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I buy everything from dishwasher detergent to coffee to spices. I will say that you do need to know what is a good price on each product you buy — some things are priced very well and some things are still cheaper in a store — it just depends.

Beth — Great question! So after the first month you item is deliver does the price of an item change? Meghan — Yes, the price may change. All I can see it the current price. Is there an easy way to track this? Be very careful with rising prices. I finally had something to subscribe and save to.

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Arrived fine for 2 months and then the price went up like crazy, way above convenience store prices. What a ripoff this ended up being for me. There was no notice of a price increase until I checked my account myself. I have a couple of questions. I see the price can change when subscriptions ship each month…. Help: Order a Subscribe & Save Subscription

If I only want to receive 5 items a month can I move my items to the next month and still get them at the same price as when I first signed up? For example I do not have any renewing subscriptions, I currently have 6 new subscribe and save items on my 1st shipment coming in April. If you try it, please report back and let us know!

Thank you so very much for your help! I will give the move a try on an item and let you know what happens in May. ETA: They will email you when your order ships. It varies each time in terms of how far in advance it will ship but your items will get to you no later than your delivery date in many cases it will be a day or two before.

I clipped a couple coupons already. For my next shipment, if there is a coupon for it, do I have to cancel the subscription and subscribe again to use the coupon?

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  5. Save More When You Sign Up for More Subscriptions.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Disclosure: the post below may contain affiliate links. When you make a purchase or take action using these links, the site makes commission. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy. Q: When will I be charged for my items? Share This is great and all, but what do you do with all the cardboard boxes it comes in. Seems like such a waste to me. Also, watch the prices on Amazon.

My state and Amazon and have made it so that we have to pay State Sales Tax now. Empty your old shipping box. Fill the box with clothing, accessories and household goods you no longer want. Then print your free shipping label at GiveBackBox. Drop your box off at UPS or the U. Postal Service. I have been using Amazon Prime for as long as it has been offered — I do save a lot of money because I buy all household cleaning supplies, toys, ebooks, and everything really — and free shipping!

Just ordered the Amazon Echo Alexa so I am excited about that although there is not a prime discount on that. I stopped using it, because I kept getting inferior products. I have to agree with you. To tell people you get free shipping is really a lie, because the prices have been jacked up, somethings costing more than double the store price. Amazon is getting worse and worse.

I used to LOVE it but am slowly getting more and more disappointed. Shipping isnt what it used to be, scam products, hardly any free movies on prime video etc. Continue Reading. Categories Saving Money. Make Your Own Draft Stopper!


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