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You all have to help me with this. We are working towards the same goals: Trading efficiently and making money while doing so. Hi Emil, I was wondering if theres a tutorial on how to use the Webtrader platform. I am using the test demo of the platform so far, and frankly I can see where Tom is comming from.

The interface is quite comfusing. I have lost money with your system. On a Thursday night, right before midnight, I logged on my account and places a day limit buy order for x MRU. I placed the same order the second time. Again, no effect. Surprisingly system no longer allowed me to log on!!! Ok, after tries and retries, after approx. Ok, I wanted to give it a one more try and this time it worked. I could see one order of mru. Ok, I said to myself — the first 2 attempts were discarded by the system because otherwise I should have had the opportunity to see a trace of them in the status.

I spoke with numerous support agents and even a Manager, an investigation has been placed. After about 3 weeks of frustration in this time I called them many many times the manager Mr. Robert was his name I think called me back with the results of investigation, which are the following:. How come? As customer, am I supposed to check in the system from minute to minute how the questrade platform behaves??? I have clear proofs screenshots demostrating that your system had problems and your developers were able to validate what I said during the investigation.

But you refuse to compensate me for the loss it is a loss because I was buying on margin and now instead of paying interest for only approx. Listen Mr. Also, if I may give a suggestion further — your customer support is absolutely non-existent. Webtrader or questraderWeb? I was using WebTrader at that time, because I did not want to take any risks with the newer, beta platform the new one as a matter of fact was supposed to become official starting with nov 1 — at least according to the announcement that Questrade sent by snailmail; and they in fact are late with the project — hmm what kind of devel team do you have Questrade???

It is clearly a situation of repudiation, their system was able to track the logs and confront with what I said and the manager admitted they were wrong. Stefan, I would suggest that you contact Emil directly with your complaints. Hmmmm… to place three orders one after another, without receiving any feedback from the system… not the smartest thing to do, to say the least. You cannot simply assume that the order was lost or discarded. The only safe thing to do is call the customer support line and ASK. Office closed for the day? Wait until morning!!

Placing an order is not a matter of life and death. It is an IT system and — if QA is done properly — it should behave according to the specs, ok? Nothing is sure with questrade. How many rrsp accounts can a person hold in different places? Would it make since to switch to Quest Trade after building up with index mutual funds with say td efunds, or should or can it be a separate account?

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Can a person have more than one account and have them work in tandem, or is spreading things too thin in a number of places cutting down on profits? Still trying to make sense of things for future reference…. The safe thing to do was to STOP right after you placed the first order and the system failed to give you any feedback. I used to have a brokerage account at TD Waterhouse. Their IT budget is orders of magnitude bigger than anything Questrade will ever be able to afford.

Guess what? Their systems, too, failed once in a while. If I was able to get a feedback on my actions, I would have stopped there — either by seeing the order as accepted or by seeing it as rejected and thus I would have had a clear, visual clue on what was happening. Right during the checkout process, you beautifully enter your credit card details, you double check everything. You hit submit and nothing happens nada, not even a small message or a redirection to another web page. Frustrated, you enter the info again and re-submit.

Again, nothing. The third time it works. But after a few days you see that you got charged three times for the book. Is it normal to you to not being compensated?? The situation may have occurred also with their system, but with lower probability. Simply because they pay their web developers better.

You should never ever do that, period. Not with amazon. Not with Questrade. BTW: reversing a book sale is a trivial matter. Not so with stock trade. So your amazon analogy is not a good one. Being concrete, what solution do you see to the situation presented? Is the questrade response the most appropriate, eh? No amount of QA will change that. The modern cars and planes are beginning more and more to be computer based. You know what? These questrade guys are a bunch of amateurs, they are simply an intermediary to the Penson services.

In Penson I will trust, in Questrade, no way. BTW, perhaps Penson can also offer direct retail services for order execution obviously at a bit higher commission , does anyone know something about this? The platform is cumbersome and clearly prone to gross errors on seemingly simple orders. I see the point from both sides, and I have to agree with Goldmember.

