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Discover new movies and TV shows to watch, novels or comics to read, music to hear and games to play thanks to your friends. It's fast, free, simple and enjoyable! To start discover a new world, Sign up for free. Coupon for Craziness — Dexter gets accidentally switched with an average hyperactive child who has scientist parents; neither couple notices. Better Off Wet — Dexter tries to avoid being pushed into the pool by his father. Whole or part of the information contained in this card come from the Wikipedia article " List of Dexter's Laboratory episodes ", licensed under CC-BY-SA full list of contributors here.

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Remember Me. Add a cover. English Change. Show pilots. January 1, produced in Season Two July 16, to June 15, Cheese's ; One of Dexter's robots becomes a servant for Dee Dee. Squad: Dexter accidentally turns everyone but Dee Dee and himself into babies; Peltra wants to turn Monkey into a fur coat; Dee Dee and her friends become crime fighters. Santa's Claws: In this episode written by a 6-year-old boy, Dexter and Computress, well, get Mandark; Major Glory and Valhallen try to cure Krunk's toothache without going to the dentist; Dexter is hellbent on proving that Santa isn't real.

June 15, Special December 10, Wrongly accused, Dexter is sentenced to solitary confinement.

Germ Warfare

Luckily, he masters a plan of escape only to end up in the State Penitentiary serving real hard time. They end up stuck with infant versions of their parents. Running a house and a laboratory while trying to take care of your toddling parents is more than Dexter and Dee Dee can handle. Peltra kidnaps Monkey and Agent Honeydew, preparing to carry out her terrible plan. At the last moment, Honeydew breaks free and splashes red paint onto Monkey ruining his pelt for Peltra's purposes.

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Squad" After watching a McBark the crime dog school presentation, Dee Dee and her two friends decide to lick crime in their own neighborhood. They set out to watch everything and everyone, but in true Dee Dee fashion, the girls go a bit overboard and end up getting a "lickin'" from McBark himself.

But Dexter is just horrible at every sport - from baseball to football, soccer to badminton, Dexter stinks! Dad finally gives up, unaware that Dexter becomes engaged in an athletic battle with a monster from his lab.

Dexter's Laboratory S02E07C - Fantastic Boyage (2/2)

But when Dee Dee sees another King on the throne, she tries to replace the King with Koosie and all heck breaks loose. Koosie's glowing heart saves the day. However, after seeing the quaint, silly flying machine Dee Dee made, Dexter grabls her project and rebuilds it himself.

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The next day at school, Dexter's Dee Dee Project manages to launch the entire school into space. Nothing happens until they try to go to sleep and can't. So, they bounce balls, play with dolls, turn wrenches, and fly around until morning. Dexter, seeing this as an opportunity to study horses, complies. Pony Dee Dee's friends abuse their pony riding privileges.

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Afraid to go outside, Dexter decides to try some natural resources to regenerate the lab's power. He's never been in trouble so how can he disappoint his parents now? Luckily he talks Dee Dee into changing her into Mom in his lab so she can go to the meeting in Mom's place.

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  4. At night, Dexter transforms into a clown and terrorizes the town. Dee Dee takes mime lessons and is able to save her brother. This backfires when it turns out that the dog has very little of interest to say. Dexter thinks he's found his true family as Dextor's parents are scientists. Meanwhile, Dextor thoroughly enjoys Dexter's goofy family. After having his computer analyze the pain, Dexter thinks he's going to explode.

    Dexter's Laboratory Characters

    This being his last hour of life, Dexter tries to take care of a few items on his wish list. Since the two are incapable of working together, the earth seems doomed. Luckily, all the meteors burn up in the atmosphere. But there's no mistake - Dexter shuts down his lab and tries to be a normal average kid.