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Actively sharing content on social media is now still not enough, for the big guns many enlist the skills of a PR agency and pay thousands delegating them the task of promoting and marketing their business to the public as best as possible. Makes sense, right? As then the restaurant can focus their time and attention on their actual skills: staying afloat, feeding the masses and actually enjoying the job of restaurant ownership.

Hear us out.

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PR agencies have decided in this day and age that the best form of marketing is to get people with followings online to try out the offering in return for promoting the place. And half the time, we never hear from these people again. And that, in short, is how one aspect of food PR works. We are well aware of people in both London and Dublin who are in constant cahoots with agencies to facilitate this.

Good for them, we say, if they get the result they desired and are happy with themselves. Some people even genuinely do get to eat free meals on a regular basis so much so that they might not be able to recount the last time they paid a restaurant bill. Some we stress, a very minute amount are comfortable enough to be totally upfront to whoever is listening and declare to their audience using the likes of guest or invite.

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The account exec ticks off a box for coverage, the content creator does their part plus enjoying the spoils landed upon them, their audience interacts and understands the situation and ultimately the client is hopefully happy and rubbing their hands together in delight at the fresh eyes their place has been exposed to. The illusion has been shattered on several occasions when we meet people who regularly eat out for free.

Case and point. For food critics, who as per their job title are employed to critique food in reporting back to the masses, this is so alien to them as the vast majority fly under the radar, pay their way and the restaurant in question often only finds out as the rest of us also read a review in print.

It could be argued that bloggers are the food critics and writers of the future ā€” whether you agree, like it or not. We have eaten free several times. None of them ever came about from cold-calling, emailing a request or asking for it in general. A lot of meats can be refreshed also by dunking them into hot oil. So, things like bacon, for example.

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Tip number three is to color it up. And maraschino cherry juice. I hope you enjoyed this video, friends. If you like this content, make sure that you subscribe and click the link below in the description box and that will take you in for instant updates so you will never miss another training and you get one of our amazing downloadable worksheets, all for free.

This morning we are talking all about styling flat foods. So that includes things like flat cookies, quesadillas, flat sandwiches, anything like that. Tip number one is to stack them.

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Now stacking works very very well for flat foods. You can stack cookies, you can stack donuts, you can stack quesadillas. The key to this is making sure you have enough of them. Tip number two is to do a flat lay. Now a flt lay is a very common shot that happens a lot on Instagram. Make sure you take a couple out of the flat lay, break them up, put some crumbles through there. Tip number three is to dip them. Things that are flat tend to dip very well. So think about dipping into a cookie, a cookie into a glass of milk.

Think about dipping quesadillas into different kinds of dips. All of these work very, very well. Is overstuff them. The point of this is not to necessarily show the perfect way to make it. The point of it is to make it look appetizing. So add a few extra tablespoons of pesto in there. Add more cheese, use thicker bread. Do as many things as you can to help give it a little bit more depth there to work with versus smashing it completely flat.

This works very well with quesadillas. Try using gordita quesadillas instead of traditional tortillas. My last tip is to use models. Flat foods work very well in lifestyle shots. So if you can get cute little hands in there, if you can get your hands in there, or out at a campfire, or anything to bring more emotion to the shot. I hope that that was helpful and that you enjoyed this video. Also, be sure to subscribe, follow our Facebook page, and make sure to hit the link below that will take you to our subscription and will get you one of our best freebies.

Today we are talking all about how to style brown foods like gravy. It just kind of looks like a lump, so you want to use your gravy strategically. Tip number two is add interest. If your gravy is just a straight brown gravy, try adding black pepper to it. Try adding a few other ingredients into the gravy to make it more interesting. If you can add bacon to it, if you can add you know maybe some grilled peppers to it. Those are arr really great options to help bring a little bit more interest right on there.

The other thing is to consider your recipe. Could you add maybe a runny egg to the side? Or add some other element into it to bring a little bit more interest to it. Tip number three is add pops of color. So in that case, use garnishes of color throughout.

