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I found out something on my website was confusing some customers, and was able to take actionable measures to make things clearer. The support behind the plugin is also great, I get replies in less than a day and a recent request I had was agreed to be valuable enough to add to the plugin.

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Sometimes store owners want to hide the coupon code field only on the checkout page and display it on the cart page. This requirement can be achieved by placing the below code snippet in the functions. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Search the site: Search for:. Booking and Appointment. Abandoned Cart. I feel like potential customers will convert more if they deal with all money stuff later on the page after entering address and email….

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You could change when the form is re-added by using a different checkout template action. Thanks for the article. I tried to paste the snippet for removing the promo box from the cart page, but no luck. Which file should the snippet be entered? I tried both function. Hey Matt, try the code snippets plugin as explained here. I was on this page yesterday and could see them. Hey Jason, thanks for the heads up! Can anyone help? Your method actually works!! Thank you anyway!! That code repeatedly broke my site. I had to reload the functions. When i added that code to functions php it changed the placeholder and button text for the coupons on the checkout page but left the text the same for the cart page?

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Hey Scott, you either have some other code interfering on the cart page, or perhaps the template is overridden and text is hard-coded into your child theme. How do I get rid of the second one? Thanks so much for this code, you guys are awesome :. For both issues, you may want to just translate the text to replace it with your own, for which the Say What plugin can help — more details in this tutorial.

Thanks so much for the reply, I really appreciate it! Is it possible to hide the coupon form based on User Role?

Possible, requires additional code to check this though. I offer coupon codes only for certain items. Any idea how that could be done? One is the box where the code is to be entered, and the other is when the code is applied the success message that appears also says coupon.

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Is there any way I can remove the word? Thanks for any help! The box where the coupon is entered should be covered by the code here may be a theme issue if not. As for the messages: you could translate all of the coupon messages, as there are several, to replace the word coupon. The class-wc-coupon file has the messages, and we have a a tutorial on translating shop messages. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I am an absolute novice at this — an interior designer trying my best!

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Hi — Thanks for the recommendation. Is there something that will change that box too? Thank you so much. Is there any way of making the box longer, like the same size as the box that says Apply Promo Code? Sure, would need some CSS to do, but that would depend on your theme.

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This is amazing, thank you! Coupon amount — enter the coupon value as an amount or by percentage, depending on coupon type you choose. Allow free shipping — check this box if you want to offer your customers a free shipping coupon. Coupon expiry date — optionally select the day when the coupon is no longer active. Here you can set a limit for selected products, categories or email addresses. Remember that the amount is set before tax calculation. Product categories — select the whole categories that will be eligible for the discount.

Email restrictions — enter the email addresses that can use the coupons. If you want to add more than one email addresses, separate them with a comma. Here you can set usage limit for your coupon. This configuration is also optional, so decide yourself whether you want to use it or not. Usage limit per coupon — specify how many times the coupon can be used before it expires.

Limit usage to X items — enter the maximum number of items the coupon can be applied to for product discounts. Usage limit per user — specify how many times each customer can use the coupon. We are always happy to help! WooCommerce coupons are a great but limited feature.