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Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Cresia Brinkley Spencer. Information about Page Insights Data. Ripley's Gatlinburg, TN coupons. Ripley's Aquarium Coupons and Discount Tickets Get printable Gatlinburg aquarium coupons and purchase discounted tickets online for the amazingly popular Gatlinburg aquarium of the Smokies.

Save money on your next vacation with these Gatlinburg coupons and discounts for lodging, activities, dining, shopping and wedding packages. The Gatlinburg aquarium has numerous exhibits including Tropical Rainforest Ripley's Believe It or Not! Gatlinburg, TN. Loved the aquarium. It was worth the money to visit. Very interesting and fun to watch everything going on in all the areas. It was a great place to go. This aquarium is good but honestly the aquarium in Chattanooga is amazing!

My husband and I have visited both but the Chattanooga aquarium was far superior to that in Gatlinburg. Please be respectful….. I guess you never feed your infant in public? Is that not what God intended on them being used for? I would much rather see someone breastfeeding their infant than sticking a bottle in its mouth.

I am Glad people feel like they can do what is best for their infant. I am much more disgusted in the lack of clothes some women wear in public or the way parents do not make their children mind in public.

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I personally am not affected nor do I find it disrespectful to feed a hungry infant when ever it needs to be feed. I have only been to the Gatlinburg aquarium and it was nice. What is wrong with Lisa? There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding on a bench.

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What, are you embarrassed to explain something natural to your kids? Geesh, talk about uptight! Go crawl back into the hole you came from and keep your imbecilic thoughts to yourself. Really Lisa? Ignorant much? A woman has the right to feed her child anywhere she has the right to legally be otherwise.

At the park, at the zoo, in the grocery store, etc. I agree with Lisa. Its nasty to do that in public. Had i seen that i would have to her to take that to the bathroom. No one wants to see your boobs hanging out.

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I know this is the forum for the aquarium, but this feeding thread irked me. While I am neither high-fiving women breastfeeding in public nor admonishing them for doing it in public assuming their breasts are not hanging out for all the world to see , I think it is very unfair that some of you are so judgmental of bottle-feeding mothers.

I know a lot of smart bottle-fed people. I thought this was about the aquarium. Breast or Bottle? How about a happy healthy baby with a full tummy, who would probably sleep during the rest of the visit instead of cry while Mom tries to find a restroom. Yes Lisa, it is absolutely disgusting to see a woman feeding her child. I understand Lisa, you are the queen of the world and should be respected. You come before every child ever born. I promise you that your children will never be exposed to such a horrible, nasty thing as a woman feeding her child in the healthiest and safest way possible.

All these babies nagging you with there need for nourishment and immune support… why, it ought to be illegal! I apologize on behalf of all of the mothers in the world, your royal highness. The universe will soon be balanced again when all children are deprived of antibodies and nourishment. I went on this site to see if I should visit the aquarium with my family not whether breast feeding is OK in public. What is your problem? Who cares what anyone else is doing. Your at an aquarium to look at fish not judge every person you see.

I have literally wasted my time on this site looking for real responses to whether I should visit or not. I have been to this aquarium twice and are returning again in two months!

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Last year my family and I went to the Chattanooga Aquarium and the year before the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and I will have to say that the Chattanooga Aquarium was the best of all. But if your looking for things to see and do other than visit an aquarium, Gatlinburg is the best choice. You can definitely see that the city has had a hard time, financially. On the breast-feeding note, I breastfed all 3 of my children and my opinion on the subject is mothers should not have to sit in a dirty bathroom to feed their babies because of their choice to breastfeed.

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I always fed my babies in public, but kept myself covered at all times, as I think the majority of breastfeeding mothers do. Everywhere you look there is nudity. On billboards, on magazine covers in the grocery check-out line, walking down public streets, in world-renowned art and anywhere else you look and it is much more offensive than a breastfeeding mother. Come on, your a woman and see breasts every day, was a mother breastfeeding her baby really that traumatic that you felt the need to make such mean and ignorant comments on a public web-site?

Love the Aquarium. My son is in awe.

Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN

I tried every way possible to breast feed my son. I was born with cleft lip and pallate and probably had some psychological connection to being able to breastfeed my child…. I ended up having to pump and use a tube connected to my finger in order to feed him. I was devastated. However, I agree that the woman has every right to breastfeed in public. Would you actually feed your child in a nasty public restroom.

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I agree with those who said we see much worse everyday, on t. As long as a woman is covered…. Wish I could have been one of those ladies breastfeed on the bench. You may also visit a AAA Store for additional discounts on select tickets. Shop Now. Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies. Contact a Store for availability. Discounts are not available through the Ticket Monster mobile app. All orders are subject to approval and acceptance by Ticket Monster. Delivery fee and other conditions may apply.

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