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Read More. Sun, November 11, The Darkness gets a Christmas re-theme filled with crazed elves, Santa Claws, and Krampus who seeks souls. This event as of the day of this po. Go underground and see the complete walk thru of the full maze at Lemp Haunted House.

Lemp Brewery is one of the scariest places on planet earth, you go deep underground in real caves and caverns. The Lemp Haunted house 'House of Occult' is just one mile down the street from the. Page 2. Tweets by Scarefest. Tweet Pin It. Submitted: Feb, 06 AM. Submitted: Nov, 22 PM.

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Krampus Haunted Christmas. Submitted: Nov, 11 PM. Behind the Screams - The Darkness. Submitted: Sep, 07 AM. Masks and Make up Go Behind the Screams. Submitted: Jul, 23 PM. Creepyworld Opens September Submitted: Jul, 03 AM. Submitted: Nov, 05 AM. Scream Scream and Scream Again at Creepyworld. Submitted: Oct, 16 AM. Submitted: Oct, 14 PM. Watch People Scream at Creepyworld Screampark.

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Submitted: Oct, 08 PM. Submitted: Sep, 30 PM. Trick r Treat Haunted Hayride - Creepyworld. Submitted: Sep, 27 PM. Submitted: Sep, 22 AM. Creepyworld TV Commercial. Submitted: Sep, 01 PM. Creepyworld America's Biggest Haunted Screampark. Creepyworld World's Biggest Haunted House Submitted: Aug, 21 AM. Whispering Woods Cemetery Creepyworld Saint Lucifers Haunted Hospital. Prison Riot Haunted House Creepyworld Krampus Haunted House Doll Mansion Creepyworld Get Tickets.

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Can you Escape St Louis Escape? Submitted: Jun, 23 PM.

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Discount coupons are available at most Dunkin Donuts locations. We also have coupons at many local businesses throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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Also sign up for our e-mail list for more special offers! All other days of operation, coupons ARE valid. Coupons and discounts may not be combined in any way. Higher price prevails. Yes— we are proud to honor our past and present men and women offering service to our country. A Military ID discount may not be combined with any other coupons or offers. Onsite purchase only.

Scary Happenings Await in the New England States!

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We leave the decision to the parents as they know their children best and are able to decide what a child can or cannot handle. However, there is blood, gore, scares, and characters that may frighten children some adults for that matter! Yes, all of our indoor attractions are accessible and have wooden floors. Please note that our outdoor attractions have paths that are grass, gravel and woodchips.

Yes, some scenes contain strobe lights. Signs are posted outside each attraction that contains strobe lights. However, our monsters will touch on the Haunted Hayride nothing concerning, overly aggressive, or harmful.

SCARIEST Things CAUGHT on Dashcam in Real Life 2019 (Mysterious Creatures & Scary Stories on Tape)

Costumes are only allowed Halloween weekend and on Halloween Night, October 31st. We ask that you do not come in costume during other nights of operation. If you are arriving in costume, please do not carry any type of weapon, staff, cane, etc. Masks are NOT allowed. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas, smoking is not permitted in the haunted attractions, near the ticket booth, and Queue lines.

You may take pictures as much as you like outside of the Haunted Attractions. There is no photography flash or not allowed inside any of our Haunted Attractions. Tag us so we can see how much you enjoyed your visit! Coupon Codes

There is no live streaming or videography allowed inside the haunted attraction. Schools, colleges, universities, corporations, and special organizations may arrange trips to Spooky World presents Nightmare New England. To learn more or make a reservation, please contact Kristin at kristin spookyworld.