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Add pops of color in your napkin. Add extra things on the plate. Add maybe you know some charred tomatoes on there with it. Add some different colors in the background of your propping. Because that is just such a huge component of really adding that interest in there. The other thing you want to make sure is that you do a nice dusting of coarse black pepper on there. It is a simple comfort food dish, but make sure you add a little bit of interest throughout there.

So, find the interest in the story, if its texture, then go with texture. If it was, leave me a comment below and let me know. Also, be sure that you subscribe, like our Facebook page, and make sure that you click on the messenger link below in the comment area so that you can get hooked into our instant alerts, And get one of our best freebies. We are talking all about how to get that beautiful, wet, dewy, condensation look on your produce.

Tip number one: Make your spray. The first thing that you need to do to achieve this look is to make up your spray. Now, you can do this with glycerin, which is my preference, but you can also make a pretty good version of this with Karo syrup, which you can find at any grocery store. Tip number two: Use a spray bottle. So, you want to find a little spray bottle. You can reuse any kind of spray bottles that you find in your housewares stuff, that you find in the beauty product supply space.

Another secret place to find them is that they often have them at health food stores with like the aromatherapy and things like that. Where they have all kinds of, like make your own mixes. Now this works really well for things like baskets of strawberries or salads. So for that, we have tip number three. Tip number three is: Use a needle applicator or a toothpick. Either one of these work. Starting your blog is totally past you and now you are working on growing your email list. I get you. Practically every blogger out there that wants to turn their blog into a profitable blog will go on the road to starting an email list.

You have to find out what kind of freebie you want to offer your would-be subscribers. What you need is a lead magnet. Instant access come my way! So, how do you find that mind-blowing incentive idea to grow your new email list? You started your blog maybe a month or two months ago and you have a couple of blog posts. What better way to create an incentive than with what is already resonating with your audience? You can use Google Analytics to get an idea which posts are getting the most traffic.

For example, if you have a homeschool blog and your most popular blog post is one about how to find the best school curriculum for your child. This post also has a lot of social shares. Or, maybe you can create a toolbox of things you need to start homeschooling. In it, you can have a guide, checklist, and planner. This is called a content upgrade. Content upgrades are freebies that relate to the blog post you are reading for example, in this blog post, my content upgrade is a video on how to create freebies using Google Slides.

Try to think of content upgrades as enhancing a blog post. Some bloggers will gate the content instead. What this means is a blogger will publish a post with a high list number example: 50 Free Date Ideas but only put half or less than half on the blog post. And the freebie they are offering? The rest of the list!! They may be annoyed and get turned off if you end up doing something like this. Instead, offer an addition to your post.

How do you do this? Search on Pinterest your niche or a blog post topic. From this result I can see these popular topics:. BuzzSumo is a free tool that looks at popular content based on social media shares. Plug in your keyword, niche topic or website and see popular posts. Based on this list you can see what posts are most popular on Pinterest and Facebook and even LinkedIn. These can inspire you to make a freebie for your blog about being more productive or mindful.

It is a list post and gives tips to transform your life. You can niche this down and make this a list for your family 70 Productivity Hacks for a Happy Family or you can do a roundup of bloggers in your niche to get their 1 productivity tip 35 Mom Experts on Beating Procrastination and Boosting Productivity in Your Child. Google Trends is a free tool to search keywords in your niche and see how they trend over the time. You know that these topics are popular and will resonate with your social media audience. This can help you identify what is popular. Knowing this will help you figure out which format will be good for your freebie.

For example, my free email course over on Elna Cain converts great. I get optins a day. My Twins Mommy blog did not have any type of automated course like that, but seeing the success with my Elna Cain site, I decided to create a free blogging course. So go ahead and see what optins other bloggers in your niche are offering.

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Your email list right now might be small. But, they can be a wealth of information to help you hone your niche and your freebie idea. You can write a personal email and ask them some questions, or you can create a Google Form and link to that in your email. You can get your subscribers talking to you about their challenges and problems and how you and your blog can help them with those problems.

