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Simply click which hygiene service you like and sit back and enjoy your treatment. We are one of the first clinics of our kind taking a truly modern approach to dental hygiene with exceptional standards as expected in the 21st Century! All Quicksmile Hygienists are uniquely friendly and encouraging in their pursuit of obtaining for you the ultimate fresh smile! We also offer a complimentary Fresh Breath Clinic with all 3 Quicksmile cleaning services.

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Pop in today to visit either our Central London or South of the River boutiques and give your teeth the treat they most truly deserveā€¦. Our Central London Quick smile Clinics are so easy to find! See map for your nearest boutique. Our treatments may be covered by your insurance provider - Please contact us for details on We offer sensational and safe Quicksmile Teeth Whitening Systems in the form of Anozie Wonderful treatment, very professional, kind, informative and helpful, recommend Kaushal.

A pleasure as always! Lovely to meet Hanna too. Croston Alice is excellent! Bishop Very nice hygienist and reception too! Lumbreras Laura Bryson, Hygienist. You can also use a toothpaste designed to help treat the symptoms of sensitivity. Avoid brushing immediately after having something acidic as the enamel will be weakened. Wait about an hour after or brush before.

Visit your dentist or hygienist to identify areas of tooth wear and advise against further wear.

What is Dental Hygiene? How It Works - A Dentist's Hygiene Guide by Lana Fattah

If you have sensitive teeth, London Hygienist can help through regular cleanings and good oral hygiene education. Book an appointment at Chelsea or Clapham. Write a comment. Teeth serve essential functions. They contribute to the digestive process by crushing and breaking down food. They are fundamental in helping a person speak and pronounce words. From a very young age, it is imperative that teeth are looked after carefully to ensure their longevity.

Oral hygiene for kids is crucial. If teeth are not cared for adequately at a young age, it can lead to tooth decay and premature extraction of baby teeth. Rotting baby teeth can lead to infections and diseases, which can also affect permanent adult teeth. According to The Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, almost a third of five-year-olds are suffering from tooth decay, and it is the most common single reason why five- to nine-year-olds are admitted to hospital.

In some cases, children as young as two are admitted for multiple tooth extractions under general anaesthetic, despite tooth decay being almost entirely preventable. Instilling Habits at an Early Age Early Months Between the ages of 3 and 7 months, depending on the child, parents can expect to see baby teeth sprouting from their child's gums. It is always recommended that at the sign of the child's first teeth, parents begin implementing oral hygiene habits. Of course, a baby cannot practice these on their own, so it is your responsibility to take care of a child's teeth as they emerge. Using mouth wipes to clean gums, the tongue and inside of the mouth is a great way to introduce oral cleaning.

Using a small amount of children's toothpaste with fluoride on a small soft-bristled toothbrush can help to rid the teeth of any food particles, and also strengthen them. Doing so daily, especially after feedings, is a great practice. In addition to cleaning their mouths, this stage is also ideal for their first check up with a dentist.

So, having a regimen in place is conducive to the health of their teeth. Flossing is also ideal if you find food is lodged or it is difficult to get in between teeth with the bristles. As your child continues to grow, so will their teeth. By the age of 3, all baby teeth should be present in their mouth. Around the age of 7, baby teeth lose their grip as adult teeth begin to push through. Oral hygiene for kids is vital as your child advances through these stages so that their permanent teeth remain healthy and strong.

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Tooth decay is primarily caused by poor food and beverage choices, particularly those with high levels of sugar such as fizzy drinks. When food items containing high levels of sugar are consumed, bacteria in the mouth thrive off of the sugars from these substances. The bacteria then cling to the teeth creating a chemical reaction that eats away at the enamel of the teeth. Tooth enamel is a protective coating that covers teeth.

When this layer erodes, teeth become susceptible to damage and decay. Limiting the intake of sugary foods, consuming healthier options, and brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste will reduce enamel erosion and tooth decay. Yearly Dental Check-Ups Oral hygiene for kids is a topic that many dentists and hygienists are happy to discuss with parents. Visit your dental hygienist in London to minimise the chances of developing gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral ailments.

Ready to book an appointment for your child? Book an appointment today! World Oral Health Day is 20th March.

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Every year on the 20th March we celebrate World Oral Health Day - an international day to celebrate the benefits of a healthy mouth and the importance of good oral hygiene for all ages. With more stories emerging everyday about the links between oral health and systemic health here are a few tips to help protect yourself from dental decay, gum disease and tooth wear. Regular visits mean you will be screened for any dental problems, including oral cancer.

If you have children, they should visit the dentist by their first birthday. To prevent enamel erosion and tooth decay, reduce the frequency of sugar and acid in your diet.

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Try to keep these to meal times only and have no more than 3 to 4 attacks per day. Use a fluoride toothpaste or products with a formula designed to help protect and repair the damage of erosion. The Regenerate range is designed to promote remineralisation of eroded enamel. The products contain calcium silicate and sodium phosphate which combine to form a crystal structure that is identical to hydroxyapatite, the key mineral in enamel.

Avoid brushing immediately after having something acidic, as the enamel will be weakened. Rinsing with water after can help. Use a straw try and avoid plastic to help reduce how much the teeth are bathed in acid.


Sugar-free gum and mints increase salivary flow, which can neutralise acids, helps remove food debris, help strengthen teeth and increase salivary flow. Opt for products with Xylitol as an ingredient, which is clinically proven to help fight dental decay. I like Peppersmith. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and brush gently if using a manual toothbrush.

Ideally use an electric toothbrush and allow the brush head to glide along the teeth and gum line without scrubbing. Most now come fitted with a pressure sensor in the form of a flashing light or noise when too much pressure is applied. Avoid so called whitening toothpastes. They often contain abrasive particles designed to try and remove staining from teeth.

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This, combined with an overzealous brushing technique, can wreak havoc on enamel. There is a scale called the RDA scale which grades the abrasiveness of toothpaste. The lower the number the less abrasive the paste. Understand that only teeth whitening provided by a dental professional is legal and effective. Online and in-shop products do not contain any active ingredients and could be harmful. Learn more about the various professional whitening options available. Tips on How to Quit Smoking.

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Smoking is an excellent example of how knowledge does not equal action. Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you yet so many people still choose to do it. The reasons behind smoking behaviours are far more complex than craving nicotine. Telling a smoker to stop smoking has the same effect as telling a depressed person to cheer up. How do I know? I am an ex-smoker. This works by using water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of sodium bicarbonate. These fine particles of powders are propelled by compressed air in a warm spray and directed onto the surfaces of the teeth effectively removing surface stains, plaque and other soft deposits such as food particles trapped in between the teeth.

For patients wishing to lighten their teeth, ask us about our Zoom In Chair Whitening system. This process can significantly change the shade of your teeth and is a great way to achieve instant results. If you are considering Teeth Whitening, please ask us for further information about the risks, benefits and suitability.