If anything, hes already paid our dues for us. So thanks for the heads up Stefan. Very good example with the PIN. My investments are a very serious thing and I expect my broker to be professional and reliable. I would not tolerate a system that is ambiguous as to whether my order was placed or not. If I lose money, or if I otherwise feel that I cannot trust my broker with my money, I will leave. Remember that we are talking about my wealth, the fruits of my labour, and my retirement.

I will only use a trustworthy broker. I have a more general question. Its applicable to all these discount online brogerage firms. And forgive me if this is trivial. Lets I am a long term investor, ie if I want to buy a blue chip, and hold it for lets say 10 years,20, or until i retire. Now the brokegare firm that I bought my stocks from, are the ones who are holding it for me. If the my brooker lets say IB or Questrade or whoever goes bust, would I still be able to sell it through a different brooker? Because technically I OWN the shares, not my brooker right?

So simply put, are my equity holdings transferable from one broker to the other one? They belong to you. But there may be a transfer out fee. And i believe questrade is too. But IB isnt. So if i want to hold something for like 2 decades, I am not so sure if those disco brookers are good enough to last that long. For Daniel reply Did you see the news piece about hacking into Canadian banks online web site? How about you stop using computers now.

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Let me spell it out for you. They will all break sometime. Never heard of CIPF before. I imagine that they are part of Canadian government? Does questrade execute orders almost instantaneously or is there a delay? Anyone have any experience with this to share? As a web application developer I can say that what I saw at Questrade stinks of incompetence and disregard for software quality.

What I see in most banks suggests good attention to robustness. All banks can get hacked, but I still want to pick one that makes an appropriate effort to make hacks unlikely. All brokers can have software failures, but I want a broker that makes a good effort to make software failures unlikely.

My account was just created today. I still need to fund it but I can now login and view my platforms etc…. So far, the site has burped up errors almost a dozen times while just switching between pages. HAHA that sounds comforting. Be sure to uptade us on that. I just made my 5CDN transfer last week and waiting to get my accout opened. The customer pays and must get some value in exchange.

Stefan you know what? These guys a finance guys. So unless they are loosing what they already got, or loosing future profit, by having these gliches, they arent gonna do anything about it. The way i see it, they wont fix it until they start loosing clients because of it. And unfortunally, we are still lured by its cheap rates, and ppl are still singing up.

So what can you do …. Ya of course, honestly, I dont know why there are ppl here complaing about people like Daniel. Personally I think theres not enough feedbacks on these brookers, and i rather to know about it ,and CHOOSE to disregard it myself, than not knowing them at all! Ignorance IS a bliss, but definitelly not for me. I suspect that Questrade might achieve its cheap trades by cutting a few corners, including software quality. OMG are you serius? I know RFD, always thought they only have retail stuff on sale. Didnt know they got ratings on finance stuff. Learn something new everyday!

Yes, the personal finance forum besides the other good stuff about deal anouncements at RFD is an excellent complement to the better known Financial Web Ring. I just had the worst experience in questrade recently. Robert manager called back said they admited they made mistakes, so they will rebate the commission AS compensation for their mistake.

I quarreled with Mr robert in the phone, I feel very bad for Questrade, customers for them, mean nothing. I mean from what you said, sounds like their data feed system literally had a glich about MBI dipping bellow your margin limit. Or did MBI actually went down to 8. Even just for a second?

I just opened an account with then, but i havent started trading yet, and if what you said is actually how it sounds, I will not think twice about closing my acc. Cheap commission is not worth this kind of risk! A margin call is a margin call. I had been enticed by a recent Ottawa Citizen article 22 Jan to move all my money over to Questrade but after reading all of the horror stories here and a multitude of other websites thank God for the internet! Please give more details. I used some of the buying power and experienced a loss due to the drop in the stock market.

It takes about 2 days to get money funded in the account due to all the paperwork and approval which also take time to complete! Obviously I got upset so I decided to email this Emil guy. Now a little about him: he will be like your best friend when he has to sign you up with an account and he will answer all your questions promptly.. I was trying to seek help to at least get to that department but no one would respond and I sent this guy loads of emails and he never cared to respond back.

