is bemused to find herself hailed a hero.

Meanwhile, into the already devastated New Chicago strolls escaped inmate Doctor Hypnotic, powerful, insane, and bent on revenge. Kessler and Kittredge knowledgably mix themes from the superhero tradition. The corporate-sponsored, complexly motivated. This magical subplot adds atmosphere to the gangster plot but crumbles once forced to take center stage and was possibly selected by Shan merely for the grab-bag of exotic names. Fans should know that Procession goes a few bodies, kisses, and crude words past adolescent appropriateness.

The start to The City trilogy, Procession is shallow fun, but the adventure will only be sustained if for the sequels Shan digs a little deeper.

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For better or worse, it succeeds. Procession follows the affable, breezy Capac Raimi and his mindlessly ambitious quest to become a gangster, specifically to be top gangster, a position held by his idol the legendarily ruthless Cardinal. Some were outlandish, some cruel, some spectacular. Like the day he played a pope at chess and won a couple of countries. Before he knows it, Jace is practicing for a minority music competition that could earn him a full music scholarship.

But just when everything is starting to turn around for Jace, his mother skips town with a new boyfriend. I watched her slip inside, talking animatedly to the woman driving—her mom—who was smiling and nodding. I wondered if she and Elvis realized how lucky they were to have parents like theirs. Probably not. Although Jace encounters many struggles in the book, Stringz is a smart, uplifting tale that will leave the reader smiling.

With a modern twist on the time machine concept, by substituting a cell phone, Devi, a high school senior, is able to talk to her freshman self and change the outcome of her life. Senior Devi i. Ivy and freshman Devi i. Frosh , exchange frequent phone calls in which Ivy instructs Frosh how to stay away from former boyfriend Bryan, what school clubs to join, what will be on the Spanish quiz, and how to keep a friend from joining gymnastics and becoming anorexic.

Each girl has a distinctive personality, despite actually being the same person. Each time Frosh does something, no matter how small, it affects Ivy in an intriguing way. The book is a fast read, and the author creatively invents minor crises and unusual situations. Suspension of disbelief is required, yet the story is believable within its imaginative premise. Isolated on an island in British Columbia, Molly was not aware how much the Collapse of oil in —ten years prior—had changed the world. Without fuel, roads, and cities are in shambles and only the ruthless survive.

Challenging her instincts, she is forced to trust Spill, a friendly, but secretive young man. Her grandparents, who had once been wealthy, are barely surviving through the meager generosity of a neighbor who throws over the fence overripe produce from his weed-infested garden. The intriguing characters and plot will keep the pages turning to the last. Reviewed by Susan Robert. Chapters are short, quirky, and joyful. They discuss shape shifters metaphors and similes ; snap, crackle and plots; noisy tag lines; how to build suspense; and the advantages of the less-is-more and more-is-better writing styles.

The two writers spill all their writing secrets. Spilling Ink is light, easy to read and humorous. This is a delightful book I wish I had read as a child. I applaud illustrator Matt Phelan for his endearing sketches that capture the intense — and humorous focus — of young writers. Chris Impey demonstrates how everything in the universe will eventually wind itself down, and ends with an intense examination of everything that matters.

He essentially proposes that everything is born, grows to maturity, withers and dies. Everything from living things to inanimate objects, like space rocks, planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies, eventually passes away. In effect, the whole shebang will end. We are immediately shaken by the reality that Impey bestows through his work.

Yet, our eyes are opened to the vague concerns we all foster in the back of our minds. Of course, the amount of time involved for nature to carry out her demise is daunting to comprehend. But scientists are grappling with ever more unsettling ideas than things phasing out. After some investigation, Laurel discovers the Victorian language of flowers, where each flower in a bouquet symbolizes a secret message. After doing a report on the subject, Laurel starts making love bouquets as a hobby and giving them to people at her school. Do her bouquets actually make a difference? The main thing this book has going for it is the sheer uniqueness.

The language of flowers, while not a new idea, certainly gets an interesting modern twist in these pages. However, the plot makes up for the flaw nicely. Reviewed by Alyssa Feller. This time, a group of religious leaders called the Outsiders has been visiting villages with a humble cover-up but nasty intentions. Hibernia presents not only a new setting for fans to explore, but brings back. Fans will, yet again, be enthralled. Reviewed by Alex Masri. On her 14th birthday, the princess of Ardendale is locked in a white tower guarded by a dragon until she can be rescued by a prince.

Ivy has no desire to be rescued, and instead teams up Elridge, the dragon guarding the tower, to escape. Together the pair face trolls, krakens, and swamp sprites as they try to change their fates and save the kingdom. The story is completely original, although it contains elements from many familiar fairy tales. The characterization here is fantastic, and Ivy is a great character, completely unconventional for a proper princess. The villain is completely despicable, the kind you want to reach out and slap through the pages.

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