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More coupons for Hayes Auto Repair. More coupons for Tim's Complete Auto Maintenance. More coupons for Automotive Physicians. More coupons for Lube Stop. More coupons for Superlube Complete Car Care. If the engine has been compromised, as well as any other parts of my vehicle stemming from this, I will be forced to seek further punitive damages.

I am writing EZ Lube Corporate to see what interventions they are prepared to offer for my car and personal safety, which was danger after a quick visit to store no. Please contact me ASAP so we can rectify this situation quickly. I look forward to hearing from you. I warn everybody, do not go to EZ Lube! My son had just returned from Iraq where he saved all his earnings to get himself the car of his dreams.

A Classic Chrysler Conquest with turbo. He invested in new high performance parts, new low profile tires with alloy rims and new paint job and a really nice sound DVD system. Even had a beautiful front air dam installed which was very difficult to find. The car was put together by state registered professionals in Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale and drove beautifully from FL to TN without a problem.

The car has been parked in my son's very clean driveway since December and there was never a sign of oil leak in the engine or on the driveway. On January 15th, I decided to get an oil change at Valvoline in Oak Grove across from Walmart's and that was the biggest mistake ever made with this car. First off, I sat in the car while work was being done and it took them a while digging in the engine as well as under in the bay.

I did hear the guy below yell "there's no gasket". I don't know what he was referring to as this car was running perfect prior to going there. I did not hear the automatic oil machines clicking so I assumed they put new oil from the bottles.

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Then the mechanic just stopped by my window and barely flashed the oil dip stick in my face and said "see the stick? As a nurse, I am very observant and I noticed that the stick looked very clean but there was no sign of shiny oil on it. I wanted to say something to him but he walked away so fast and I did not want to get on their bad side by double checking or questioning their work. I was done, drove out and went next door to the car wash. That very night, I did drive about 50 miles to Erin and on my way back, the engine became jumpy and jerky and I felt like there was no power in the car.

I was almost home so I just parked in the driveway and went inside. The next day, we were headed for Evansville, IN and I habitually decided to check my other fluids. I felt there was no need to check the oil as I had just done an oil change, but I still pulled out the dipstick and when I looked at it, there was the old dirty oil at the end of the stick almost up to first mark and what looked like a bit of residue oil.

I thought it was very strange as I have changed oil many times before in various places and never saw the stick look like this. It looked as though the oil pan was drained but not completely and no new oil was put in. I said to my son, maybe the old oil has to burn out because this car has a turbo. I was trying to find a logical reason for this. We then filled the car completely with mid-grade gas and headed on I After about 15 minutes or so, we started seeing a lot of smoke and realized that it was coming from our car.

I immediately knew something was wrong and turned around to head back to Valvoline. We didn't get very far. I managed to pull to the shoulder when the car started with knocking sounds and completely died. While looking at the engine, a good samaritan, Lee from KY, stopped and offered to take my son to get oil as he saw that there was absolutely no oil in the engine. The oil was all over the engine and on the car. When we tried to put the oil back in the engine, it was flowing right through to the ground.

I left the car there but had to keep checking on it as it's a beautiful classic car and very rare. The next morning when I went there, they claimed that I came there with my car already leaking oil and went under the care and started doing stuff; tightening and probing, etc. I don't know what they did in the engine too. I asked what kind of filter was used and I was told "an old-fashioned filter". I was shocked to hear such garbage. They then said to me that my Cam Shaft Seal was no good and that's what caused all my oil to leak and damage my engine and they have nothing to do with that.

All I went there for was an oil change. They indicated on the invoice that everything was checked and was good, nothing about any oil leaks and I knew there was none. They called the regional manager and had my car towed to their service location for their mechanic to check out the problem. That guy just started pulling plugs and wires and the engine started looking like it was being assembled. He could not find the problem. Suddenly, he pulled out the cam shaft seal at the back of the engine and started yelling "somebody put the wrong part in this car and that's why your engine blew, that has nothing to do with us but I could get you a quote for a replacement".

When I refused, they said that I could leave my car there and I would have to pay the tow truck myself to get it out of there, which I did. I actually called the police to file a complaint but was told that it was a civil matter and I should report them to the Better Business Bureau. My son is on active duty at Ft. Campbell and this is a real problem as he needs his car for work. VIOC is going to be held liable for this one way or another as I do intend to make them pay for the restoration of this car, which was recently built and was driven over miles without a glitch until that visit to VIOC.

It was suggested that I get my radiator flushed at the same time so I agreed. I was told it would take 10 minutes for the procedure. The manager came and went under the hood for a few minutes then said "Sorry for the wait. This model requires someone who knows what they are doing or it could cause a nightmare for you". No sooner than I pull out the doors and brake to stop before pulling out into the main road did I notice the brake went all the way to the floor, which was not a problem when I drove to the Valvoline.

I entered the main road traffic and the brake light came on. Now, I need to go up the block and make a u-turn to get back to the Valvoline and figure out what went wrong. The manager came out and looked under the hood again, then told me the brake fluid was leaking. Mind you, I have the receipt that says the brake fluid was checked and okay.

