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The Meteor Crater coupon discount will adjust your order total. Some sellers also offer Thank. If not, navigate back through the checkout process and try again. The ecliptical complexes continue with some late Virginids and the best from the minor Sagittarids in May-June. Occasional meteors have been reported from further north, and the shower would benefit from increased observer activity generally.

The fast and often bright meteors make the wait for radiant-rise worthwhile, and many events leave glowing persistent trains after them. A relatively broad maximum -- sometimes with a variable number of submaxima -- usually occurs in early May, and ZHRs are generally above 30 for almost a week centred on the main maximum, based on IMO observations between With new Moon on May 6, the shower is ideally-placed for watchers in All forms of observing can be used to study it, with radio work allowing activity to be followed even from northern sites throughout the daylight morning hours.

The radiant culminates at about 08h local time. July to September Minor shower activity continues apace from near-ecliptic sources throughout this quarter, first from the Sagittarids, then the Aquarid and Capricornid showers discussed below with the Piscis Austrinids; only the Northern iota-Aquarid maximum loses out particularly to moonlight this year , and finally the Piscids into September. Other low activity showers are apparent too, such as the Pegasids and July Phoenicids, but the kappa-Cygnids lose out to the near-full Moon on August Then there are the Aurigid showers from late August through to October.

The major northern hemisphere event is always the Perseids in August, of course. For daylight radio observations, the interest of May-June has waned, but there remains the visually- inaccessible gamma-Leonids peak due August 25d 08h UT , and a tricky visual shower, the Sextantids maximum expected September 27d 08h UT.

The latter has the waning crescent Moon near its radiant at maximum in , and will rise less than an hour before dawn in either hemisphere. Figure 6: Radiant position of the Pegasids [image] Watching this very short-lived minor shower is not easy, as a few cloudy nights mean its loss for visual observers, but with the Moon a waxing crescent for its peak this year, everyone -- particularly those in the northern hemisphere -- should attempt to cover it.

The shower is best-seen in the second half of the night, by when the Moon will have set, though the maximum ZHR is generally low. With its swift, faint meteors, telescopic observers should be in action too. Figure 7: Radiant position of the July Phoenicids [image] This minor shower can be seen from the southern hemisphere, from where it only attains a reasonable elevation above the horizon after midnight.

This means is a good year to watch it, with the waxing gibbous Moon at maximum setting as the radiant becomes more suitably--placed. Activity can be quite variable visually, and indeed observations show it is a richer radio meteor source possibly also telescopically too, but more results are needed. Recent years have brought ZHRs of around 2, when the winter weather has allowed any coverage at all.

Perhaps will be a good year for them? The Aquarids and Piscis Austrinids are all rich in faint meteors, making them well-suited to telescopic work, although enough brighter members exist to make visual and photographic observations worth the effort too, primarily from more southerly sites.

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Radio work can be used to pick up the Southern delta-Aquarids especially, as the most active of these showers. The alpha-Capricornids are noted for bright -- sometimes fireball-class -- events, which, combined with their low apparent velocity, can make some of these objects among the most impressive and attractive an observer could wish for.

A possible minor enhancement of alpha-Capricornid ZHRs to around 10 was noted in by European IMO observers, although the Southern delta-Aquarids were the only one of these streams previously suspected of occasional variability.

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Such a concentration of radiants in a small area of sky means that familiarity with where all the radiants are is essential for accurate shower association for all nights being observed on. Visual watchers in particular should plot all potential stream members seen in this region of sky rather than trying to make shower associations in the field. The only exception is when the Southern delta-Aquarids are near their peak, when from southern hemisphere sites in particular, rates may become too high for accurate plotting. All the above listed shower maxima are reasonably free from lunar-light interference in , since all five fall between last quarter Moon in late July and first quarter Moon in mid August.

As the radiants are above the horizon for much of the night, there is ample scope for extended observing sessions. The peak may be encountered up to four hours before this time, however, judging by past variations in the densest stream core. Whether the moon-free Perseid peak will continue the decreasing trend in the primary maximum's rates remains to be seen as this is written, but conditions are reasonable for trying to cover the event, as the waxing gibbous Moon will set soon after midnight for most northern hemisphere observers on August 12, by when the shower radiant will be at a very healthy elevation.

Europe or the eastern seaboards of North America should be the places to be, if the shower's primary peak keeps to time. The "traditional" maximum is expected around 18h UT on August 12, well-placed for sites in the Far East and eastern Asia particularly. Visual and photographic observers should need little encouragement to cover this stream, but telescopic watching near the main peak would be valuable in confirming or clarifying the possibly multiple nature of the Perseid radiant, something not detectable visually. Video observations would be very helpful in this respect too.

Radio data would naturally enable early confirmation, or detection, of a perhaps otherwise unobserved outburst if the timing proves unsuitable for land-based sites. The only negative aspect to the shower is the impossibility of covering it from the bulk of the southern hemisphere. Figure Radiant position of the alpha- and delta-Aurigids [image] These are both essentially northern hemisphere showers, and are in need of more observations.

Despite occurring close to one another in time, and radiating from the same constellation, they are separate streams. The alpha-Aurigids are the more active, with short, unusual bursts giving EZHRs of about in , and , although they have not been regularly observed until very recently, so other outbursts may have been missed. The delta-Aurigids produce lower rates of generally fainter meteors, and have yet to be well-seen in more than an occasional year.

Telescopic data to confirm the radiants -- and possibly observe the telescopic beta-Cassiopeids simultaneously -- would be especially useful, but photographs, video records and visual plotting would be welcomed too. The shower radiants are at a useful elevation from roughly 23hh onwards, so protracted watching is distinctly possible.

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October to December Ecliptical minor shower activity reaches what might be regarded as a peak in early to mid November, with the Taurid streams in action, but before then we have the Orionids whose central peak of several submaxima, October 21d 07h UT, is badly affected by a waning gibbous Moon, as are the minor epsilon-Geminids.

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