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Lost and Found. One Wheel or Two? Formerly BikeShopHub. Main menu Skip to content. Help About Contact. Fear is, by far, the biggest motivator for choosing the sidewalk over roads. In essence, riding your bike down the sidewalk is the same as if you hopped the curb and started rolling it in your car.

Getting right hooked, cars pulling out of driveways, hitting pedestrians, etc are all things that have to be carefully watched for. All the other rules fall under this one. Question:Under what conditions may a police officer exceed the posted speed limit? Question:I would like to request a list of helmets that have been approved by the Department of State Police.

Answer: Motorcycle helmets that meet the federal standards of 49 C. The Michigan Department of State Police does not maintain a list of those helmets. Motorcycle helmets sold through a reputable dealer will normally be in compliance. Look for indications of compliance on the box and in the paperwork supplied with the helmet, in addition to a Department of Transportation DOT sticker affixed to the helmet.

Please be aware that helmets purchased from individuals, at swap meets and shows, or through non-reputable dealers may not be in compliance with federal standards. Additionally, watch for disclaimers on the box indicating that a helmet is novelty only, and not for street use.

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Question:Is there a specific age, or weight that children can legally ride as a passenger on a motorcycle? Answer: There is no minimum age for a child to ride on a motorcycle, subject to one exception based on size rather than age. Question:I heard that Michigan changed its seat belt law and now requires booster seats. Is that true?

A synopsis of the amended law follows. Can I legally drive this vehicle on the road and take my children with me without seatbelts? Answer: Yes. Question: Where would I find information about what the actual law is regarding the use of seatbelts? Children up to the age of 4 must be properly restrained in a child safety seat no matter where they are seated in the vehicle. There are a few exemptions to both of these laws, but we always encourage people to properly fasten their safety belt at all times while traveling in a vehicle.

Listed below are the links for the full text of Michigan's safety belt and child restraint laws:. Michigan's safety belt law. Michigan's child restraint law. Question: I have tried to find information on infant and child car seat laws. Car seats come with recommendations but never list the law. My friends and I want to make sure our children are restrained properly and according to the law but everywhere I turn I can find no information on what those laws are. How long do children have to be in "car seats" versus just the seat of the car for instance?

Answer: Michigan's child restraint law states that every child under the age of 4 years must be properly restrained in a child restraint seat no matter where they are seated in the vehicle. The law does not cover where the children should ride but, regardless of what the law states, we know that there are safer ways to transport children in a motor vehicle. Statistics consistently show that the rear seat is the safest place for all children 12 and under.

Federal standards require child seat manufacturers or automotive manufacturers in the case of built-in child seats, to provide instructions and label these seats with warnings for incorrect placement. To comply with state law you MUST follow the manufacturers instructions. Question: When there is an air bag in the front passenger side, are children 12 and under supposed to be in the back seat? Answer: Michigan's child restraint law does not prohibit children of any age riding in the front with an air bag; however, research has proven that any small person even an adult can be seriously injured or even killed by the force of an air bag.

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The following links to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will give you more information regarding air bag safety and statistics, as well as other passenger safety information:. Question: Is it legal to ride in a pickup camper secured to the bed of my pickup or in a tow behind camper? The Michigan State Police does not endorse this type of action because a camper, whether it is the type secured in a pickup bed or a trailer type is not designed and manufactured for such use.

Question: My husband saw on the news last night that golf carts were allowed on the county roads in the state of Michigan. Similarly, a township of fewer than 30, people is also authorized to allow this under certain circumstances unless disapproved by the county board of commissioners. Previously, it was possible to equip, register and insure your golf cart to be road legal as a low speed vehicle.

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However, the Michigan Department of State MDOS has announced that it will no longer process assembled vehicle title applications for vehicles manufactured as a golf cart and has requested law enforcement personnel to refuse or deny any request to complete a TR Vehicle Number and On-Road Equipment Inspection for a golf cart. Golf carts that are currently titled and registered for on-road use will retain its current title and registration.

The limited circumstances, such as crossing a street or highway at a right angle for the purpose of getting from one area to another, can be found in MCL Additionally, MCL ORVs that are currently titled and registered for on-road use will retain its current title and registration. If this type of ORV is not currently titled, registered and insured for on-road use, it may only be operated on a highway under very limited circumstances if it meets the definition of an ORV as provided in MCL Mopeds are required to have certain equipment such as; a headlight, brake light, seat, horn, muffler, and brakes on each wheel, in order to be legally operated on the roadway.

Finally, a person operating a moped must wear an approved crash helmet if they are under 19 years of age. Because gopeds are not equipped with the required equipment they cannot be legally driven on the roadway. Also, by definition they are a motor vehicle and therefore cannot be driven on a sidewalk constructed for use by pedestrians. Question: Can someone tell me what the laws in Michigan are for riding pocket bikes? Answer: If the "pocket bike" has an engine displacement of 50cc's or less, produces 2. Most "pocket bikes" will not meet those requirements and therefore will not be street legal.

If the "pocket bike" has an engine displacement greater than 50cc's then it is classified as a motorcycle and must meet the requirements applicable to that type of vehicle. Again, most "pocket bikes" will not meet these requirements. Beginning in July , the State of Michigan launched an new website dedicated to online purchasing of traffic crash reports. Interested parties may be able to purchase a copy of a traffic crash report taken by any Michigan law enforcement agency. Traffic Crash Purchasing System. Where can I obtain one?

If unable to do so you can contact the Michigan State Police Post that responded to the crash. A listing of state police posts is follows.