Before I take my money out, I am going to start calculating my funds since day one and check of any inconsistencies with my account. I will keep you all posted on what happens but one thing is for sure, these people, especially this guy, are not a tad bit concerned about customer support. You should darn well know how much money you put into your account. You should also know that if you buy more stocks than you have money in the account, you are borrowing to buy stocks. If you are going to borrow money to buy stocks, you should darn well know what the terms are.

Why do you need to borrow? All that said, your complaint about their customer service is well taken. My post was basically focused on their customer service. I know how much money I had in my account…the number crunching comes into play when we gather up all our numbers to check and see if consistency has been adopted…just like auditing.

I never said that it was because of Questrade that I lost in the stock market. Had I made profit, it would have been treated the same way as a loss…calculating the account balance. Robert was the same manager that refused to compensate me for their technical problems. It looks like there may be only one or two managers in total at Questrade : Or maybe an agent playing the role of a manager, fooling the customers :.

But you have to tell us what mistakes Questrade made. Please explain that part. What did Questrade do? What did they do wrong? I really want to know. This blog is an excellent source for investors and traders to learn about Questrade. It is also provides great feedback about ongoing issues, one-off problems and general hot button topics for Canadian traders and investors.

Honest criticism is part of the feedback. But partial disclosure or misrepresentation of a service or incident is not. There have been some recent posts here that are way off — inaccurate, misleading, partial stories. This does a disservice to everyone who visits this blog — including new investors doing due diligence researching a brokerage that suits their needs.

Post You had a margin call. Promotion Codes & Coupons

We followed normal brokerage procedures and if you had experience you would have known that. As for your issue with buying power, it was cleared up within 3 hours. You then repurchased the shares of MBI. We reimbursed you completely for the difference between your sell price and your buy as well as the commissions that were a direct result of the delay in buying power update. You were therefore able to take advantage of any price increase without any penalty.

Any subsequent gain was yours to have. Post If you borrow money from Questrade to purchase stocks you are using what is called leverage. There are strict guidelines imposed on brokerage firms by the regulatory bodies about the amount of leverage we are allowed to give. All brokerage firms have strict risk management procedures in place in order to protect the company from losses.

By industry standards, 2 to 3 days is very generous. If you cannot handle the risk, do not use leverage. Post Client service: this is very important to us, and we are continually implementing improvements based on feedback. If you have specific problems — real problems, please, not dramatic re-enactments in which pertinent details are conveniently omitted — then we can work with you. Post Education: we will shortly be rolling out training videos for platforms. This request came in to us from a few clients. It is an excellent idea and we are fulfilling it as soon as we can, one platform at a time.

What else would you like to see in our education area? My job at Questrade is Client Acquisitions Supervisor. I do not work in the client services department. I took on the role of problem solver because I believe it is important to address some of the issues raised in blogs like this one. The problems themselves are being solved by the client services team — I am simply directing concerns to the correct person.

I am glad to continue to do so. Keep the comments coming, bad or good, but in the future please include complete and accurate details. While I am no fan of Questrade, I have to take their side on this one. No matter how upset you are, you are expected to be honest and accurate. What did Questrade reimburse him for? Post said 10 minutes and post said days. I do something to save my loss, but it should not save your mistake, since your company admitted mistake, you should be brave to cover the hurt to the customers, otherwise, really your business will have problems.

Emil, my kind advice is to leave the fancy words off and begin improve — for real — the services Questrade offers. Politics and only words is not enough. Yes, this blog begins to disturb you, right. It should, until you improve your services. Emil Vojkollari post how could you still say I had a margin call. Jack, both myself and Daniel have been asking you serveral time to post something more concrete about exactly what happened. If you are saying that Questrade did an unjustified margin call you your MBI, then post the concrete data: you margin limit, all your outstading positions during the call, and maybe post your reccord for that day.

