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It often will be if you're selling inexpensive impulse items, like a pizza store owner mailing out coupons. In those cases, responding using the coupon is the same thing as becoming a customer. But that isn't always the case with more expensive products like real estate , when people might respond before they're ready to buy. The challenge becomes figuring out which prospects responded due to your direct mail as opposed to other marketing channels.

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Here are just a few strategies you could use to track response rates:. Call tracking. Assign unique phone numbers to specific direct mail campaigns, so when prospects follow up you can see where they came from. Coupon or discount codes. You've probably seen these in your own mailbox. Local businesses often create special coupons for direct mail campaigns. When prospects redeem them, it's easy for the business owner to track their success. Exclusive offers. You could create special offers exclusive for direct mail recipients, so you know they couldn't have discovered them anywhere else.

Personalized URLs.

10 easy ways to track marketing response rates

A tech-savvy way to track responses is to have direct mail recipients follow links to unique landing pages you've created for the campaign. Just ask. Businesses often ask new customers how they heard about them, collecting responses via informal surveys. Don't worry if your response rate seems low. The same report revealed that oversized envelopes had the highest response rates, probably because they stand out from the pile.

Imagine you own a hamburger restaurant.

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You decide to send out coupons to promote your new curly fries. You send out 2, coupons, and people end up redeeming them.

What's your response rate? The formula is simple. All you have to do is divide the responses by the total pieces sent.

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Direct marketing can be extremely profitable, but there are certainly still costs involved. Julie Richards is a freelance writer from Ohio. She has been writing poetry and short stories for over 30 years, and published a variety of e-books and articles on gardening, small business and farming.


She is currently enrolled at Kent State University completing her bachelor's degree in English. Skip to main content. Calculating Monetary Return Calculate the return for a direct-mail campaign by multiplying the four key elements: sale price, number of mailings, response rate and conversion rate. Planning an Effective Campaign Determine the effectiveness of your campaign by calculating the monetary return of your direct-mail ad. About the Author Julie Richards is a freelance writer from Ohio.

Accessed 24 June Richards, Julie. To date, I've used Privy to capture more than 13, leads! Simply include coupons and promo codes on your direct mail offers to track performance. Customers will walk into your retail location with coupons-in-hand, or they'll transact via your website using the promo codes. Important: Make sure to use exclusive coupons and promo codes for each direct mail campaign.

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Otherwise, you won't know how to attribute each sale. If you need help creating coupons and formulating ideas, check out Canva.

How can you measure your performance?

They make it easy to design custom coupons for your business for free. Then, you can use use them on your direct mail offers or share them online. If you want to stand out amongst competitors, and steadily grow your business, you don't need a viral video. You need direct mail. If you're looking for the best way to drive leads and sales to your business, I can't think of a better way to spend the next ten minutes.