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Most animal exhibits were empty. Medusa broke down twice. Most snack stands were closed. Long lines at the few that were open. Kinda depressing. It's only good for twp hours, but they don't tell you this until after you pay for it.

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We purchased the tickets a few days before going to the park and the day at the park for a late arrival. The air quality was down and the park closed but we were able to get a complimentary pass for another day. So Reserve San Francisco worked for us very smoothly and we enjoyed a few hours of the park without any lines. Tip: Its good to plan alittle more than we do. There is a lot to see at the park and a lot of walking so wear comfy shoes and arrive early. I purchased s ticket for my 10 year old daughter in less than 3minutes. Tip: I will totally introduce the service to my friends and family to make life more easy and enjoy more time having fun that be waiting in line for hours to purchase a ticket.

My husband and I recently visited the park. We purchased the flash passes and i will tell you We had practically no wait time!

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It let us enjoy the park without being miserable in the long lines and heat! Food wasnt bad and the rides and aquariums were amazing. Kid friendly but also adult friendly. We want to return soon! We found the price on reservesanfrancisco to be the cheapest. One minor hiccup was that I had to call to make sure tickets were verified since I didn't get the email right away.

They loved it! Worst part is parking, which is about half a mile away. No joke. You can take a very crowded shuttle? Or walk with a crowd down a narrow path. Show more reviews. Unfortunately, we had to go on a Saturday and even though we got there before the park opened it was super crowded! Other than the first coaster that we rode… Every line ended up being over an hour long!

There was a good chunk of the day where coasters were down which just increased the lines at the other rides. Overall, if the crowds are moderate to low this would be a decent Six Flags park as there are 3 really cool coasters Joker, Superman and Batman We never made it to the animal attractions but we did see the very scenic picnic groves and beautiful coastal backdrop areas. This park has a lot of potential to be amazing if they just make sure rides are running and put a few Thrill rides near the top of the park to thin the crowds out a bit. We loved the attractions and animal shows but the rest of park ruined it from ever returning.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The whole park was littered of trash everywhere. Sales pitches in park of timeshare and phone vompanies annoying. My biggest complaint it seemed they have rules but none of the staff have been given the confidence to enforce them. We had group teenage girls cut whole entire line announce they were not waiting in explicit manner and were served.

Staff were treated horrible and seemed as they were just supposed to take it. Blatant line cutting everwhere, no consquencies and obvious they knew staff didnt care or wouldnt do anything. Staff needs empowered to make changes here. Id drive 7 hrs down to Anaheim before returning. It was an awesome experience. The food was great, lines were short, and the employees are fabulous!! Without a doubt got ripped off!!!

Never ever again!! View Map. Save on your entire order by bundling your tickets with any hotel. After you add your tickets to your cart, continue the Bundle it! Head to checkout to complete your purchase and see the extra savings!

1. Save $25 on Six Flags tickets by committing to a specific date.

Got it! Contact us for support or help booking your trip at Vallejo hired Premier Parks now known as Six Flags Entertainment Corporation to manage the property, upgrade it, and improve its attendance. Premier added some non-animal attractions, particularly amusement rides, to increase attendance. In , the park added two major ride attractions: "Popeye's Seaport" and "DinoSphere". Popeye's Seaport offered eleven children's' attractions, including an interactive foam ball play structure and an interactive water play area.

DinoSphere was an Iwerks Turbo Theater, capable of seating riders per showing. The theater played the Iwerks film "Dino Island" for its first season of operation. The theater has since changed films numerous times. The number of amusement rides increased over the next few years, including the addition of several major roller coasters.

The season saw the addition of two major roller coasters: Kong and Boomerang: Coast to Coaster. DinoSphere also received a new ride film, "Dino Island II: Escape from Dino Island", which featured improved special effects along with a new storyline. After the final operating day of the season, October 31, the park officially became Six Flags Marine World. With the new name, the park received the wooden roller coaster Roar. Built by Great Coasters International Inc. Although both rides opened in , they were purchased by the park in but not constructed until due to construction timetables that prevented their opening in time for the start of the season.

In , the park opened its fourth major roller coaster dubbed Medusa. Medusa is one of the park's most popular rides.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

The park received its fifth major roller coaster in , V2: Vertical Velocity. Built by Intamin, the ride was the first "Spiraling Impulse Coaster" on the West Coast and took the record for being the tallest and fastest coaster in Northern California. The ride was plagued with technical issues when it opened, which resulted in extensive down time.

The park also eventually turned off the LIM motor on the back tower that held the train in position for a few seconds on its second trip up the tower. The park re-activated the LIM motor on the reverse tower in the season; however, the motor failed to hold the train completely in place and slipped significantly. The motor was eventually turned off again in the season. The park added its sixth major roller coaster, Zonga, in Designed by Anton Schwarzkopf , the ride was relocated from Six Flags Astroworld and received major track modification by Premiere Rides before it opened at Marine World.