I went up the block and back and the fluid was leaking and just about empty!

I pulled back in and the manager looked under the car and explained that the brake line was leaking. How could I have the brake fluid checked and okay then have it leaking ten minutes later? I have spent the past few days trying to get the car to a repair shop. I would like a refund of the money I paid to have my car damaged by the tech and I would like the cost of the repair to be paid for by Valvoline as well.

I had my child in the car and do not appreciate having our lives put in danger by inexperienced techs. I ended up leaving their facility and got it changed by Jiffy Lube instead for the same coupon price. I had an oil change on the 24th of December. A few hours later, I noticed a spot dripping from the car onto the driveway.

I called the oil company before 6 pm and no one answered. I brought my car in to show the manager that one of the techs damaged my steering box when struggling to pull off the air filter. The point there was a gash on the steering box as a result of the box being pulled toward the car frame metal.

No other work has been done to my newer Chrysler , but the Valvoline manager contends it was there before. It is now Valvoline. I used to go there, so did my wife and two daughters. But that was before they started telling me us that we needed things, like I had a transmission fluid change. The man said it was good to 35 below zero.

The company better try to get that Mike guy back. He was very honest with my family. These new guys tell big lies to me and family. I know they make commission, but why lie? This location scams their customers. I have been a customer at this Valvoline for a number of years, bringing 5 cars to them.

I have since moved away, and haven't visited in two years. I was in a hurry and didn't want to deal with it then, so I paid it and left. Big mistake. I found out the next day that they shouldn't have charged me for extra the oil. It doesn't need a special oil filter. He said they charged me for the oil because I must've needed more than 5 quarts. I told him my car only takes 4. He got silent. They won't refund me the excess charges, so I did some digging. I found out that they are no longer a franchise of Valvoline, for more than 2 years now.

They are a 'service center' which serves exclusive Valvoline products. So, if you are looking for Valvoline quality, reputation, or problem resolution, you will not get it here. Also, they display a Better Business Bureau accreditation plaque in their waiting room. They aren't actually accredited. I wonder how the BBB will feel about this false affiliation. Maybe I'll ask.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change Riverside, CA, Arlington Ave.

This is one of those dishonest mechanic stores that you hear about in the media. I am willing to bet that if you audited their records for 'Special Oil Filter' charges, you'll see how many people they've scammed. They are charging their customers me, and many others, just look up the reviews for 'special oil filters' and 'special air filters' in order inflate their revenue. This dishonest practice needs to stop. Mechanics already have a bad reputation for taking advantage of consumers! My college daughter has my C Mercedes in CA. Hollywood, CA to have it done.

That should have been our first clue that they were not Mercedes specialists or any type of professional specialists. A month later she was driving home in LA at 1am and her tire pressure readout on her dash kept dropping. She called us in OH, because she was afraid to pull over alone on the highway. We told her to drive home and call AAA in the morning.

The tire was completely flat in the morning and she went to a knowledgeable Just Tires store down the street. That is where she was informed that her tires were rotated during her recent oil change. Tires on a Mercedes are different sizes rear and front and this caused the tires to rub in the wheel well until they damage the tire. You cannot put front tires at the back on a Mercedes. EZ Lube mechanics had no idea. We were fortunate that she did not have an accident from a blow out due to this stupid error.

But, then he went out of the picture and another EZ Lube rep called. He did not seem to have the same concern for her safety or the unprofessional service that has been rendered. I was very disappointed that they felt it only necessary to pay the expenses that they caused. They had no concern for all the time she spent repairing, missing work, and the danger that has been put on our daughter. They had no concern in displaying quality customer service.

I have to say that there is a flaw in the training of the so-called professionals at EZ Lube, in coupons not being explained correctly, the added services, the long wait times for an oil change, and the uncaring customer service personnel at the home office and a real lack of concern. I was not asking for anything in particular over the tire cost. But, you would think that they would at least reimburse me for the overpriced oil change since it caused such a mess, much wasted time and our daughter to be put in danger.

My exact cost of the new tire and the tire rotation refund check arrived in an envelope with no apology. I don't think they even deserve one star since they put a consumer in danger and the wheel rotation has been a huge, dangerous mistake! Brought Chevy Cruze in for oil change. Why don't they state this on their coupons? It seems they never honor the coupon price! Scam to get you in there. We took it to the Chevy dealership and got it done for half the price along with inspection and tire rotation. Never again will we go back!

I asked why I did not hear the grease gun go off.

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I was told by the man taking care of me that the grease guns were new and would not work on my car. I told him I was to get a grease job for what I paid and I better get it. He did do the grease job after I told him that. I should not have to watch everything done to my cars to make sure I get what I paid for. He also told me they do not grease cars over the winter due to the cold. I will not be back. Your people should read, it's on the filler cap.

I will report this to BBB and will have to buy 4 quarts of oil and change. I will no longer use you. My transmission went out due to lack of fluids when I had service in Fort Madison, Iowa the week prior. While traveling, had my oil changed at a vioc in Ohio. They did a superb job of selling me a higher price oil change by saying that if I didn't, my warranty would be voided.