Jack, both myself and Daniel have been asking you serveral times to post something more concrete about exactly what happened. If you are saying that Questrade did an unjustified margin call on your MBI, then post the concrete data: you margin limit, all your outstading positions during the call, and maybe post your reccord for that day. Guess shouldnt have clicked the bottom so many times. Is it just me or is this site really slow? Jan 16 close I have MBI close It took 3 or 4 attempts to log into the QuestraderBeta interface since there were server errors processing the XML header.

Something to do with the web configuration file. Just my thinking, but if there was any single area of the site that should be perfect — it would be the demo area to hook new customers. It looks nice.. I can understand the occasional glitch — but 6 or 7 errors right from the start is unacceptable. Can anyone confirm if the other platforms available behave this way? And, for example, their TLS 3. Firefox and Opera complains about it and I need to always explictly acknowledge its use.

And the opera browser can show the login page only after 4 minutes. I think it is good that a quest rep talks to us here. Would any other broker rep do that I think not. Just opened and account with Questrade then found this thread. Even after reading all the complaints some unwarranted I am still willing to give them a shot.

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However, if I see 1 suspicious response from my browser, or 1 untimely trade response, that will be enough evidence for me to get out with whatever losses i have to inccur for the privelage of leaving. For the record, I have been with Questrade for over a year now and have yet to have any problems with them. They are a no frills, low fee brokerage and have served me well thus far. I think that one area where Questrade and other brokerages can improve is by adding fraud prevention measures.

As far as I know, only IB and E-Trade offer the keyfob codes for login which I think should be made mandatory for all brokerages. Or perhaps they give them when you reach a threshold account balance? Do not use Questrade. Although they have a very low commission, they make a lot of operational errors. In one of my account they sold my shares in Canadian securities in the interlisted American market instead of the Canadian market, as I indicated.

They did not make any efforts in their mistake. I have heard that if they make an operational error and it makes money, they take the money, but if the error loses money the client pays. You are better of paying more for a proper and reputable organization, especially when you are talking about RRSP.

Ok just got my fob from IB last week. I guess they are makeing it madatory for everybody. I do have to say i am pretty impressed with the system. The customer and quality level of service is atrocious. They could not get me a trading account after 2 weeks when I made my initial deposit. They also would come up with lame excuses when I requested to withdraw the full amount of my deposit back to my bank account saying that. On Jan I made at least the minimum initial deposit to Questrade to finalize the last step to receiving my trading ID. Feb 4: Called and they confirmed money arrived on Feb 1, and that I should be getting my ID in the next 24 hr.

Feb 5: Called, and he says the same thing different representative. His name is Kyle. I demanded to get my money withdraw, and he gives me the excuses as listed above. Feb 7: Called Kyle — same story, I wanted to escalate the matter up to higher management but he refused to get me some other person to take care of my issue. Feb Called Kyle — same story, I finally convinced him to get me some other representative to get my money withdrawn. His name is Hector.

This is just rediculous how hard I have to work to get a simple task done. I learned my lesson and I wished others who is reading my post and other related posts regarding the quality of service with Questrade. Stay away!! Think twice before opt to Questrade!! The worst reply is you never get a reply! Questrade failed both! I am in progress finding another online broker to do the job.

They are more options-centered, but still their price is good: for less than shares, they would have the same price as QT. You never know. Are you gonna try it? I am trying to convert a large amount of money and deposit it with Questrade or IB but am concerned about the huge spreads which are as high as 1. I heard from someone that XE. Has anyone tried their service. And because I was forced to, not because I liked it]. We hope this digital service has helped you to better manage and track your trading activity. We are now offering free eStatements — electronic monthly account statements that will be delivered automatically to your secure client portal, myQuestrade.

To register for eStatements, login to myQuestrade, click on the myAccounts tab and scroll down to eStatements. Every month, we will notify you by email when your new monthly eStatement is available. We will process your statement based on the status that is in effect on the last day of the month.

