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Now, what should you do when the host does not offer a instant booking? Your request to book contains the dates you added before. You will already see how much the room would be. Coupon Codes & Deals UK

You can also add a message to the host; which we highly recommend. This gives your request a personal touch. Here is a template you can use when requesting to book on Airbnb. My name is Sarah, and together with my boyfriend Jimmy we are traveling to Bali. We are from Ireland, and are currently on an annual leave, exploring South East Asia, including your wonderful Bali. I found your listing here on Airbnb, and it looks so nice. We would love to stay with you.

Our plan for Ubud would be exploring the rice fields, do some kayaking and try out the many restaurants. Good to know : You can also contact the host without sending a request. This can be super helpful, when you have questions before you want to commit to a booking. The host can then reply and send you an offer that you can accept. The website delivers from the start super beautiful accommodations. It is easy to get lost, keep scrolling, get even more inspired to travel. Anyways, it is a good thing you can create a wish-list on Airbnb, since you will mark many many accommodations; from glamping to Vans and lofts.

You can seriously stay in a cave, rent a campervan, even a yurt. Did you see in the listings above that you can also find hostels on Airbnb? In fact, many professional accommodations like resorts, hotels, guesthouses can be listed on Airbnb. The great thing is, you can filter by property type. We just mention this again to make it clear: not all Airbnb listings are privately owned. Good to know : We even know of hostels that can be found only on this platform. No Booking. It is fair to say, Airbnb platform is not the best page to find hostels.

Not at all. It is not their core-business, obviously. Better stop by and read our best-hostels-in-guides to actually find only hostel-type accommodation. We have airbnbed a lot! And we have experienced a lot of different accommodations, met different types of hosts etc. When we entered our first Airbnb stay, we rented a room in a flat. We met the super-friendly host, and I actually wanted to pay in cash. The guy told me that the payment is done via Airbnb; no need to pay here. See, I did not even pay attention to this important detail. We already covered this in how to find accommodation on Airbnb.

Faked reviews are quite unlikely. There is not really a point to fake reviews and listings, since the community will filter the black sheep out quickly. Obviously, pay extra attention with new listings without any reviews. Make sure to also you say hi to the host and chat a bit. This is always helpful. We always do this. It is quite easy to bond and sometimes the host is even interested in having a drink or dinner later.

This happened a lot to us. Especially the private listings are usually not anonymous places you just sleep in. Please talk to your host and fix the problem right away. No need to get grumpy and then leave a bad review afterwards. It is better for everyone if you just point out the small things. The very first time booking you want to add the discount. When you have referral credit, it will be applied automatically. However, you can tick the box to NOT apply the discount.

Maybe you want to save it.

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Maybe you are booking an accommodation with friends, and want the credit only for your own stays. Who knows. Point is, you can activate and deactivate the box. Pretty useful at times!

They make this very clear. There has been incidents where hosts pointed out publicly they do not allow gay couples to stay here. This is against Airbnb rules and you can report them.

Airbnb in Review – How to use and 35€ Airbnb Coupon Code (that works in 12222!)

This host will be removed from the platform directly. Then, Airbnb also has a emergency-control if something happens with the apartment you are renting out. There has been the incident of an apartment in the USA. It was rented out to a couple. The hosts returned a few hours later to bring something back to the flat.

As it turned out, the people renting the flat planned a sex party. We actually like that they take away the money-barrier between the guest and the host.

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You can arrive at a place, say hi, chat, relax — and the payment is done online without exchanging money in cash. This also removes any currency issues and such. Did you know Airbnb gives a smoke and carbon monoxide CO detector to their hosts for free? Hosts with an active listing can get a self-contained, battery powered combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector at no cost. Read through all the safety and community standards here.

Airbnb and other platforms have been partially responsible for the increase of rent in certain cities like Barcelona and Berlin. It is also said, hosts earn black money through the platform, not paying legal taxes, renting illegal apartments. On the other hand, Airbnb tackled the crazy rise of pricing for accommodation.

Since there was less competition, many accommodations put up high prices — since people had less choice, travelers had to pay. So, in a way, Airbnb and other competitors made traveling in some areas and aspects more affordable. Here are some articles criticizing the movement and development of the so-called shared economy, and Airbnb in particular:. From Vietnam to Maldives; from Cyprus to Ireland. One of our favorite stays was in a room at a big lake house in Switzerland. The host was a lady around 50 years old and a friend of hers stayed for the night too.

We arrived around 7pm and were hungry. The room was gorgeous, the landscape and views from the balcony breath-taking. Anyways, we asked them if we can use the kitchen, which was no problem we checked this before online! They already had dinner, so there was no point of eating together. Nevermind, we always bring a bottle of nice Spanish Red and White wine with us when we do Airbnb.

It never happened to them that a guest wanted to spend time with them. What I am trying to say is, Airbnb can be quite a social experience. We like to look for places where we can meet the host and maybe spend time with him or her. Sign up with this link to start hosting. Good to know : Airbnb will make you a proposal for the price per night you should sell your room.

In the past these prices have been incredibly low. Last but not least : Make sure you follow the law of your city and country when hosting. In many countries you need a license to rent out your full apartment. In other countries you can rent out your extra room up to a certain limit of time and money. This is always different in each country. Please bare this in mind, play fair, and inform yourself. Here locals and tour agencies alike can list their tours, experiences like kayaking, concerts, wine tastings, you name it. We were under the impression, these activities are more local, more intimate, in smaller groups.

Instead of a group of like people, our group was 24 people. Now, that is a lot, you might say. There were in fact more than people doing their sunset kayaking, separated in different groups and with different guides.

So, while we had quite an underwhelming experience, the majority of activities seem much better. Friends of ours joined private guitar concerts on a roof top terrace in Barcelona, snorkeling trips in El Nido and more. Used 14 times. Restrictions Apply. Ends Top Categories View All. Take a look at our 5 Airbnb UK discount codes including 5 sales.

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