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Note, however, that benefits may vary by store when using this coupon. Please check the official website or promotion materials to get the details of discount benefits and information. Customers may use the online Korea Grand Sale coupon below. Validity Present the coupon before making a purchase or, if applicable, exchange the coupon for its own "store coupons.

Korea Grand Sale. Shopping Benefits. Is that I not able claim this booklet? Can i know that discount coupon is valid till when? I am stay in Penang, hence i need collect via Postage. The current coupon valid until 31st March , for those who are going in April are not getting any coupon or Tmoney from us. Hi, I have send my detail via pos laju on Monday 11 March I would like to ask when will I get my voucher and coupon because my trip will be on 27 March I hope you can proceed with my application as soon as possible. I send information of me and another three friends.

Hope you can check for me. I am going to Jeju this April Do i need to wait for the new booklet for or just grab this instead. Hi there, Cannot, because the Tmoney include in the coupon book. I am stay in Muar, Johor. Hi There, The current booklet valid until 31st of March For those who are travelling to Korea in April will not get any coupon book and the tmoney from us. Because the next promotion will be launch end of April or Early May.

Hi, May I know whether you will have a latest version for discover korea your way ? As all coupons are going to be expired by March Which month should I get the promotion voucher that is valid till December? When will it be lauching? Will you be providing shipping service? As I am staying in Kampar Perak. Kindly be informed that, the next promotion will be launch end of April or Early May.

The exactly date we are not sure when. You need to wait for the next promotion. Hi, Im gong Jeju this May , appreciate there is any travel trip or discount to share. Kindly be informed that there are no promotion and discount voucher for April. Hi, any idea when will the DKYW will be launch? Hi Mindy!

We have 2 types of coupons form which you could enjoy!

The book is expected to come out this May so you can start checking our website for updates and information starting 1st May. My travel time is 28th Feb until 7th March Once you have completed the survey successfully you will receive a survey code and you may redeem a discount coupon booklet.

How to redeem the DKYW coupon booklet? After you have completed the survey, scroll down to the survey form area to find a survey code. Redemption location Location: Korea Plaza only. However, few have different valid date. The coupons and free gifts are only valid for Malaysian citizens with holding either Malaysia identification card or passport. The coupons and free gifts are only available while stocks last. The coupons and free gifts are only valid for one person and for one-time use. The coupons and free gifts are non-refundable. The coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other similar coupon or promotion for extra discount.

The coupons may not be applied to discounted items or special items. Photocopies of the coupons are not acceptable. Some coupons are provided by Korea Tourism Organization upon requests during booklet redemption. Disclaimer Korea Tourism Organization will not be responsible for any expired or missing coupons.

Information in this booklet is as of May and is subject to changes without prior notice. The itineraries in this booklet are for recommendation purpose only. The prices of services or products in this booklet are subject to change. Please visit respective company website before you make the reservation or purchase.

View All Coupon Details. Year Discover Korea Ladies Special Vol. Coryn Goh May 15, at am. HI When can i collect the booklet? Korea Plaza KL May 15, at am. Junie Wern June 17, at am. Is the free coupon open for travelling on April ? Korea Plaza KL June 18, at am. The coupons are available until31 March Korea Plaza KL July 25, at am.

Hi there, Kindly be informed that you may drop by to redeem the booklet anytime. Hi,can i redeem the free coupons right after i got the survey code? My trip is on 7th August. My travel at April Korea Plaza KL November 14, at am. Nur Syahirah Ifwah binti Mohamed December 30, at pm. Korea Plaza KL December 31, at am. Korea Plaza KL January 30, at am. HI There, For now, any coupon for April we did not provide yet.

Korea Plaza KL August 7, at am. Korea Plaza KL March 22, at am. End of April or Early May Reply. It stated links expired.. Korea Plaza KL August 18, at am. Hi there, Kindly try to login and do the survey again. Hi KTO, I want to ask i have to bring this things during redemption, right? Yes, include the flight itinerary also but all are in softcopy.

Mr Liew May 15, at am. Beky May 15, at am. Lee Pei Shan May 15, at am. Wong JK May 15, at am. Please help Reply. Korea Plaza KL May 16, at am. Please check your spam mail also. Bebe June 11, at am. Hi,it happened to me too. Not receive in the spam mail and inbox. Korea Plaza KL June 11, at am. I still cannot login.

