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We all know the main benefit of choosing a refurbished smartphone is to save some cash. You can expect cheaper monthly line rental, or less to pay up front, and get the latest tech in your pocket without the usual price-tag. You might be wary of ordering a refurbished phone, but there's no need to worry.

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  • Vodafone SIM-only deal comes with a whopping 100GB for just £13 a month.
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  • Unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 100GB of mobile data!

Our stock is provided directly from mobile manufacturers, who have expertly inspected the goods to ensure they're in top working order. This gives you peace of mind, as well as great savings. Due to the nature of refurbished mobile phones, the original accessories can't be guaranteed. As the item may have been handled already, we don't include accessories such as earphones for hygiene reasons.

However, it's worth remembering that the amount of cash you're saving on a refurbished phone is a lot more than the value of a pair of headphones, so even if you pick up an accessory or two separately, you'll still be in pocket in the long run.

The handset may also come in plain packaging, as opposed to the original branded box, but who stops to look at the box anyway? Once you've impatiently flung it into the corner you're still left with a cracking piece of tech in the palm of your hand.

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In all cases, you can be guaranteed to receive a charger, so you won't lose any time in getting your handset juiced up and ready to go. You can opt out of receiving marketing at any point by using the unsubscribe option at the bottom of messaging, or by contacting us in-store, by phone or by email. If you opt out, our use of your data beforehand will still be legal. To find out more about your rights on the use of your personal information, including your right to object, please see our Privacy Policy.

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Vodafone SIM Only Deals

Your tariff details. Charges outside of your allowance.

SIM Only deals and offers explained from Vodafone

Other info. All our prices include VAT at the current rate. Your inclusive minutes, texts and data are valid for UK only and also may not apply for premium and non-geographic numbers. If you are using your mobile abroad different charges will apply to the above. Please visit the network website for more details. Until you receive your first bill, you'll only receive pro rata inclusive minutes, text and data based on the date you were connected.

Please call your network provider to find out more. Buy now.

  • Vodafone SIM-only deal comes with a whopping GB for just £13 a month | T3.
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  • Vodafone SIM-only deal comes with a whopping GB for just £13 a month | T3;
  • Here's how to get GB of data on a Vodafone SIM-only deal.
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Filter Deals. Filter Deals Filter Deals. Still not satisfied We have plenty more! View Star Deals. Redeem your jersey. Smartphone included. Limitless SMSs.

Two Days Left: Vodafone SIM Only Deal – 100GB only £13 a month

Please make sure you have your unique Redemption Code available in order to redeem your jersey. Red clients will be given priority when they call the service desk for assistance. This means you won't waste time being put on hold.

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Clients on a Red plan will be prioritised in the queue in selected Vodacom stores , where they can enjoy shorter waiting times. There's priority queuing in selected Vodacom stores exclusive to Red clients only. Sign up or upgrade to these plans to make use of Red Family share. Red more Data from R per month x