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By giving us your email, you are opting in to the Early Bird Brief. Lowe's is phasing out the practice of presenting the ID at checkout, Cobb said. The website notes that Lowe's used a third party to verify eligibility for online enrollment, and may require additional documentation.

In announcing the change, Robert A. Staff writer Karen Jowers writes about military families, quality of life and consumer issues. She can be reached at kjowers militarytimes. Consumers can obtain news release and recall information at www. Phone: Spanish: The link you selected is for a destination outside of the Federal Government.

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This week only!

We had the above grill burst into flames last year. We got the new parts and replaced them.

Last week we had the grill burst into flames again. While shopping for a new grill at lowes, we were told that Perfect Flame is out of business. However, the salesperson told us that the new line of grills at Lowes, Master Forge, is Perfect Flame merged with another company.

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Needless to say, I did not buy a Master Forge grill. Now I cannot get the screws out that hold the burners to the bracket. They need to send bracket with burners.. I just found out the grill was recalled a few weeks ago when I was searching on line to find replacement burners since ours were burning irregularly. Now that I have the parts, like the above post, I cannot get the screws out to replace them. Also has anyone had any luck getting new burner covers since those are demolished as well from the bad burners?

I returned my whole grill yesterday, I told them I was not comfortable using a grill that was recalled or should have been. They are looking for a UPC for dollar value to give me, at which time I will settle for nothing less than a new grill. I am prepared to get the local Pittsburgh News stations involved which I do not think they would appreciate, bad PR.

Never realized there was a recall. In fact, my entire unit is rusting out. I had them send me a new back section within a year of purchase. It is incredible that they had my contact information and never bothered to contact me about the recall. Picking up my grill on Saturday, finger crossed the Huntington will be a better option.

I too have a SLGB grill one burner blew a hole in itself about the size of a pencil. Also the heat plates rotted out I tried to remove the rotted burner and could not get the scrwes out and the rail along the back that supports the back of the burners is totaly rotted and like the burner screws the small bolts that hold it to the back of the grill are impossible to get off. Same as Al above, this thing is total crap, burner tubes rusted out and the deflecter grids a loss also along with the support structure and screws… it never cooked right from the onset and really agree with Heath, just not worth th effort for more problems and thank-you David S.

Thank you Gentlemen for sharing. I had bought my dad the SLGA for fathers day and it was awful.

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I called the number and filled out the form they gave me. I had the replacement parts in under 10 business days. Thanks to this web site I saved some coin on buying a new grill. I got the five replacement burners for my SLGD, but now these produce a strange problem which makes the grill nearly useless.

I can only turn on two burners. If I turn on a third burner, the flame on all three go so low as to be unusable — barely any flame at all. And then, to go back to using two burners, I have to turn them all off and start over.

Turning off just the third burner leaves the other two still burning low. Very strange. If I turn on 4 burners, the flames go out altogether though I can smell gas. When I first got it, I had no problem using all five burners at once. I thought it might be the gas, but got a new tank from a second reliable source, and it makes no difference.

I have a SLGA and last night it exploded in flames.

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At first I thought it just a bad flare-up from the meat I was cooking but the fire was shooting out of the holes in the side of the hood. I went to get an extinguisher and by the time I got back the side panels of the hood were literally burning in a white hot flame and dripping down on to my deck. How could they possibly make a grill with a hood that will burn. I am assuming my regulator malfunctioned and caused the fire.

The grill was really a piece of junk that I rarely used. The burners and flame diffusers rusted out within a couple of years. When I called the manufacturer for replacements under the warranty they did not tell me about the recall. The bottom pan that holds the propane tank rusted out even though I always kept it covered. This product should not be on the market. This Grill does heat up very good, but after this weekend our grill burst into flames for no apparent reason. I dont want replacement burners I want a refund or at least a credit toward a new grill at lowes.

I paid almost dollars for this grill i deserve more than burners. Im just thankful noone was injured besides the meat and the grill.

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After having problems the last couple of years with burners leaking and not working right, I decided it was time to order new ones. I wonder if they still honor the recall. They do still honor the recall I just found out about the burner recall. More parts should be made available because the fires destroy so much. I will be picking up my new grill tonight. Upon bringing it home looked up the model online and realized it was recalled.