The Muslim Friendly Policy By Gyeonggi Tourism Organization

Yang Lee Za May 15, at pm. Jamaliah May 15, at pm. Please keep it well! Yana Shaharuddin May 15, at pm. Carven Chung May 16, at am. Hi Dear, I had done the survey and got the survey code already. Korea Plaza KL May 17, at am. Nurul Anis Junaidi May 16, at am. Hi, When is the last day to complete the survey? Yong Lin Hsin May 17, at am. Meaning you will send our booklets to us via PosLaju in return? Korea Plaza KL May 18, at am. We will send the booklets to you once we have received your stamped envelope.

Korea Plaza KL May 22, at am. Nor Fathirah bt Yusof October 31, at pm. Korea Plaza KL November 1, at am. The survey, only can be use once by using the same email, password and user name. Nur yusra May 17, at pm. You need to create a Kaki Korea Club account for him and do the survey. Can I collect the coupon booklet tomorrow Saturday 19 May ? We are opening from 10 am to 3 pm. OK, Thanks. Lady Dee May 18, at am. Can I collect the coupon booklet at NU Central? Still have? Jerwin May 19, at am. Hi, may I know what is the weight per booklet? Need estimate for prepaid poslaju.

Korea Plaza KL May 23, at am. CFC May 19, at am. Caren May 19, at am. You need to send a photocopy of your IC and survey code to us for verification. TYW May 20, at am. Or Lay Chin September 24, at am. Thanks Reply. Korea Plaza KL September 24, at am. Hi there, Feel free to come over Korea Plaza and make the redemption. Shirley Teo Siok Lai May 20, at am. Roy May 20, at am. Kok Kiat May 21, at am. Yvonne May 21, at am. HY May 22, at am. Kindly check with your spam inbox or junk inbox also, it may send to there also. Have you checked your spam or junk folder?

HY May 23, at am. Gretz May 21, at am. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon Reply. You can show either IC or passport for each of the passengers. Sammy August 14, at am. Korea Plaza KL August 14, at am. Hi there, Yes, you may show IC in the phone. Calyn May 21, at pm. Hi, if redeem by poslaju, we need to send over photostat IC as well? Yuky May 22, at am. Yuky May 23, at am. We have activated your account manually.

Please try to login. Tiyayahya May 23, at am. My travel date on january So i can get this coupon? And how to fill in the survey? Korea Plaza KL May 24, at am. Your survey code is iam6KaySQA. Kindly read the instructions above. CL May 23, at pm. We already activate your account, please try to login again. Hi,i got do survey already,but did not received any code,Pls help Reply. Your survey code u8GU84W4yQ. We already activate your account, kindly try to login again.

Ah kee May 23, at pm. We already activate your account, kindly try to login. RajaLydia May 24, at am. Korea Plaza KL May 25, at am. Kindly inform that we already activate your member account, you may try to login again. Cinderella May 24, at pm. Hello I login but cannot find the form for survey. Pls advise. Serena Ng May 24, at pm. Hi, I had done the survey but forgot to note down the code. Thank you very much…. NHN May 26, at am. Korea Plaza KL May 28, at am. NHN May 28, at am. Kindly inform that we already activate your member account, please try to login again.

Siti najwani May 27, at pm. Hi i want to ask, after we got the code, we can directly redeem our coupon at korea plaza? Korea Plaza KL May 30, at am. Or can you send it to me by email? Please refer to the instructions above. Korea Plaza KL May 31, at am. Lim Mong May 30, at pm. You will need to login first, then under this page, the survey will be pop-up. Hai can I get free T money card if I only choose juz a few places in korea? For kid can just provide a copy of mykid? Tq Reply. Korea Plaza KL June 4, at am. Yes, you may show us the mykid card. Hi, I have done the survey but i did not receive the survey code.

Aqmarosli June 4, at am. We only provide one Tmoney card for each booklet. Tan Kit Yee June 4, at am. Hi, i forgot to save my code, can you assist to provide me again? Sorry for the inconvenient. Korea Plaza KL June 5, at am. Tan Kit Yee June 7, at am. Tan Kit Yee August 29, at am. Korea Plaza KL August 29, at am. JL June 4, at am. I have request for 2 booklet.

How I going to do? Laimanyan June 5, at am. Korea Plaza KL June 6, at am. Laimanyan June 6, at am. Hi, I would like to register as a member to complete my survey. Pls check it. Can i register for my kids? Stephanie Lum June 6, at am. Korea Plaza KL June 7, at am. I had helped you to activate it. Rodzilawati Mhd Isa June 6, at pm.

No email in the spam box too… Reply. Rodzilawati Mhd Isa June 7, at am. Aqmarosli June 7, at am.

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Sylvia June 7, at am. I have registered as member. Jasmine June 7, at am. Please advice Reply. Korea Plaza KL June 8, at am. Limbigun June 7, at pm. Kindly inform that we already activated both of the emails, please try to login. Hi, i have registered an account on last 9th june. Hi, Me and my friends had done the survey and received the activation code separately. Lim June 7, at pm. It has been activated.

