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Complete rifle tax? Ok, good to know that. I wish someone could go back and talk to Jefferson about what's in store so they could do a few things better from the beginning. Thanks to everyone for all the input and help so far. It's beneficial and appreciated. I installed my Accupoint. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite uppers. If you will be shooting magnified optics, it's a solid option. Though, personally, for the price, a factory Colt like linked would be a great score. Tax should be included in the price.

No sales tax unless you live in their state. You'll pay shipping and transfer few at your FFL. It's a great deal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. I don't get why the is always recommended when the is an option. It isn't always cheaper. And simply being lighter isn't always best. Depends on the user's needs. Typically lighter barrels open up after fewer rounds, get larger shifts with a can, and heat up faster. It's a trade off either way. The OP mentioned eyesight as a probable limitation at range, which makes the immediately in the discussion.

That accuracy delta is really small take a look at the M4CIV profile on the , and realize that most of the thicker barrel contour is where you see it, the rest is really thin so that extra steel is more helpful as a heat sink than buying tons of precision , so for the weight the is absolutely in the discussion - I'd argue that longer handguards and the cost of grafting them onto a Colt Carbine are the reason to really look at buying elsewhere anyway until Sprawl Mart starts carrying MOEs as a really common option.

I never said it wasn't in the discussion. You didn't read the post I responded to, or my previous post. All rights reserved.

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They have a nice tight fit for the barrell and mine didnt have any flaws that i could find. Nicht verfasst im GD macht frei. Meh my non blem uppers from SAA were cheaper and came with a charging handle. My BCM demo upper was blemished as fuck! Still works, though. AR, USA. Have you seen this?

BCM's BFH Barrel & New KMR Alpha AR-15 Handguard Review

Schuyler Mine did have a couple small spots on it, most likely just from packaging, but I wouldn't consider it blemished, and it has FA and dust cover already. Originally Posted By Zaitsev Have you seen this? WV, USA.

I have a BCM blem upper and I don't plan on buying anymore of them. It is not a bad receiver, but the main reason I went with one is because I didn't care about scratches or a small blemish and the BCM are suppose to be tighter fitting in the barrel area. The problem with mine was, it wasn't just a small blemish or scratch, the whole left side looked like it had little flakes in it of a slightly different black color. So I spray painted it with some BBQ paint and it actually matched up pretty well after that.

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Most blemishes don't bother me, but the whole left side looking like a different shade of flakes all over it got to me enough I had to paint it. All of that said, you can pick up another upper on sale from a decent company for even cheaper then the BCM Blem. That is why I won't ever get another unless I can't find anything cheaper. All uppers that I have tried are basically identical and I couldn't tell any difference in the barrel area being tighter.

I have heard some say they could tell, but it feels the same as my other cheaper uppers.


If these just had a small scratch or anodizing error then I would consider picking another up to try if I was already ordering something from BCM. And I figure most are just small blemishes from the few reviews I have read. I just got unlucky with mine and it turned me away from them. BCM is a good company though, and offers quality products so I am not running them down.

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Just my experience with their blem uppers. WI, USA. They have both a standard upper and one without a forward assist. When young men seek to be like you,when lazy men resent you,when powerful men look over their shoulder at you,when cowardly men plot behind your back,when corrupt men wish you were gone and evil men want you dead If you bought one then i would definitely suggest getting a barrel with m4 feed ramps or pick up an upper without them.

MT, USA. I ordered one. We'll see how it is in a few days. Stay Connected. Newsletter Subscribe to our monthly Newsletter to receive firearm news, product discounts from your favorite Industry Partners, and more. Contact Us Advertising. GHPorter Crufflers Rule! Besides, BCM has had those demo uppers on sale at varying prices for years.