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I visited this club after visiting synn for the first time. I didn't really see anything that I was interested in at first, not to say the other ladies were not attractive, they had a few lookers, but just not my type, I was actually going to leave and head to srcoi, but then out walked a beauty, to my standards, sweet passion!

Gorgeous, very slim, super tiny waist, huge round bolt ons, and hips, and booty! Chocolate thunder!

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She's great all the way around! I met her in April, I've went back recently in June, she wasn't there. Bummer, I ended up leaving. Any word on her schedule? I'm looking for a little passion really soon! WTF The experience I had at this club when I last wrote a review and my recent visit could not be more different. I'm seriously trying to figure out whether I overrated it because it was my first time there or maybe it has drastically dropped off in quality since then. To cut the chase the club is terrible in nearly every way.

The drink hustle has gone from the waitresses being annoying to straight up being rude. The dancer quality, which I know I overrated last time likely because I was drunk was absolutely nothing to write home about. To top it off, the majority preffered to sit on the couches and play with their phones rather than approach potential customers. On my last visit I do remember the vibe just overall being livelier with a large number of dancers that were willing to engage. It was the complete opposite for this visit. Just absolutely dead.

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One more thing: Those bathrooms have to be some of the most disgusting I've ever seen in my life. If management addresses nothing else it should really be the bathrooms. Feels like you could catch something just from walking in. Bliss Sunday morning around 2 am I got caught in some traffic and ended up going here as it was one of the only open clubs. The place closes at 5 am and stayed pretty busy until 4 am. The parking lot is pretty big. There were plenty of people smoking and drinking outside, making the bouncers a little up tight. From the outside it seemed kind of shady.

Inside the club was dark. There are two rows of couches surrounding a large center stage. The club had about girls working up until closing. All of the girls were either Latina or black and the majority of them were pretty thick. The dancers are pretty aggressive and show plenty of attention. Management called all of girls to the dressing room at least four times. One of the girls said they were being told to take fewer breaks and sell more. The waitresses, who were often way hotter than the dancers, pushed buying drinks for the girls way too hard.

Despite it all, going there is well worth the door price if you're into the girls they offer. You get a great show and the girls are very touchy.

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I'd go back if I'm ever in the area. First time at a strip club Me and some friends decided that it was my turn to go to my first strip club. And boy was I not disappointed, of course there was a cover I guess you could say I wasn't expecting it lol. But being that it was my first time, I did go when it wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be. The facility itself is well managed and easy to locate.

The girls there are all friendly, part of the reason being that it wasn't as crowded. If you don't plan on paying for a lap dance at least buy a drink. As far as the girls go, I thought they were great, most of them were minorities, which didn't bother me one bit. The Latina girls were the best in my personal opinion.

I actually went back another night when it was move lively, and the scene was enjoyable. You don't get as much attention, but maybe I'm being a little greedy. The lap dances are located to the side where you don't get that much privacy. They also have VIP rooms, which I personally haven't been to, but plan on doing so.

Overall, this being my first review, I think the strip club was a 3. Hopefully you were able to get something out of the review. Till next time cheers! Like most HM clubs, the mileage is better during the day than at night. BUT, the girls are generally not as hot. Of course, that's not saying much, as most of the Bliss girls are heavy anyway, especially during the day. However, once they sit down, drape over a leg, and drop a hand in your lap for a blissful handshake, it's easy to get into the moment.

I got dances with three daytime chicks. Again, all heavy, but not in a sloppy way. These girls are generally young and the fat is solid - it's more like they're big-boned girls anyway, who could stand to lose a few.

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My first girl was blond with a very pretty face. She sat with me, and then held me for what felt like a make-out session, all the while stroking my crotch. As an aside, Bliss plays full length songs - Hallelujah! I know because sometimes I know the song and realize they cut off the last third. Other times, I've actually timed them. Bliss doesn't play that game, and it's a welcomed relief. Hooray for them; it'll in part keep me coming back. Anyway, my next girl was a dirty blond with some tats that I forced myself to overlook once she leaned in for a light kiss. Off we went to the LD area.

She got immediately naked and it wasn't long before Mr Happy found his way out to enjoy some fresh air. Nothing more, uh, came of it than that, but again, it was a solid four song's worth of dancing with light kisses and much fondling.

My last girl was a brunette with another pretty-face, but had a surprisingly large rear end. It appeared and felt all natural - again, I think she was a big-boned girl who just happened to be bottom-heavy. No matter, she was quite handy, so I followed her ample derriere to the place of joy. She was the handiest of the bunch and didn't wait for me to commit to the VIP. Or perhaps I have a hair trigger, but in any case, I was happy and gave her a generous tip. I wish I could report the night was as awesome, but not so. But the club was surprisingly empty still.

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Maybe a half-dozen PLs lounging about with about as many ladies. A couple girls sidled up next to me, but generally just sat there while making stripper convo Where you from? What brings you here? They let their hands graze my crotch here and there, but the eroticism of the afternoon was absent. And once the girls realized by the second song I wasn't going to bite, they lost all interest, with two of them ending the 4-set a song early. I didn't protest because 3 full-length songs is still a lot, and I didn't want to prolong the discomfort.

Overall, Bliss is a solid choice for the afternoon. Good Night I both loved and hated this club. First thing I notice when I go in is just how fucking small the club is. I had already read about the basic layout on here but was honestly surprised at just how compact it was. The other negative was the drink hustle. I know this par for the course in COI but goddamn it seemed to be extra annoying at this club. Now that the negative is out of the way, lets talk about the positive: the women.

Now, if you like fitness model chicks this place is not for you, but if you enjoy women on the curvy side you have a lot of fun here. A lot of girls reminded me of the type that you'd see at Sam's, except here you actually get privacy for your lap dances and I noticed a lot less "enhancement" at least on the rear end as compared to the women from the aforementioned club. As expected from a COI club the mileage here is very good as well. Some of the girls will be extremely explicit about what could happen in the VIP.

Hot club near LA Me and a buddy who was leaving town for good decided on a night out.

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Had heard a lot about the clubs in City Of Industry, so headed out there. We first dropped in to one of the more premium clubs apparently. But it turned out a damper, so scanned around for others, and ran into Bliss Showgirls by accident.

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So, this place is open till 4 am. Cover was 20 bucks at the door, but you could use a free coupon on Yelp to get in. Once you're in, the first reaction is that it's a small club. Everything's a bit congested. James loves black sexy one-second half a cup of small chest gathered thick strapless wedding dress b. Fall new Korean version of black pointy ladies sexy high heels with thick with wild shoes women. Goddess of new sexy Black Lace up neck-tie split the sea spa cute bikini. Sexy neck conjoined stockings full of black open crotch big code hot net clothes perspective jumpsui. Sexy female sexy stripe design on the back of black transparent lingerie mini dress thong pajamas.

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