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Quote from: Scarpia on October 14, , PM. Just an FYI. I placed an order with i-deals on Friday 12 Oct and then five orders on Sunday 14 Oct. The Sunday orders were after I found out about the 'sale'. Anyway, the Friday order now shows shipped. Dan I don't know if this means anything or not but of the 32 items I ordered Sunday early AM only 11 of them have any listings at all on i-deals page. Everything on their site shows currently unavailable. Might they have been trying to dump lots of low inventory items? And figuring on our type going ballistic and their at least making out on multiple shipping charges?

Same here, I made several orders and the first one is in shipped status. Now that it's starting to seem legit, I'll probably share my purchases in the "purchased today" thread.

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Didn't want to get too excited until I saw that status change. Although there's another part of me that won't be completely convinced until they arrive in my mailbox. Location: Boston, Mass. Karl Henning, Ph.

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The first of two orders I placed has shipped, and I have a tracking number. Pleasantly surprised! The new erato Veteran member Posts: Quote from: karlhenning on October 15, , AM.

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