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And you can easily replace the straws if needed.

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  • Petco Black Friday: ScoopFree Ultra Automatic Litter Box for $ - stuntmomfilm.com;

Used to scoop 2x a day and replace my old clay litter weekly -Uses crystal litter which is so much better than clay no dust, no litter smell -Rake is easy to clean if your cat decides to go on the rake and it sticks Cons: It has the texture of sand not small pebbles like scoop fresh. Plus it's cheaper than Fresh Step from Walmart that has that pebble texture. It helps hide it, keep odors in, and prevents my cats from throwing litter every where.

Love it so far!! I read a few reviews about peoples cats hating the crystal litter. Luckily my cats took to it instantly. I have two cats and plan for this to last at max 2 weeks. I wouldn't use if your cat has frequent diarrhea as it'll clump in the rake. Also the magnets seem weak and occasionally fall from the metal on the litter pan. I've discovered the original magnets aren't weak just the metal on the scoop free disposable litter trays are crap.

This litter box is holding up well! The not having to scope it for a full two weeks is definitely a stretch. The rake also has a tendency to push the litter into the waste trap. With the permanent tray I have the same two issues however since the lid is not connected to the box it makes this step so much easier. I can just remove the purple lid and scoop out my two cats waste. The ScoopFree disposable trays connect to the disposable box so when you needed to scoop you'd have to remove the purple lid, lift the litter itself the two white hooks prevent you from just lifting the cardboard flap where the magnets attached , and then lift the cardboard flap to scoop.

My new routine is to scoop out their waste, spread the litter around, and add more crystals if necessary once a week. You can use any crystal litter as long as its none clumping. I fully dump and replace the crystals once a month. Once a month is great considering I have two 11 pound cats and before I was scooping twice a day and replacing all their litter weekly.

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The crystal litter really is so much better than clay clumping litter. There's no more litter dust although buyer beware some crystal litters are dustier than others and my house never smells like litter!! The litter box is still alive and well! I buy it when it goes on sale at PetSmart and stock up. No smell no dust!

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Cats continue to use it and no issues with the box or permanent tray! I've always hated dealing with cat boxes and have gone through several normal ones that I would rate as one star and one special 'automatic' box, the one where you roll it over on the side that I would rate as two stars. So, I've never really been satisfied, but then I saw this model, and it made me curious because it uses the blue crystals and I had never tried a rake system before. I'll go through my impressions chronologically, then I'll go over the specifics, and finally I'll present my analysis and reason for my score.

The cat is reluctant to use it at first, but eventually does. The unit is very large and the rake keeps the crystals very evenly spread. This may be the solution I've always needed. There isn't much spillage outside the box, which is positive, and it's easy to see the blue crystals that do spill making it easier to clean them up.

Doesn't last 30 days. Then, the replacement cartridges doubled in price on me, throwing off my calculations as to how affordable this would be in the long run. Plus, I'm thinking it needs to be replaced at least every 20 days in reality based on that odor at Day I'm upset that it's going to cost me three times as much as I thought it would.

The box is so large it's hard to fit in a plastic garbage bag and there's nothing to keep the lid closed so it spills out when doing the transfer. I also get the privacy hood partly for my cat and partly to see if it cuts down on the litter that spills out of the box or cuts down on odor. OK, maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. Get 5 stuntmomfilm. Click to enjoy the latest deals and coupons of stuntmomfilm.

This is very hassle-free.

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The foul odor is only a problem if I stir up the crystals to examine the bottom of the tray. If I just don't do that, there's no odor problem. The duration may be fine then since it's a matter of how fast the front bin fills up, not how bad the odor gets.