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One of the issues with getting good produce can be the freshness factor. Sure, an apple might be labeled as " organic " but that doesn't count for much if it's half rotten by the time it gets to the store.

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It's certainly not a recipe for freshness, and it goes against the grain of the growing movement to buy locally. That's why, the next time you're at your local BJ's if you happen to live near one, that is , you may want to look for the "Farm to Club" label on your produce. This nifty little stamp of approval indicates that the fruits and veggies in question have actually been carefully sourced from local farms — typically within your state — straight to your local BJ's. While it doesn't appear on everything, the initiative includes "zucchini, tomatoes, butter and sugar corn, green peppers, yellow squash, cucumbers, and much more.

Not bad for an organization focused primarily on the prices. In September of that year USA Today reported that BJ's Wholesale Club planned to become the first big box wholesale retailer to make a commitment to donating "unsold but still wholesome and nutritious produce, meat poultry, fish and dairy to food banks and local agencies in its sales areas.

This initiative was in response to a call to reduce food waste by the U. Environmental Protection Agency, and it lined up with the company's commitment to get rid of their expiring food without creating waste. As they say in their corporate responsibility report, "What isn't sold, is shared. While BJ's had a bit of a rocky start during the first decade of its existence as it was bought, sold, and eventually spun off into its own company, once the dust settled it had a period of relative stability on its own for a time. But that didn't mean the days of rearranging ownership had passed entirely, as was proven in when the then-public company announced that it was going private.

In theory, the move was done in order to help the wholesale club ultimately grow larger at that point it had less than stores in just 15 states. During that year the stock rose by roughly a third of its previous value. And just like that, BJ's had gone from a publically traded company to a private one. But wait, there's more. While the sale in seemed to be filled with promises of a hopeful future where BJ's would span from coast to coast, serving members across the United States, over the following years that promise never quite came to fruition. Some new clubs were opened, and they managed to go from 15 to 16 states, but they also began to take on a significant amount of debt — debt that they didn't seem capable of easily paying off.

So, the owners decided to do the smart thing, and take the company public. Wait, what? That's right. In the summer of , after seven years of operating as a private company, BJ's had yet another initial public offering, through which they sold dozens of millions of new shares of stock.

But the owners, wishing for the best of both worlds, continued to retain control , simply shifting from 98 percent ownership to 69 percent. This allowed them to retain a majority of influence over the company's largest decisions. While the recent moves from public to private back to public again has been a bit of a roller coaster for BJ's, the company has thus far proven that it has enough stamina not to be sunk by the whiplash effect that these kinds of major changes can bring.

But that doesn't mean it has remained unaffected by the constant changes in its corporate landscape. It turns out that while BJ's grew a little bit during its time under private ownership, that small growth geographically correlated with a much larger one fiscally. Unfortunately, we're not talking about profits though, we're talking about debt.

During its time in private industry, BJ's managed to saddle itself with a mountain of debt, which had pushed upwards towards the two billion mark before the company went public once again.

This was contrasted against the fact that they only had tens of millions of dollars in income on a regular basis. The IPO allowed them to raise several hundred million dollars, but all of it went towards paying down their debt. This served as a temporary salve but certainly won't be a complete panacea for the company's fiscal challenges.

While BJ's still retains robust sales that add up to billions of dollars per year, their paltry income compared to their mountain of debt is an issue that will need to be addressed sooner or later. At BJ's Wholesale Club, as is the case with most big-box wholesale establishments, in order to "be part of the club" you need to get a membership. And lucky for you, you don't have to live near a BJ's or pay the full membership price to take advantage of their bulk prices. While there are quite a few restrictions for instance, many of their items are not online and are only available as an "in-club purchase" the option to access at least some of those great bulk deals online is a nice touch.

All rights reserved. The untold truth of BJ's Wholesale Club. It had a rough start Facebook. It's not afraid of big competition Facebook. It has a small footprint Facebook. They're dependent on New York Shutterstock. They might actually save you money Facebook.

The following coupon combination, or “stacking,” rules apply at checkout at BJ’s:

They buy local Facebook. They donate a lot of extra food Facebook. I am in the double, triple coupon area though. There are some things that are cheaper such as Stouffer's four packs--Bertolli frozen food, and my son's contacts. There are many things that are the same price-- lunchmeat, milk and bread. We are a very low key BJ's shoppers though. Joined Sep 7, Resseda Disney Dreaming.

Joined Sep 14, I think the keys to BJs are 1 make sure you will eat all the varieties in a variety pack because only liking 4 of the 5 flavors of whatever means part will be wasted, and that's not a good deal and 2 really look at BJ's prices versus your local supermarket. BJ's is not always cheaper. We find paper products frequently-but not always-cheaper, meats are cheaper and good quality.

Chocolate chips are a steal-I always buy mine there because they are far cheaper than our local grocery store. Some of the HBA products are cheaper for our family. It all depends on what brands you use-if you normally buy all store-brand generics at your locla store, BJ's may not be a big savings for you.

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  • The following coupon combination, or “stacking,” rules apply at checkout at BJ’s:.

Joined Apr 8, The wholesale club shopping really works. We have a family of six, and I can tell you that a box of 40 oatmeal packets is way better than paying Giant Beagle's prices.. My only advice on shopping at these stores is similar to what other posters have said. Only buy in bulk the things you know you will use.

I'm a member of both Costco and BJ's. Here's why Costco beats its rival hands down.

We just had to pitch a bunch of tomato soup because it expired before we could eat it. Guess we really dont need 12 cans of tomato soup.. Joined Aug 11, Cindy B said:. Joined Jul 15, I've found that you can't combine a manufacturer's coupon and a BJ's coupon on an item if it's a single item, but if there are multiple items like a 4 pack of something and you have more than one coupon, they will take it.

I find that we save quite a bit of money at BJ's even after the yearly membership fee. There are some things we can find just as cheap or cheaper at Walmart or the local grocery store - so we do comparison shop. BJ's will send you the coupons monthly through the mail, have separate ones in a flyer inside the store, and they also have online coupons as well which may be different from what you receive through the mail. Joined Jan 7, They always used to but lately many of them have the wording "may not be used with any other coupon for the same product or item" and whatever coupon that goes through first is fine and the second one beeps and won't go through and freezes up the terminal until the cashier overrides it.

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I think it may have to do with the fact more and more bj's coupons are now manufactuer coupons, not store coupons. I've also had more problems lately using multiple coupons for the same item. Like 4 packs of spaghetti in one box and you can use 4 coupons for say. Now it beeps and says "duplicate product coupon" so sometimes the cashier allows it and sometimes no. It's not as good as it used to be! Joined Jun 16, Wow - this is awesome! THe other thing about BJ's at least at my local one is they take food stamps for those who are in need.

Sam's Club does not take food stamps or coupons.