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As vaping continues to grow in popularity around the world — with estimates indicating that there could be 55 million adults using electronic cigarettes by — are there any benefits of vaping versus smoking? In this article, we will …. The past twelve months was another momentous year for the vaping industry — but what are the facts and figures behind its ongoing growth? Whilst we encourage you to visit the likes of Public Health England or Smoking in England for your own benefit, ….

Electronic Cigarettes have become a very popular alternative to smoking, with many continuing to make the life changing switch today. However, one problem with e juice, especially the more premium ranges, is the cost. When packing for your upcoming trip, the e cigarette itself will need to be placed in your hand luggage. Any extra refills and e liquids can be packed …. According to the NHS , smoking is the biggest preventable cause of death in England, accounting for more than 80, deaths each year.

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Smoking cigarettes wreaks havoc on the body, affecting your circulation, heart, brain, lungs, teeth , mouth and throat, and even your fertility. Smoking causes tar to gather in the lungs, releasing poisons into your bloodstream which cause a whole host of health issues, including an increased chance of blood clot formation.

Due to the carbon monoxide in …. Discover what our top stealthy techniques are, and how best to use these techniques to out smart those pesky restrictions on vaping in public.

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What is Stealth Vaping? The good news for consumers is that thanks to recent technology advancements weed vaporizers are now more affordable- but the bad news is that makes it even trickier to choose the best herbal vaporizer for your needs. Over the past few years, our staff has collectively tested hundreds of weed vaporizers. We formed this list based on our mixed opinions and experience, to help you find the best dry herb vaporizers in This list is updated continuously with new vapes.

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Do you own one of these vapes? Let us know what you think in the comments! Vaping is more efficient than smoking, and you may cut your herb use by half. Cheaper vapes will use more plastic and silicone.

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The second thing will be longevity and lifespan. Since cheaper vapes are made from lower quality materials, their life will be shorter than a high-end vape. Third thing is vapor quality. You will get incredibly better flavor and vapor quality with a higher-end vape. The oven, air-path, and mouthpiece are kept pure without anything that can contaminate the flavor.

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One such example is the Solo 2. You need to consider how important is size, stealth, and portability for you. Where and how you use your vape is the most significant factor you should consider when looking to buy a dry herb vaporizer. Large vapes have longer battery life.

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In most cases, the extra size in large vaporizers means a bigger battery that will last for many sessions. Good examples here are the Solo 2 and Mighty, both are larger vapes but can last a long time without a charge. Large vapes heat up faster. Large vapes are more sturdy and easy to use. Smaller vapes can be awkward to hold or draw from.

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Large vapes get less hot during use. A bigger body will absorb and disperse the heat, keeping the vape cool to touch.

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Most smaller-size vaporizer Pax, IQ can get warm at the end of a session, and even very hot when vaping ovens back to back. If the vape is hot, the vapor is hot — which is terrible for flavor. Small Vapes are more discreet and portable. Many small size vaporizers such as Pax 3 and DaVinci IQ can easily fit in your palm, pocket purse, or wherever.

They can be easily concealed and used in public without raising suspicion. The same can not be said about the Solo 2 or Mighty. If you are on-the-go a lot, go for a smaller vape. The answer to that ranges between zero, and a lot.

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Depending on which vape you choose. Some vapes are designed in a way that the mouthpiece and oven are in opposite sides examples- Pax 3, IQ.