The default status for this service is unsubscribed — you will continue to receive mailed paper statements. What questrade in fact wants from us, is to remove even the minimum paper trail that we had so far with them — the monthly account statements. You indeed are a hypocrite as you talk about responsibility and coherent actions, you should respond to the customers who are seeking answers and who keep asking you necessary questions.

But wait a minute, how else are you going to make your money…right? Just curious, but what exactly is the problem with the calculations that Questrade made? Are these manual human errors because someone did adjusting or software related problems? How did you figure out the errors? Post hst During the week that we were investigating this incident, members of our client services team spoke with you daily, providing status updates. Every effort was made to speed up the process. Your withdrawal request was entered the same day you made it — February 11th.

Post Ringo: The account transfer form was sent to your original financial institution several times with no response. We finally heard back and it was rejected. It seems that you provided the incorrect account numbers for the transfer. Post Stefan: your eStatements and eConfirms are in pdf format and printable. Historical statements remain online and fully available to you for up to 10 years.

As for charging a fee for printed statements and trade confirmations, this is a new fee imposed on us by a third party. Feel free to contact the David Suzuki Foundation to inquire about our arrangement, if you have any concerns. In regards to your earlier post — — and post SInoed , I have collected your feedback regarding our beta platform to send to the development team.

Post Silence: Margin and leverage are not suitable for every trader. Margin accounts clearly show buying power. It is updated daily. Buying power is the amount you can leverage to trade in a margin account. If you are trading on margin, you should know what buying power is. If you have questions about account calculations, please contact client service.

By the way, Emil does his best to respond quickly to all clients. He happens to be on vacation. Note: Both Emil and I can continue to respond to queries or concerns here. However, we are not client service specialists. Any account-related discussions should be with a member of that team.

Lynn, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to answer some of the complaints. Much appreciated. Need a Communication Manager to tell me, what your other colleague did? Who dig out my correct account no. You guys finally guess it right? Think twice before you join Questrade!! Trading has been great with their old Charles Schwab platform…. Totally insane! It only shows the first 3 or 4 market makers. Had to talk to manager before resolving issue. Took 3hrs due to transferring and holding on the phone. Real issues you need to call in.

Clearly your clint service is totally ineffective. Otherwise, you would not be here trying to suppress negative feedback. Could someone from Questrade confirm the commission policies for partial filling of order. If I make one transaction for buying a stock and it takes 3 order to fill, will I be charged 3 transactions?. Seems to me it is really unfair. Could someone from Questrade confirm the commission policies for partial filling of orders.

If I make one transaction for buying a stock and it takes 3 orders to fill, will I be charged 3 transactions?. I accidentally added a period at the end of the link. All feedback is welcome — positive and negative. Other readers keep on watching! Your client services team were very unhelpful to say the least. Instead of them calling me to provide me status updates about my account as they had promised, I had to take the initiative to remember and call you guys every time.

When I do talk to them especially Kyle , he has absolutely no idea what is going on. And you are wrong in that that I get my request the same day I made it. No thanks. And I still have yet to receive my withdrawal funds. I expect to make some phone calls in the next day or two to investigate further. None of which were charged an extra commission. Post JJ and FrugalTrader: You would only be charged extra commission on partial fills if those fills occured over several days.

Contact our client services team if this is not the case. I have only used Questrader PRO and I trade only with even lots … nothing weird like shares, etc. But when it gets part-filled I get hit with extra commission for each partial-fill. Therefore, each time I login and use it I have to re-configure my settings again.

Really annoying. And how does the partial fill actually work? Free money is always good. Does Questrade offer IPOs buying? Their website now states it is only for US military pers. Thank you for compiling this list! Great Clips offers a military discount, but the days differ by location.

The one I use offers this discount every day but other locations offered it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Thanks again! I believe you can get the discount online as well, but you will have to look into that. ID is required. You should notify travellers that Westjet offers to check-in 4 bags, both for military and veterans.

From Montreal, United honored the Air Canada bagage policy for veterans. I have done lots of shopping at SportChek and they apparently just stopped the discount program. They will still offer the once a year military day though. I went through the entire process but their site rejected each attempt. Today, I called again to see if the first person applied anything only to be told my current plan does not qualify for the military discount, but if I change it, and pay more for a lesser plan, I could get the military discount.

