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You might be lucky enough to have a direct flight, especially…. This has the potential to be an excellent deal, though it's probably not quite as great as it sounds,….

Hornady 5.56 Frontier vs. Hornady Superformance vs. IMI Razor Core

About Travis Travis has been playing in the world of miles and points for over a decade. At one time or another he has held status on just about every major domestic airline and hotel program. He has visited all 50 US states and over 50 countries. Nowadays he travels almost exclusively with his wife and three young children. Does the person purchasing the ticket have to be on the PNR? Is there a physical document involved when you purchase at the airport? If not, I see a nice opportunity for someone who has easy access to a not-too-busy airport with counters for one or more of these carriers to run a service purchasing tickets on behalf of families and other groups.

The latest in a ridiculous installment of articles about ULCCs. Basic economy good! If you want to push this investigative journalism narrative about ticket prices, why salami slice it so much? You know, basic compare and contrast stuff. LarryinNYC — I have bought Spirit tickets before for myself and wife with my wife not present at the airport. Assume it is the same for Frontier. Also, I appreciate these articles since I have never thought about doing this for Frontier. Great timing on this article, I was just looking at some Frontier tickets online yesterday and wondered the same thing when I saw this line item fee.

I definitely will look into giving this a shot. Dan: But, in that case, you were on the PNR and present at the airport. I wonder if it could be done by a third-party person I assume so — I could buy a ticket for my kid traveling alone and how they would react if someone showed up at the airport to buy 50 tickets across 10 unrelated PNRs. I for one appreciate the info on the ULCCs because the whole point of miles and points to me is to travel at minimal or no monetary cost. Thanks for the info on this whole piece Travis, really helpful.

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Wise Frontier really is no different than Spirit. Both charge crazy fees for all the add ons. Which is why I choose to stick with the big guys. Spirit actually has nice new planes, friendly crew and decent service. Also a carrier charge, not any longer waived at the airport, as I tested this weekend. I have flown Frontier from Orlando several times in the past year and was able to get much cheaper fares at the airport.

I too really appreciate these topics. I fly frontier a couple times per year when they have great fares on a not-too-long flight. Thanks ORD Flyer! I really like these posts. I live in a smaller city and currently work 5 mins from the airport. Frontier is re-starting flights 3x weekly to DEN, so these posts are very helpful and will save me money in the future. Thanks Travis. Great work Travis! Even bought tickets for other people. Got some great prices. In the spirit of the rules? Perhaps not. But allowed? However, why does this warrant 3 long articles all saying exactly the same thing?

Just bought several Frontier tickets at the airport this morning.

$29 — Today Only: Frontier Airlines Sale (Each Way)

I have purchased my tickets are the airport with no problem, except during flight check-in time, the wait can be excessive. Thank you SO much for writing this article! Plus, the agent offered to book me free seats when I asked if I could choose them for free at the 24 hour advanced check in which was a no. The article says you can buy tickets one hour after departures.

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Are the ticket desks open surrounding incoming flights if there are no departures that day? Just booked a flight from Frontier at the airport today.

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  • There really is a saving. And if you want to save even more money, choose your seat online. You can do this as soon as you want. Choosing a seat online is cheaper than at the counter.

    Wish I knew this before. Now I know better. Just a word of caution: if you plan to check a bag, be aware of the difference in pricing. I, too, bought my tickets at the airport. When he added it to the ticket price it seemed awful high. This was a bit more than I expected. That represents the price within 24 hours of making a reservation.

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    Frontier Flash Sale for Flash Flights From $19

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    Can You Save Money By Buying Frontier Tickets At The Airport? | One Mile at a Time

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