My first freebie on this blog was a cheatsheet. Cheatsheets, checklists, and worksheets are easy to create and they can relate to your blog post or for your blog niche. Not all cheatsheets or checklists are popular, however. If you can find a good niche topic then your freebie will fly off the rack! This is highly niched and for bloggers that are interested in creating a course, this worksheet will attract them quickly. Think of these types of freebies as a top level freebie. While they are specific to a topic in your niche, it is a top level incentive that makes blogger look at the whole picture of a particular step or concept.

Many people see value in courses. Online courses are very popular right now so why not leverage this popularity and offer a free course or mini course? Most free courses are delivered via email even video courses for sure! Most email courses run every day for a set time. This gives you time to nurture your list and create a connection with your new subscriber. MailChimp makes it easy to create an ongoing or automated series for absolutely free. To create an email course, click on create a campaign. Then click on automated, then either click on welcome new subscribers or custom.

From here you can customize each email and set the trigger and interval for each email after the first email sent. This means, if you want someone to go into a welcome series or a mini funnel to educate and inform your new subscribers of your new product AFTER they get your freebie, you have to connect the two.

You can host your videos on YouTube or on Teachable. With YouTube, post your video as unlisted and share the link in your email. Only those with that link will be able to see your video on YouTube. If readers can get their answers in one place, they will pick up your freebie for sure. Since your freebie idea should be specific, putting this up as a guide will be helpful. Most of my freebies are guides ā€” pages full of information and action tips.

If you want to make something longer, create an eBook. If a subscriber finds your freebie valuable, they will be hooked and become a raving fan. And you can create that by delivering awesome and amazing tips for free! If you write a blog post about a topic you can create a freebie around a subset of that topic, a subheading of that topic or a complimentary of that blog post. Webinars are full of awesome tips. They are typically more than 30 minutes long and feels exclusive for people.

Webinars can be a little daunting! If you want to do a webinar, what topic should it be on? Personally, it should be on a topic that resonates high with your audience. Maybe you have a lot of shares on a particular post.

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You can turn that into a webinar. Remember, not every follower or subscriber reads every post. You can totally repurpose that blog post into a webinar. Most webinars use slides to share their topic. You can use Keynote if you are a Mac user like me, or use Google Slides to create your slides. If you are ready to do a webinar, you can do it for free with YouTube Live. Make sure to first set up a YouTube channel you need a Gmail account for this. Once you sign into YouTube, go to Creator Studio click on your pic at the right-hand corner.

On the sidebar click on live streaming. Click on the Share and you can use that link to tell your subscribers. You can start 10 minutes earlier to make sure everything is working. People will come to your webinar when you tell them the time and click on your link. If you can round up the best of the best and create a freebie around that, people will sign up to your email list for sure. I launched it in December and already have over 1, subscribers sign up to download this guide.

These roundups can be blog posts, but why not wrap that up as a freebie? People can download it and have it all the time. Here are some ideas in certain niche topics to help you:. Giving a reader free access to an exclusive thing is highly valuable. I find giving free access is a warm approach to a sales funnel. Having a free access to a Facebook group or module gives subscribers an introduction to your credibility and can help them connect to you.

To make your freebie more valuable you can bundle several content pieces to create a bonus bundle or kit of some sort. In my free blogging course, Start. Earn , not only do I provide a free email course, but also:. There are many other ways to grow your email list, but the seven examples I give are highly valuable and almost guaranteed to grow your email list every day.

I'm Elna, wife to my college sweetheart and mother to my school-aged twins. Together we are the parent entrepreneurs. I'm also a professional blogger and freelance writer. I help mom bloggers make money blogging so they can stay home with their little ones too! Come join me in the Mom to Mompreneur Facebook group! Thank you very much for sharing your insight and knowledge. Box and and starting an e-mail list! So thank you again! Thank you so much for this valuable info.

I have been struggling on an idea for my freebie but with your help, I think I came up with not only a freebie but a sales funnel idea as well. Thanks again! Have fun creating your freebie and sales funnel! Great tips, researching now how to grow the email list on my new blog- You def got the wheels a turning? You cans start a free email list and grow your list with these freebies!