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Mike Russ Coupon Code

More Filters. MPG lens. Body lens. Drivetrain lens. Engine lens. Transmission lens. Not sure there is anything else to say about RMN. Breaking old habits is hard but social bargain hunting is here to stay whether some like it or not. If old Terms of Service are no longer good then the new ones will be written.

It is time for a change. As a forum owner I obviously know about and support the User Generated Content model UGC but I have ultimate responsibility for the content posted on my site ABestWeb as any site owner does, weather they want to admit it or not. There was a perfect example of this earlier today … someone posted that they were selling a list of CC and CVV codes for sale. So for me it was a no brainer I immediately deleted the posting and banned the person. Think about it. The wanton abandonment of morals and ethics is scary enough, but the facilitating of it, is far more frightening.

Not very open to opposing views huh?

Mike Russ Coupon Code

A no-name Scottish singer performs well on stage and next day the whole world knows about her. Because in the web information spreads with the speed of light. A coupon code is very much different than a credit card number.

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In the essence it is just a marketing tool that can be used in many different ways. All I am saying is that rather than try to fight the new realities, the merchants should embrace them and change the way they do business to take benefit of the user contributed websites which become ever bigger part of the web. As a final note, let me quote a comment from a merchant to the above mentioned Techcrunch blog post:.

In this regard, retailmenot has been very effective and has been in our top 3 affiliates for the last 6 months. Because the exculpatory nature of this morally decrepit society that condones theft will get you no where, fast. Your comment and the following two were automatically held for moderation as any first time comments on this blog are held to avoid spam.

Stop attacking me with no ground whatsoever. A lot of things in this world hold potentiality of money. This comment of yours on my blog for example may end up in search for your name and I will make money off of it with the Google ads on the sidebar. Did I just steal your name from you? Looks like Australia is really the land of the convicted — RetailMeNot Melbourne was accused of stealing exclusive coupons, and a few threads above in the same forum, Tjoos Sydney was also accused of the same thing…. I am pretty sure many ended up on sites like RMN and Tjoos. More power to them to spread the good bargains around!

I know someone on Abest mentioned this, but why not just embed coupons in links? Seems like a pretty good idea for the time being. This could discourage other affiliates from promoting those codes and make them work harder for exclusives. I think exclusive coupon that ultimately credits whom the coupon is issued to can be a good idea. Profiting from the traffic that someone else has worked or paid for — is that stealing? The variation includes a solid black box over the Factory No. In addition to the blue text on the front, Type 2 and Type 3 are printed on more traditional cardboard stock of the era versus the heavy paper used for Type 1.

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