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Tears in Calgary courtroom Air Date: June 24, Sex assault investigation continues Air Date: June 24, Instability to start the week. Watch more here Auto repair rip-off. The problem should have been easy to detect and cheap to fix.

Auto repair rip-off

A secret shopper told the garages that sometimes the cars just wouldn't start. Of the 19 garages, only six passed the test by finding and tightening that loose cable. The single best result in the APA's national survey came from a southeast Calgary garage. Two Fountain Tire shops also fixed the problem. Midas on 32nd Street N. But these were only six garages out of 19 that properly diagnosed and fixed the loose cable. Four couldn't find the problem, but didn't do any unnecessary work. The Canadian Tire in Country Hills had the second worst result.

For comment on these two failing results, we were referred to a vice president at Canadian Tire.

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The Fountain Tire on 40th Avenue also failed, needlessly replacing the car's battery. The shop's owner, Rick Ball took full responsibility and offered a refund. I'm the guy that's responsible and we did it wrong. Consumers have to look out for themselves to avoid paying for unnecessary work. There are a couple of things anyone can do. He also recommends a second opinion before authorizing expensive repairs you weren't expecting. Report Error. More Stories from Calgary.

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Father recounts elephant attack at African Lions Safari. Most Read. We understand how frustrating that can be. Regularly scheduled service and maintenance appointments will keep such nasty surprises at bay. Here are three reasons you should check out our discounts today:. Our locations across British Columbia are dedicated to providing fast, friendly and affordable services to get your vehicle on the road in top condition. Take a look at our coupons and speak to our team of trained professionals to learn more about how you can save money on your auto repairs.

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Schedule a maintenance or repair service — book an appointment online or visit your local auto repair centre today. Minit-Tune Blog. July 19, Here are three reasons you should check out our discounts today: Save on Repairs: Our coupons page features discounts for a variety of auto and brake services. Save today on your vehicle service and auto repairs throughout British Columbia. From Kelowna to Chilliwack and multiple locations in the Greater Vancouver area, you can find your local auto shop and save today.

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