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Lighting Maintenance and Service, Inc. Rantala, P. Mat-Pac, Inc. They also stock ChocoBeer, Belgian chocolates with beer. How can you go wrong with that? We moved along into the regional treats. I started with Quin candies from Portland, OR.

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Quin chews are like an elevated Starburst, they melt the second they hit your mouth and releases real juice favor. My mouth is watering as I type this. These treats are cotton candy in texture but all have different flavors. I tried all of them and my top 2 were the Li Hing Pineapple sweet and salty and the Cookies and Cream. Then I made my way into the Gumball room see video here , which brought me back to my childhood.

This is where all of our favorite candies are, everything from rock candy to jawbreakers to smartees are represented in this room. I was also blown away by the selection of Icee Candy, bacon candy and chocolate cigarettes still very popular they had to offer. Once you walk in, any symptoms of PMS immediately disappear. I did get to try all kinds of different chocolates for the adult and kid in me. There is a fantastic selection of imported candies. The Kinder chocolates from Germany are the most popular but my favorite imports are the Japanese imports.

One exclusivity that is delightful is the Mr. Then the actual tasting happened. As you can see, I had a lot to sample. I started with the gummies and sours. The sour belts, which are imported from Spain, are a classic for those of us who love a good pucker. Then I got to sample the bulk chocolate classics. I had my first chocolate covered gummy bear, a sea salt caramel, red velvet coated cherries, chocolate covered blueberries and chocolate-coated almond butter toffee. I also tried my first Toxic Waste candy, which is painfully sour. I loved Warheads growing up, but these were too much.

They are a big seller though, so there are plenty of people out there brave enough to try them. Then, Chris went from Willy Wonka to chocolate sommelier for the tasting. He actually taught me the proper way to try chocolate, which is similar to tasting wine. First, take a small piece of the chocolate and keep it at the tip of your tongue. Lolli and Pops also have their own brand of chocolate bars that are sold here and they were hands down my favorite brand. Their brand offers traditional chocolate bars with different flavors, as well as topped bars, which are chunky with toppings.

Out of the topped bars, I loved the Almond Chocolate the most; it was like a nutty cake bar. My tasting tour of Lolli and Pops finally came to a bittersweet end. I love coffee. Like I would seriously jump in front of a semi truck for it. Coffee and I have an amazing relationship. We have spent many a night together, lots of mornings and when I am feeling down in the afternoon, coffee is there to pick me right back up. When Julianne founder of GOF, fellow blogger and foodie extraordinaire asked if I would sample some amazing coffee, that she was already in love with, I jumped at the chance.

So she sent me this lovely little treat. I made my first cup and drank it black. I really wanted to taste all the notes. It is a delicious medium roast coffee that is both nutty and sweet like me. I had enough left for another cup and I wanted to make our time together memorable so I decided to pull out all the stops. When I woke up that morning it hit me!


I knew what I was gonna do. I went to the fridge and got out my full fat butter. Then over to the pantry for my organic coconut oil and went to town. What happened next was magical. The perfect cup of bullet proof coffee. How do you make the perfect cup of bulletproof coffee you ask? Pour your coffee, very carefully it is freaking hot, remember? I added a pinch of stevia to sweeten it up just a bit. Hit blend or in my case, pulse it until it is frothy on top, pour into your mug and enjoy.

I usually like to drink my bulletproof coffee before I hit the gym. The reason is, it keeps me full for the duration of my workout and it is chocked full of healthy fats. However; this particular instance I was on vacation and enjoyed sipping it in my adult onsie. Enjoy and let me know what you think of bulletproof coffee. After 10 years, my foodie relationship with raw almonds has ended. They were created by model-turned-budding entrepreneur Audrey Chihocky.

Audrey has been a foodie her whole life and recently decided to turn that hobby into something a little more lucrative.

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Each flavor is raw, vegan and gluten-free. The most popular flavor is the trail mix and I can see why. It has dried apricots, dried cranberries, flaxseed, oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and shredded coconut wrapped around it. This one is also nut free. My personal favorite flavor is the cashew cookie. The classic vanilla flavor I associate cookies with is prominent and I love the nuttiness from the cashew. This also makes a great dessert when paired with a cup of coffee. The espresso buzz adds a caffeinated kick to your snack.

The peanut butter brownie is great for those who love sweet and savory. They also have a 3 week shelf life if you keep them in the fridge, 3 months if you keep them in the freezer make sure to defrost 20 minutes for a softer texture. The struggle is real for us at Girls on Food. My love of dining out and experimenting in the kitchen has been pretty brutal on my wallet.

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I recently downloaded a free app from the iTunes store called Moopon. I recently drove through K-Town and my phone exploded with deals. This is a win for me, cause I love exploring K-town goodies. Keizo Shimamoto, a ramen-fanatic blogger turned Chef, created this concoction and I feel like he just raised the burger bar tremendously.

I can make new friends at a communal table while I wait to pick up my order. I got a child-like glee when the burger arrived. I was a Top Ramen and Quarter Pounder junkie growing up, this feels like they got married. I assume they boil the noddles, then fry them together so they hold. So the bun is soft, and towards the end is fun to eat. I always get great service here and they do make a great dirty Chai Latte chai latte with a shot of espresso, I get almond milk. So, I feel like they deserve some Girls on Food love. Flake has been a breakfast institution for Rose Ave residents since They get their breakfast sandwiches right.

What I really appreciate about this place is that the options fit every kind of customer. If you want to keep it slim and get an acai bowl, you can do so.

My personal favorite breakfast sandwich is the SGS. It comes with scrambled eggs, bacon, Gouda cheese, their secret sauce which I could bathe in on an English Muffin.

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The secret sauce is a must add for any of their savory sandwiches. Please note: Always check in with theanchorvenice. I was so lucky to come in on a Tuesday night at PM. Perfect timing. I loved the port vibe this restaurant has. It also helps that there was a perfect amount of sea breeze that kicked in right as I sat down. Archer White Ale, which went with my oceanic treats perfectly. The daily oysters were Kumamoto, which came with a side of grapefruit vinaigrette, grapefruit lemons and horseradish. These oysters were fresh shucked, a little sweet and juicy in texture.

Seriously Foodies, the New Zealand mussels are so plump and juicy and they soak up the green curry sauce so well.