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Structural welding is typically done using a backing bar so in this situation a backing bar is appropriate. With a backing bar in place it makes the root of the weld easier to do. At the same time this is the way most structural welding jobs will test their welders. When it comes to pipe welding certifications even though they offer a backing bar, it is not very common in the field. In some rare cases they may use a chill ring or backing ring. As with all open root welds the inside or back of the weld must have full penetration as if it were welded from the back side or inside of the pipe.

In the field most welds done on pipe are open root groove welds. Open root welds are harder to do!

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This will typically qualify you for more welding electrodes then say a backing bar using a E electrode alone. This is considered a combo type of test because it certifies you in two welding processes. The most widely used welding processes are:. These are the most common but there are many other types of welding processes that you can get certified in.

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The only catch with the other types of processes is that they are so specialized that getting a job might not be easy to do. Making the time and money spent wasted. Most employers will be more than happy with someone who has passed these qualification tests. These certifications open the door for shop work and field work.

When it comes to welding certifications and job site testing there are two methods for testing the quality of the weld. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages! For most welding certifications given at a welding school the method used is typically destructive testing. This is a low cost and accurate way to find out if the welding student is making good quality welds.

The most common is a coupon bend test. This is done by taking the weld test and cutting it up into strips, then bending them to see if the weld holds up. There are many rules concerning the amount the weld coupon can open up or even break. The ideal bent test coupon should show no signs of defects or opening up. There are many other destructive testing methods but the bend test is the most widely used! The three most common methods are:. Visual weld inspection is the most cost efficient of the NDT methods but at the same time it relies on the sole discretion of the inspector.

This method is mostly used for non critical welding inspection and cannot detect internal weld defects. Liquid dye penetrant testing involves the cost of the dye but it is excellent at detecting surface defects. All this method does is high light any surface defects. When it comes to Radiographic testing or x-ray weld inspection the cost is much higher and there are also associated risks with this type of weld inspection.

This type of weld inspection will show any type of weld defect and is the most accurate way of inspecting weld quality. The down side is x-ray weld inspection is it uses radioactive materials. Just the slightest bit of exposure to gamma-rays and or x-rays will cause death in the near future! This type of weld inspection is only used when the safety of the public is at risk and the people conducting it are extremely qualified to do this type of work!

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When it comes to job site testing there are a few common combinations of tests. The tests vary in positions, welding processes, and the type of welding inspection to be used. Do not get the impression that a welder qualification test is easier than a welding certification. In many cases the welder qualification test is harder than passing a welding certification. Most of the time the test will be either Stick or Flux Cored Arc Welding test or both at the same time. Shipyards jobs typically test Stick welders in the 3 and 4G combo welding positions and do not allow weave beads. The tests are usually done with a backing bar.

If you have never used ceramic backing tape to weld then get some and practice before testing! Typically this test will be x-rayed and no grinding is allowed but you can use a wire wheel to clean the slag! Any porosity, rough restarts, or trouble spots cannot be fixed when taking this test! The pictures below are of a practice test I did and it took me about 4 hours to weld this pipe out. That is 4 hours if you rush the test. The pipe got so hot I needed to use a vice grip to lean on it. When it comes to nuclear and coal fired power plant construction there are commonly three welding tests you must pass for the job.

It depends on what test you want to take. A 3G test for a beginner can take anywhere from 6 week to 3 months. Finally a 6G pipe test will take between 12 to 18 months for a beginner.

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If you have lots of welding experience that will cut your time down. That all depends where you get certified. I contacted the welding school I was trained at for some basic prices. These prices are from an AWS accredited testing facility. The AWS is extremely expensive and no place for students to get certified. The prices do go up much higher depending on the type of metal. Your plumber can tell you which materials should be used in and outside of your house, which can withstand being buried, and so on.

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If your plumber needs a permit to repair the gas leak, which they'll probably have to do in the Atlanta metro area, the fees to pull the permit will add to your repair cost. Schedule repair. Signs you have a gas leak You smell rotten eggs sulfur. On its own, natural gas is colorless and odorless. Most utility companies add a sulfur compound to natural gas, which is where the rotten egg smell comes from.

That way, you can easily tell if you have a gas leak. Your gas bills are higher than normal.

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If your gas bills have increased, but your usage has stayed the same, a leak could be the problem. A gas pipe connection is damaged. Connections are the most vulnerable part of a pipe. If you see a damaged connection, you could very well have a leak. You hear a hissing sound near a gas line. All contacts that you have from Bug-O weld. A Network Reception was held on Tuesday evening followed Wednesday by BUG-O Systems was pleased to present several pipe welding mechanization products at a recent open house put on by the Plumbers and EST Thursday, 13, April '17 and we will re-open for business on For those of you who are not familiar with the NSRP, Bug-O Systems, Inc.

RBO management selected their top People in As we look forward to , we aim Check out the December issue of Welding Productivity to read about our New Koala welding system. It is with great regret that we inform you that Herbert Cable passed away on Saturday November Our offices will be closed Thursday December 1 in honor of We have Bug-O Systems has always remembered our roots, innovative and inexpensive system of drives, carriages, rails and attachments designed to It was just a couple of years ago that Bug-O Systems launched its new website bugo.

Tripp Gorman, Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast, reports a great deal of excitement and attention being drawn to the new The Napotnik family has been welding in Pennsylvania for decades. After spending time working in the Johnstown, Pennsylvania steel mills, The show hosted As one of the best photo sharing apps available, Instagram has quite a following of users. By sharing photos and connecting with people Everyone knows that our Tools make welders more efficient by increasing The budget friendly A Network Reception was held In an effort to help support and drive sales of the Weld Revolution product line, BUG-O Systems has been given the opportunity to work Egypt is in the process of building a new Capital which is just east of their old Capital, Cairo.

The new Capital will be home to all They build some of the biggest cruise liners in the It started Sunday evening with the They have represented Bug-O since and have built a demo. Joe started working with us in the manufacturing group in Sierra College is a junior college located in Rocklin, California at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, approximately The welding and cutting industry mourns the loss of a true professional when Lonnie Nations passed away at the age of 78 on 20, Welding Tooling Corp.

Bug-O Systems would like to make the following announcements. Herbert Cable Sr. Weld Revolution has The Cable Family has always strived to create and maintain long lasting and successful relationships with their industry colleagues.

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In December when many companies are starting After 24 years with Bug-O, our During , Bug-O Systems launched five new products. For any company that is quite a large accomplishment, however in preparation Bug-O AWS reported Even with the recent downturn in Shale Gas exploration, the Marcellus and Utica Shale regions continue to be healthy.

Bug-O Systems would like to thank the O. Meyer Company for inviting us to participate in this event which each time brings more and more Allan is from New Zealand but has been living and working The inside walls in the boiler of a coal fired electric generating plant face tremendous thermal and physical loads during operation Bug-O Systems products are well known in serving many industries such as shipbuilding, fabrication and transportation. What you may not be Smith Co, additional day open to AWS chapter Today is an exciting time to be part of the mechanized welding and cutting industry because the current challenges have never been As the weather breaks and spring starts to move in for residents living in Fairbanks and Anchorage Alaska, this presents the perfect time It is now the largest manufacturing show in Latin America, a perfect fit to support Bug-O Equipment Distributor, J.

Dawes celebrated the opening of their new location in Cadiz, Ohio with an Open House on , May Carnes Center in St. Clairsville, Ohio. As part of eastern Ohio, CeeKay Supply has been one of the strongest, most respected Independent Welding and Gas Distributors in the mid-west which was founded in Education and training is in high demand within the welding industry.