Zonga opened in late April with a sporadic operation. The ride was often closed because of mechanical problems, and when it did operate, it often closed for short periods of time due to ride errors. Eventually the park delayed its opening to 12 noon every day, completely blocking the ride plaza to park guests. Zonga's last season of operation was ; it then sat dormant until it was removed in and placed in the parking lot for storage. By the beginning of the season, Zonga was removed from the parking lot.

The new name reflects the image of an animal park, a thrill-ride park, and a marine park. The park was separated into different themed areas: Land exotic land animals , Sea marine mammals and Sky roller coasters. In , the park closed the IWerks 3D Turbo Theater due to escalating repair costs on the out—of—date operating system and hardware. The park received its eighth roller coaster named Tony Hawk's Big Spin , which was located on the former Zonga concrete pad. The ride featured a unique layout compared to the three other coasters which share the name, including a base frame instead of permanent concrete footers and a higher top speed.

Tony Hawk's Big Spin opened on May 23, That same year, the park completed its longest operating season offering "Holiday in the Park" through the first week of January. The new tiger show features the diving white tiger named Odin. Discovery Kingdom also initially acquired two new Bengal tiger cubs, Nalin and Akasha.

In late , Six Flags Parks began the process of removing licensed themes from attractions. Big Spin was later removed and replaced with Superman: Ultimate Flight opening in Thomas Town was renamed and re—themed as Seaside Junction in time for the season. It is also possible to use the promo code "COKE" at sixflags. You can either print these tickets or save to your phone.

This discount is often more than the regular discount Six Flags gives for online ticket sales. One thing to note is that there is a processing fee for each online ticket transaction. The fee is about the same whether you buy 1 ticket or If you only need one ticket, you save more by bringing a Coke can to the ticket booth. Take Great America Chicago, for example. So if you're only buying one ticket you save more by bringing a can to the ticket booth. In this scenario, if you buy two or more cans, you'll save more by purchasing them online even with the processing fee added. One of the easiest ways to get a discount is to simply purchase your ticket online at sixflags.

For frequent visitors, purchasing a season pass is a must. Not only do season pass holders enjoy significant savings off admission, but the booklet is filled with lots of other valuable coupons. Other pass books offer significant savings on bringing friends along.

Season pass books are cheaper when purchased early in the season or when bought online in multiple numbers.

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The Summer Thrill Pass costs less than the regular season pass, but does not come with the coupon book and is only valid during the summer season not for off-season events like Fright Fest. It's tons of fun to spend a day at an amusement park, but it's even more fun when you go with lots of friends! Six Flags offers significant savings to groups. Minimum numbers vary by park, so make sure to find out ahead of time what restrictions apply near you. When you go with a large group and purchase tickets in advance, you can receive one free ticket for every 10, 15, or 25 admissions purchased depending on the location.

Grocery stores and merchants located near a Six Flags amusement park often have tickets and passes available for purchase at discounted prices. Kroger stores, located in the southeast U. If visiting a Six Flags park is part of your vacation plans, be sure and ask about ticket packages to the theme park before booking your hotel room.

It may be worth paying a little more for a hotel room if it comes with discounted or free theme park tickets and a free shuttle.

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Plan ahead. It usually offeres Great America packages and has a free local shuttle to get you to and from the Chicago theme park. Often hotels near Six Flags theme parks may sell discount tickets to their guests. Be sure and ask the front desk when you reserve your room. Companies and businesses located near Six Flags amusement parks may give their employees discounted admission tickets.

Reduced-priced tickets also can often can be purchased at local credit unions. Six Flags has a reading club, Read to Succeed , designed to encourage children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade to read. Students who complete six hours of recreational reading earn a free admission ticket to a participating Six Flags park.

Teachers can earn free tickets, too. Teachers with ten or more students participating in the program are eligible for a free ticket. The school must be within a mile radius of a Six Flags theme park. This same discount is also available for all purchases made within the theme park.

With just a little planning, it's easy to save money on the cost of a general admission ticket to Six Flags parks. Look into these other ways to receive discounts:. If you have had good luck getting discounts for Six Flags park tickets, share your experience below! Or, if you've had trouble with any of these, or other, ways to save money at Six Flags, let us know that too.

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You may help another amusement park lover save some money. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thank you very much for your helpful tips. What should I do to use it? I being taking my Son every year for his birthday since he was 13 years!

Sadly This year will be the last time due to him turning his famous 21st. If you are a pass holder, do you get a discount on daily tickets bought for a friend, even if it is not a "bring a fring for free" day? Can you only use one can per admission of can you use a lot of cans to get a lot of money off. This was a great hub. Great tips that could apply to Six Flags or any theme park. Voted up for useful!