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We hope you have enjoyed your free trial! Read full biography. Have Your Say Display comments. Log in Subscribe. Bargain Booksy ranks moderately well in fiction genres, particularly in the higher price brackets. However, Bargain Booksy really shines in nonfiction categories, where it sits at the top of most rankings. Freebooksy does not fare quite as well as its sister site, generally resting in the lower half of its genres. The popular categories of Mystery, Cozy Mystery, and Thrillers are a notable exception.

Book Gorilla performs erratically overall, offering moderate value in most categories, and bafflingly uncompetitive pricing in others. Book Gorilla is a good investment in categories like Mystery and Thriller, but compare pricing and consider alternative subgenres to obtain the best value. Without exception, there are more cost-effective options for promoting your books.

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Which of these companies have you used to promote your books? What other ebook discovery services have you had success with? Let us know in the comments below. For authors who use 'price pulsing' i. Useful guide, but inevitably hugely out of date now. Not really a criticism as we could hardly expect it to be exactly the same two years on Nevertheless, I will be making use of some of the information given. ALLi offers an in-depth analysis and overview. Robin Reads ,? Are the numbers above including facebook likes and twitter followers? There are other discount services for ebooks out there, so how do they rank in comparison?

ALLi does an in-depth analysis of eight services.

GoodBed saves you time and money.

Thanks so much for putting it together! What gems might I find by subscribing as a reader? An excellent article by the Alliance of Independent Authors compared them in terms of value for advertisers, and rated Bookbub, Fussy Librarian and Bargain […]. John, thank you for putting in the work to help authors learn more about the promotions sites we use. I find this information valuable and will be taking it into consideration when I schedule my next promotion. Again, thank you. Thank you sir, this is a well-prepared and helpful article, especially for struggling writers of independent press.

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I will share it my brother who is who is working on his first book, and give the link to others. Wow, John. Thank you so much! Learned a lot from this and also from replies. Only thing I need is a definition of CPM. Cost per thousand CPM is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1, advertisement impressions on one webpage.

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HI John, Thank you so much for sharing all of this valuable information. It will be very helpful for so many authors, myself included. Hi John, thanks for taking the time and effort to assemble your list. After all, subscribers who never open emails are worthless to authors. The entire concept of eCPM is a poor metric for authors to use in this regard. What matters is how many people actually open an email and take action on books, not how many people signed up for a list, clicked Spam 6 months ago, and are still being presented to authors as viable targets of the mailings.

At BookSends, we try to give authors a better idea of how many readers their book will actually be exposed to. The ability for authors to use affiliate codes in a way compliant with Amazon TOS as all clicks are routed through websites also deserves much more attention. John, This is so helpful and informative! Thank you for taking the time to compile all this info and share it so generously!

Thank you, John Doppler. I loved the stats you provided. And now on both free and priced units. Now, because of your brilliant deductions, I know why. However, it is legal to provide a link to a website, and from there, redirect the user to the Amazon page with an affiliate code.

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This is the technique BookBub now uses to get around the prohibition on emailed links. Thank you for a very useful post. My experience with Robin Reads has been more positive than yours. I sell enough books to break even and sometimes more. Thanks for the info, Mary! Every promotion is different, so personal experience can be a valuable tool in gauging these services. This list is useful, but email one-off promotions are only one segment of book discovery. The idea that email is the only discovery option for authors is simply incorrect. There are other social media services as well as BooksGoSocial providing social media discovery services.

Secondly, short term one-off book promotion spikes are useful and can have a tailing effect, but in our view a longer term daily increase in sales, moving an author from average sales of one book a day to average sales of ten books a day, for instance, will have a greater sustained impact on author earnings. Well presented, well priced books in popular genres can achieve email driven spikes in sales, and be supported with longer term social discovery services, reducing the need for authors to spend valuable time sustaining their social media presence.

Sustained increased sales, through low priced, long term social book discovery, is a real alternative to the services you describe. We are, in fact, so confident of our ability to help authors, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee. If a book fails to sell at any of the email book discovery services you reviewed the author is unlikely to even get a reply if they ask for their money back.

Herding authors towards one off promotions with no money back guarantee is a limited approach to ebook discovery. Data for other channels such as apps, websites, social media, etc.