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You can get admission to all Cedar Fair parks with a Platinum pass from any of its parks. As you look around for tickets online, don't be tempted by tickets from sources you do not know.

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Authorized resellers such as aRes Travel sell legitimate tickets from the parks themselves. Unfortunately, fake or invalid tickets abound for sale online and in roadside stands outside the parks, so stick with the authorized resellers or the parks' official websites. Never buy tickets on Craigslist or eBay! Theme parks use photos and finger scans to associate multi-day tickets and passes to their original user, so unused days on tickets cannot be used by anyone else. And parks track their inventory rigorously. Stolen tickets are often immediately canceled and duplicate tickets simply won't work.

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Don't waste money on deals that seem too good to be true. They are. I hope that this new service will help make your vacation planning even easier here on Theme Park Insider. We want to bring the world's best theme parks to you through the website and our social media channels, and we hope that these new features will help get you and your family out to them more often Have a great trip! From to , my family lived in Jacksonville, about two hours from Orlando. We soon discovered that they had scores of "Florida resident" deals for WDW that we'd take full advantage of for some nice trips.

A major benefit to enjoying that period. In SoCal as the summer season gets under way, visitors can also find slight discounts for certain parks at fast food chains or on soda usually Coke products. It's a good idea to check places like Cars Jr.

Big Jurassic World Ride & HHN Update! - Universal Studios Hollywood (2019)

Thanks Robert. Glad you have worked out a partnership like this. Hopefully it will provide a decent amount of income stream for TPI. I looked at the Carowinds ticket prices for an upcoming June visit. Definitely a better deal than the CW website was quoting me for 2 day ticket. Hello, do you know what happens if I bought tickets for my friends daughter for Universal City and I can't give her my credit card for obvious reasons How can she pick them up?

I live in SoCal and have bought tickets from Craigslist a couple times. In it was converted to a movie theater. If you want to watch the latest Disney movie in style, this is the place! Be sure to arrive early so that you can enjoy the pre-show , which includes live organ music performed on a giant s Wurlitzer. Some movies are preceded by a full-on live stage show with characters.

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During the run of certain movies, special exhibits about the making of the film, sets and props, etc. The El Capitan is located at Hollywood Blvd. Tickets often sell out, especially for new releases and on weekends, so buy in advance. General admission tickets provide open seating only no reserved seats.

VIP tickets entitle you to reserved seats in the center section of the theater and include a bucket of popcorn and a 20 oz drink. If you have VIP tickets, you do not have to wait in the long general admission line to get into the theater. Timing is everything here. We were fortunate enough to arrive midway through a movie showing at the El CapitanTheatre , and had no problems being seated immediately.

As soon as the movie let out, however, the line to get into the Soda Fountain was halfway down the block. So if you just want ice cream, be sure to check the movie times and plan your visit accordingly.

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Probably the most famous landmark in Hollywood, it still has the power to amaze. The Chinese Theatre is located at Hollywood Blvd. One of the most amazing movie palaces in Los Angeles, the Egyptian Theatre built in has been nicely renovated to its old glory. It is operated by a non-profit organization, the American Cinematheque, which shows art films, documentaries and classics on its giant screen.

The Egyptian Theatre is located at Hollywood Blvd. Recorded program information is available by calling Tours for the public are offered once a month or private group tours of the Egyptian Theatre can be scheduled, call Back in the early days, movie theaters did not have concession stands. There is other Snow White artwork in the cafe as well, but only the mural claims a direct connection with Disney. There are are at least three stories behind the origins of the mural, but unfortunately none of them add up completely:.

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There were many, many other places where the animators could have eaten breakfast much closer to work! This is not believable for the same reasons as Story 1. For the party afterward, a friend offered a recently purchased shop he was remodeling into a restaurant.

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The mural does look very Disney-like and it seems probable that there is some kind of long-ago Disney connection, since Disney — which is notorious for enforcing its copyrights and trademarks — has never forced the owners to remove the characters from the walls or change the name of the cafe. It serves meals, but we understand the food is not particularly good.

Tourists come here, but so do locals who have been eating here for 60 years or more, and occasionally movie stars.

Universal Studios Hollywood Coupons & Promo Codes

The waiters are a trip. Some of them seem to have been working here since the place opened, and while they are super-professional, they tend to be cranky. Paid parking is behind the restaurant, and you enter through the back. Call for reservations. Open for dinner only on Sunday. Closed Monday. Special exhibitions are sometimes offered. The Hollywood Museum is located at N. Highland Ave. For information, hours and current admission prices call At Madame Tussauds Hollywood , you can see life-sized wax figures of movie stars, Hollywood icons, movie characters, pop stars, sports stars, movie directors and TV stars.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour offers you an up close and personal visit to the sets and soundstages where major motion pictures and television series have been produced.

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This tour lasts about 3 hours and is open to guests age 8 and older. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is located at Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood Getting to Hollywood and Getting Around Assuming you want to visit Hollywood in conjunction with a Disneyland vacation , there really are only two viable ways to get to there independently: driving and taking public transportation. Public Transportation from Disneyland An easy option for getting to Hollywood from Disneyland by public transportation is: Get a cab to the Anaheim train station , located about 2.