The worst part, they removed the metal splash screen to changed the oil which is proper since it was a Toyota Tundra and did not properly re-install it. Down the road I noticed that it was being held on by one bolt. It could have been a nasty experience if it fell off.

Valvoline did my NYS inspection on October 19, I was told that my passenger side windshield wiper blade needed replacement, and that the car would not pass NYS inspection. The man looked at my car and he told me everything was good to go he checked the lights, wipers, back-up and et cetera. I told the Valvoline representative that I did this, and nothing was wrong with wiper blades minutes ago.

The Valvoline representative said that they are not NYS inspectors. As I was waiting in the room, I saw the guy at Valvoline with his left hand on my wiper blade, but I never got up to question him what he was doing. Now I know what he was doing! Last year the Valvoline on Chrisler Avenue, Schenectady did the same thing! I was told that all is fine.

Then following week, I took it back for NYS inspection and this time the wiper blade strip was pulled off! Again, I have no proof. I was furious! I'm certain that their guys are told that they have to make sales, and they intentionally pull and rip off pieces of the wiper blades so that consumers pay for replacement. This is last time last time I will use Valvoline for anything!

They said that if I had all 3 systems done they had a special deal that would save me money. I was hesitant but agreed to the suggested service. Immediately upon leaving their store, I began noticing that my car was trying to accelerate when I tried to slow down. Although the engine light did not come on, the tachometer was going up each time the car surged ahead.

I was then told I was good to go. I left thinking it would be better. After driving the car, I realized that it still was trying to accelerate on its own. I was not told to take it to mechanic if the problem continued. I was not told that to continue to drive car with this problem could cause further damage to my car. The loud noise was replaced with a loud ticking that accelerated when the car accelerated.

It was running very rough but I was able to make it to the Anderson AutoZone. They told me to take it to a mechanic. The engine light came on within 1 mile of my house. I was told it had a problem with cylinder 3. I took it back to Mazda on Monday. Mazda found 3 spark plug was starting to bend again. At the time they felt there may be debris in cylinder although none was seen. I was told I would have to replace the engine. He even tried to blame Mazda for damaging my engine when they repaired it. They took my car and called me a half hour later telling me to come get my car because they couldn't change my oil.

When I asked what the problem was, they told me my drain plug was stripped and they could not remove my oil pan and I would have to take it to a mechanic because I may need to get a new oil pan for my car. Depressed by this thought, I asked my boyfriend to take a look at it for me. He had no problem removing the drain plug and changing my oil for me. The transmission fluid was changed on Acura 3.

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Few weeks later, the gears started slipping. Acura dealer said Valvoline put a wrong kind of fluid in transmission.

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It should have been Honda fluid only. I had to have new transmission flush with Honda fluid. It was better, but never was okay. I have tried for two weeks to get a response from Valvoline to no success! I want to be fully reimbursed. Valvoline should be the professionals and know what fluid to use. They said I have to print it out. So, I came back later with a printed coupon and dropped off my car. About an hour or so later, I came back to pick up my car only to find out they haven't done anything to it and refuse to service it.

They didn't even call me ahead of time to tell about it. At that point, I didn't remember his name so I left and came back a 3rd time only to have the other employees gave me the runaround that he was"unavailable and walked away from me. I demanded his name, only to have another employee grabbed a business card for the store manager from the front desk and handed it to me, and walk away without even speaking to me. I said "No", and that I wanted the name of the person I initially spoken with and refused to service my car. Finally, that employee turned around and wrote it down for me.

I took my car to a different shop and told them what happened. An older gentleman took a look and said nothing looks wrong with the screw at all. With just one hand, he easily unscrewed it and turned around to look at me and said, "There's absolutely nothing wrong with your car, they just didn't want to work on it. They will make up excuses so as not to service your car if you come in with a coupon, which their company put out! It is false advertisement to get people to come in. These people can't be trusted at all.

I too took a coupon into EZ lube in Hemet Ca, which they refused to honor at the advertised price. They claimed that since my auto had high mileage, they could not honor the After insisting they honor the price, they finally called the manager, who told me it would only be a few dollars more.

Of course this was not for high mileage oil. They quickly changed the oil and even though they claim they fill all fluid, they apparently did not on my car as the very next day I began having problems. I went to my mechanic, who told me of major engine problems from lack of coolant. I could not afford to fix the problems at that time so just refilled with coolant, which is holding fine. This was three months ago. If it had been filled the day before, I wonder where it all went.

This company is less than ethical in their business practices, attempt to sell products by using "fear tactics" and when you do not buy additional services become rude and disrespectful. I needed an oil change in my Honda Fit. I went in and asked for just an oil change in the advertised price. They took the car and did the service. They said my car needed the premium oil! They didn't even ask me if I still wanted them to do the service! No, my car did not need premium oil, nor did I want premium oil. It was classic bait and switch scam!

I am never going back.