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For example, if the lessee is involved in an accident and they fail to maintain adequate insurance required by the lease agreement, this coverage can protect the lessor.

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Under this coverage, the borrower is offered a convenient option to meet the insurance requirement of the lease. As a result, your business will be able to pass the cost of insurance to the lessee, which helps you prevent vicarious liability claims for accidents caused by the use of leased machinery. On the other hand, if your business relies on leased equipment to operate you are renting heavy machinery from someone else , you can be held liable for damage to the equipment.

In this case, you need to go the extra mile to get your own rental equipment coverage as it helps your business cover the loss during unexpected shutdowns. Depending on your state, there will be different regulations applied. Likewise, rental equipment insurance policies vary widely due to the type of machinery and risk involved.

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Some rental businesses may ask that you purchase a policy on the equipment to cover its use. Consult your insurance agency to explore different heavy equipment insurance options that can ensure your legal responsibility is well covered. They can also call the leasing company and speak to their insurance people on your behalf to find out more details regarding their policy. Events see more.

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Rizzani de Eccher in partnership with NouvLR has started the erection works of the 16,2km of precast segmental elevated guideway. The Project will connect downtown Montreal to several suburbs and Montreal International airport. Deal has supplied no. Tensa has supplied all the post-tensioning.

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Teamwork services of Gruppo de Eccher. Sono previsti 3 centri multimodali e 7 stazioni passeggeri. It concerns the first 2,6 kilometres functional lot of the infrastructural megaproject called Rail Baltica. The work consists in the conversion of the existing Riga station in one of the most modern railway terminal ever built before, with 26 escalators, 8 lifts and broad car parks. The existing embankment, that currently runs through Riga, will be removed and a bypass for freight trains will be created.

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Rail Baltica is a kilometres greenfield railway system, with a value of 6 billion euros, with a track gauge that allows a direct connection of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the European rail network The project foresees 3 multimodal centres and 7 stations for passengers. The work is financed by the European Community. A newly designed hydraulic clamping system holds the concrete pile in a specific position in order to guarantee its integrity during movement.

Rizzani de Eccher was invited to participate with its own stand to present the works realized during nine years of presence in Australia, including the Swan River Bridge. The bridge, which is considered the jewel of the city of Perth, is the work that most impressed the participants.

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The challenging time schedule, and the subsequent execution acceleration plan, have involved complex challenges and problems solution, confirming Deal, a Rizzani de Eccher parent company, as a reliable engineering provider as well as technical partner. Following an acceleration agreement imposed by the client, the initial set-up of the work had to be changed according to the new requests, responding to various needs in a very short time.

The new conditions required considerable efforts in terms of engineering, partial redesign of the moulds, new launching equipment, as well as adapting other spare equipment to the new requirements. You can ensure product safety by. Heavy equipment leasing Al Zoba Co. Equipment Rental serves as a vital and trusted partner for hundreds of customers in the military, industrial, petrochemical, governmental, and construction businesses across Kuwait and Iraq.

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Through our experience we have established a wide customer network, and gained a reputation for supplying high quality products and excellent after sales services to our customers. HOTECC is one of the leading service providers in leasing of construction equipment in the Kuwait market with excellent quality of service.