Needless to say, I am staying with my current plan, and forgoing any military discount. Thank you Rogers. May not be everywhere. But they offered it to me in the Outlet store in Barrie Ont. We have taken note of your concerns, and we will be updating our site accordingly. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would like to thank you for the information you provided because it will help us improve our future services to you and to others!

Lube has regularly offered a free oil change on Remembrance Day for any military, past or present. Thank you for doing this. Just got the email from CoC. I noticed the link for the Telus discount has changed. Can you please tell me if this discount is still available? I was just on the page earlier in the week and it worked fine. Thanks for all your hard work.

Hi there! The link is now updated. Do Avis and Budget car rentals offer the same discount for military vets and personel in Canada as they do in the States? Hi Gary! Thank you for your inquiries! Micah: Hi, my name is Micah. How may I help you? Robyn: My platoon gave me a list that says you do, but the site only mentions American military. Micah: Hello there, good day! The Military discount is applicable for orders made in US. But we have submitted this request to our higher team since then as we are getting a large number of consumers like you asking for it. The discounts on this list are only available to active duty and veteran members of the Canada Military Forces.

We have not yet created a separate discount guide for Canadian first responders such as peace officers. We used it this summer. Very friendly and polite staff too! Did not know that until just now haha. She presented me with a paper showing that we are not authorized to shop at any US military facilities. I just want to say thank you for your time and commitment. The U. It means a lot. All the best Emma, thanks again. The cell phones are several s different in prices comparing both sites. When you go through the process of picking plans and or phones, there are no savings.

I pay less now without this discounted feature from Telus, their regular prices are I am with Rogers right now…. Their coverage map is not correct. Bell used to offer a discount…but no such perks anymore. My buddy says it is cheaper to buy plans in the USA and pay roaming chargers up here and still be cheaper. And he is right sadly. I work for Cinnaholic—the original, gourmet cinnamon roll shop.

I noticed you collected a list on your website of local businesses that are offering special deals for Veterans Day. If this is something you feel would be of interest to your audience, please feel free to include us on your list! You have to either go to a Fido Store, or call and mention it to a Fido service rep.

Good for one year, then just call in again for it to be reapplied! Bathrooms is one other a part of the home that may be incredibly pricey and time consuming. Combinations of both light and darker colors can be utilized to gain a classy look. Hanging artificial plants and plants and artificial plants on pots are offered also for you to choose from.

Hi Darren! I am looking at creating weekday specials for all ex military as I am one as well as all first responders. I would like to focus on mid week specials but I am also willing to include prime summer rental periods for our members to enjoy with family and friends.

A majority of the discounts are out west, Is there anyone that is able to look at contacting companies in the East in particular NB to offer discounts to military members. Since January 1, , Ontario residents who are are active or retired members of the CF only need to bring their military IDs or record of service card to legally fish in the province.

We updated the website and included it in the Vacation and Travel section! I have used the military discount program for years and have always found something worth my while. Best of all, they will combine it with sale and other discounted items which can result in a ridiculously low price. You can call a hospital for more information. Hi Gregory! The Sail store in Ottawa gives 10 percent military discount on regular priced items with only a few exclusions such as ammo and firearms.

Canadian opera company promo code & Promos June 12222

Not sure about their other locations. As a thank you for the valuable services you provide to my family and the People of Prince Edward Island. I know many places include us under a First Responder Policy. Hello George, Thank you for reaching out! When we used this, or kids got in free as well. Found this website that offers a military discount on car rental insurance. Men and women of U. Emma Lewis Emma Lewis is a prolific blogger, mother, and yoga enthusiast who loves spending time in the great outdoors.

Facebook Twitter. You May also Like View Post. View Post. The Outdoor Research discount alone is amazing. This has made my week. I know for sure that GM and Ford give retired military the dollar discount. They have started to issue that card again,you just have to apply.