Sharon June 9, at am. Korea Plaza KL June 9, at am. Thank You Reply. Chin Ren June 11, at am. Please help… Reply. Sasa June 11, at am. Kindly assist on this matter. Kindly assist me. Jian Wei June 11, at am. Joanna June 11, at am. Hi have registered as member. All emails have been activated. Joanna chung June 11, at am. Hi, I have registered as member. Joanna chung June 12, at am.

Korea Plaza KL June 12, at am. The business hour is from But we would close at 15 and 16 June. Please be noted. Korea Plaza KL June 13, at am. You may visit to our Korea Plaza anytime on today.


Yes, the book is still available. You could come to redeem it with your survey code and Ic. Joanna chung June 13, at am. Korea Plaza KL June 14, at am. You have not done the survey yet, please redo again. Yuk Ti, Law June 13, at pm. Your member account is already activated, please try to login. Dewei Chong June 14, at am. Dewei Chong June 20, at am. You could collect it anytime. Korea Plaza KL June 19, at am. Caline June 19, at am. Korea Plaza KL June 21, at am.

Ang Qiau Qian June 19, at am. Ang Qiau Qian June 21, at am. Thanks for your reply. Really looking forward to it soon… Thanks for you hardwork again. Wong Yi Jun June 19, at pm. Hi, may i know this time have provide wifi rental discount voucher?

Discount coupons in Seoul - Seoul Forum

We do not provide the wifi rental discount voucher. Maydayashin June 20, at am. Yvonnekoh June 20, at am. Why i didt receive my survey code after i done my survey Reply. Korea Plaza KL June 22, at am. There is no time frame to redeem the voucher. Korea Plaza KL June 26, at am. Hi there, There is no time frame for you to redeem the vouchers. Fish June 21, at am. We suggest you to use pc instead. It will be much more easier to complete the survey. Fish June 28, at pm. Hi, would like to ask is the booklet is still available for redemption? Korea Plaza KL June 29, at am. Hi there, The booklet is still available for the redemption.

Enkey Lim June 22, at am. Hi, are these booklets and vouchers still available? Can we come and collect it on Sat? Yes, you could collect it on Saturday. Hi there, We are operating from 10 a. Hi, i attached a wrong flight itinerary ,what should i do? Hi there, You can email us your flight itinerary and please state your name as well. Denyce Ng Jen Qin June 22, at am. Hi there, We only need your flight schedule and passenger name. Thank a lot for the reply. Tan Woei Yi June 27, at am.

Korea Plaza KL June 27, at am. Hi, Your account has been activated. Judy June 28, at am. Can you help to check for me? Korea Plaza KL June 28, at am. Shamson June 30, at am. Nabilla June 30, at pm.


I already at Korea now.. Am i still can redeem DKYW vouchers? Korea Plaza KL July 2, at am.

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Lim Aik Hong July 2, at am. Mobile version unable participate the survey? Korea Plaza KL July 3, at am. BoboWee July 4, at am. Korea Plaza KL July 4, at am. Hi there, Your friend may use the same flight itinerary to apply if their name is on the passenger information. BoboWee July 5, at pm. Hello VisitKorea, My trip is on next year april 1may … Is there any coupon by that time?

Korea Plaza KL July 5, at am. Hi there, Please be informed that the traveling period must be from May to 31st March Thanks in advance for your reply. Korea Plaza KL July 6, at am. Hi there, The booklets can be sent back in one envelope.

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  6. Kindly mail to us the required documents as below: 1. Hi there, Kindly refer to the link below to complete the survey form. LimLK July 8, at am. Hi, I had register my account with the above email address. Korea Plaza KL July 9, at am. Hi there, Kindly be informed that we have activated your email. You may check your inbox and try to login. Korea Plaza KL July 10, at am. Hi there, The coupon booklet is still available for redemption. The T-money is an empty card, you have to reload before using it. Eileen July 10, at am. Yen July 13, at pm.

    Korea Plaza KL July 14, at am. Hi there, The booklet includes a T-Money card too. Hi there, The booklet includes all sorts of coupons and you may use them freely. Wadah Rafi July 14, at pm. Korea Plaza KL July 16, at am. Hi there, The booklet is still available to redeem and the T-Money card is included. Korea Plaza KL July 17, at am. Hi there, The booklet is still available. Alif03 July 19, at am. Korean Air Coupons Korean Air is the platform that allows you to feel excellence in flight. Show Code applied by 39 users Expires in 5 days.

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