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Verizon just made it more expensive to activate or upgrade a phone in-store – BGR

That's one backdoor method to getting a fee-free upgrade. Your mileage may vary, and you'll need to be "lucky" enough to have a faulty device. Okay, so why not just leave Verizon? If they care so little about customer loyalty that they're going to penalize you for staying with them, why give them the satisfaction? Simply switch to a new carrier at the end of your contract and get your newer and fancier phone there. Unfortunately, unless you go with a pay-as-you go plan, you will need to pay the new service's activation fee.

Verizon Wireless Deals & Coupons

Wouldn't you know, it's usually about the same as the Verizon fee you're trying to avoid. Sweet-talking the customer service rep over the phone into dropping the fee sometimes works, and some credit unions waive cellphone plan activation fees for their members. Also, wireless retailer sites like Wirefly. Then you can add the phone to your account, sans upgrade fee. Because you're already a Verizon customer, there's no activation fee. Success -- that is, if you can find a phone cheaper than Verizon's discounted rate.

This method also works for avoiding upgrade fees at other carriers as well. However, if you buy your phone from someone other than Verizon, be sure to check that the phone hasn't been reported as lost or stolen. A "hot" phone can't be activated, leaving you with a pricey brick. You can enter the number on this page at Verizonwireless.

If you buy a phone on eBay, you won't be locked into a new contract with an early termination fee either, but you also won't be able to get the discount pricing Verizon provides with signing those long-term contracts.

Best Verizon Wireless plans – Pre-paid plans

It's a toss-up depending on what you value more: flexibility or price. I took an informal poll of a few friends who were on Verizon. At first they were shocked, because they hadn't heard of it, then incredulous, because the explanation was so inane. However, when I asked them if the fee was enough to make them move to a new carrier when it came time to upgrade their phone, they said no. Leveraged-lending bust could hit economy more quickly than subprime did: Bair.

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The changes include a new, responsive design featuring extended-hours data and more news. Verizon offers in-home and business internet and television services. They are most noteably known for their cell phone coverage and devices. Have you considered switching to Verizon? This shopping guide will give you an idea of what you can expect while shopping on Verizon.

Verizon has three main websites: Wireless, Residential, and Business. The Verizon Wireless website primarily offers cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. You can choose from different generations of iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones.

How to Activate a Line on Verizon Prepaid

Choose from one of three payment options. You can pay in monthly installments, upfront retail price, and prepaid phones.

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  • You can compare phone models based on a variety of factors beyond just price. Compare battery life, storage, operating system, camera, screen size, customer rating, and more. Verizon also carries a small inventory of regular cell phones. Some come with 2-year contracts for data-enabled tablets. The wifi-only tablets do not require a contract. In addition to phones and tablets, Verizon also sells wearable tech such as Fitbits and mobile hotspots. Verizon offers free shipping on all orders. Verizon offers several different phone plans for various personal and business needs.

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    There is the Verizon Plan, which includes unlimited talk and text plus a data package for one device ranging from small to XXL. These costs do not include monthly payments for the smartphone itself.

    4G LTE Phones

    Going abroad? Would you rather pay as you go? Verizon has a television service called Fios TV. You can choose from existing TV plans or build a customized plan with your favorite channels included. Fios Internet plans allow you to hook up over eight devices to the high-speed internet options Verizon has available.

    You can also rent a Fios router for a flat monthly fee instead of purchasing your own. Get a one-of-a-kind web browsing experience for your home or office. Looking to save money on anything from a new smartphone to tablet accessories? Verizon also has an exclusive, online-only offer to waive activation and upgrade fees by purchasing your new device from the Verizon website. Are you an active member of the military or a veteran?

    Have an old cell phone, smartphone, or tablet? You can guesstimate how much your device is worth through a quick online survey. Verizon has multiple channels of communication available to their customers. Most of their posts are just advertisements for new electronics. What are you waiting for? Grab a coupon from this page and save. Search Search for:. Promo Codes Stores Blog. Sort by: Rating Latest Ending Soon.

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