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Posted by Franckenberry 7 years ago. Problem is the redemption codes first have to pass through an outfit called Doorstep. Posted by EDA 8 years ago. Restaurant told me the coupons had never been authorized by them. KGB has promised to refund the cost of the coupons several times and as of yet has done nothing. They are liars and scammers. Stay away from their offers. In response to KGBDeals.

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Cant find anything to complain about and all the deals have worked out ok with the merchant involved. Posted by CM 7 years ago.

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I have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly with this company. The most recent bad was a purchase of hair products in which I was charged for but never received and after 2 months, I finally got my money back by contacting my bank. To add, I made a purchase for another product and not only did it not come, but I was charged for shipping and I had to vouch KGB deals to get the shipping back. There are a few deals that work okay, but be cautious.

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There's NO customer service. Looked everywhere for phone number Posted by Don 8 years ago. Posted by Janny 8 years ago. I got nothing. I tried calling their customer service, but nothing. What I end up doing is disputing it with my credit card company. Fortunately, my credit card company deleted the transaction and gave me my money back.

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I have heard that they are some people who do received the deals and others who don't. It's not consistent enough for me to purchase KGB Deals again. Posted by M. Patterson 9 years ago. I've made two purchases through kgb deals and have been quite pleased. The AMC ticket took a few weeks--as expected--to arrive and the other purchase was a printable coupon.

I'll definitely buy again. Posted by Lily 9 years ago. Extremely poor service. I wrote to their customer service after a month of my purchase and they told me the tickets are sent out already and I should receive it short. What a lie! I will demand for a refund and never use KGB Deals again. It's an inconvenience to not be able to print my deal out like other similar provider such as Groupon and LivingSocial. I bought 2 different deals, and neither merchant ever delivered on their merchandise.

I have contacted KGB customer service many times over the past 2 months to try to get my merchandise or refunds, but just keep getting the run-around. Stick with tried and true sites like Groupon! Posted by Joan Powers 7 years ago. This is the last deal I will ever buy from them. They have the worst service I have ever experienced from any deal site ever. They will NOT refund your money or even give you an account credit if a merchant goes south on you and does not honor the deal, or if they merchant won't return your calls trying to make an appointment, etc.

You can't talk to a human and you will get stall after stall, week after week, and never get results. Posted by sadbuyer 7 years ago. But DON 'T buy a deal where you have to redeem through a website. I've been scammed by both Gadget Room and Bo-Vida. Posted by Renny Guilliams 7 years ago. I bought movie tickets and the time I would want to redeem them, the site was down and couldn't redeem them the whole weekend.

I tried to call the customer service number but no actual person I could talk to.

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After several emails i sent and they said they would refund my money but never happened so practically they took my money. I would not buy any deals anymore from KGB Deals. The company kgb was founded in as a privately held New York-based company serving as an independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services.

The site ended in early United States Text Service In , the website launched its text answer service in the United States using the prompt "America text your questions to ".

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