Coupon widgets for websites

This plugin makes it simple to add any coupon or discount to individual WordPress posts or pages. Unlike some other deal plugins, this one is targeted specifically to affiliate marketers in that it's designed to help with creating affiliate coupons and promoting affiliate deals.


It also protects your affiliate sales by ensuring visitors click on your affiliate link. The premium version of WP Coupons and Deals comes with 8 templates and various advanced features including:. There is nothing worse than having an awesome coupon for a product that is impossible to find on your website. This will turn even a loyal customer away from your website and into the hands of a competitor if you are not careful.

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If you are offering a deal on a specific product or service, guide all site visitors directly to it to boost the chances they will finalize a purchase. Make sure any discounts, coupons, or sales you are currently running are readily visible once the visitor clicks on your website. Making sure special offers are front-and-center when a visitor lands on your site will spike their interest right away and keep them looking for more.

Best Coupon Plugins for WordPress to Create a Deal Website

If possible, present coupons to your customers that are relevant to what they are purchasing right now. This includes items that complement already purchased items, or items that are currently in a shopping cart. In addition, you can offer future discounts on an already purchased item to be used on their next visit. Lastly, make suggestions as customers browse your online store, offering coupons related to the contents of the page they are currently visiting.

The coupons you offer customers are an extension of your brand. Make sure you use strong copy so that customers feel like they are getting a once in a lifetime deal. Offer first-time shopper deals and return customer discounts. In addition, consider offering referral traffic coupons for those coming from a certain referrer such as Facebook or Twitter. Another thing that helps is varying the design and messaging so every time a loyal customer visits you, they see a fresh new deal waiting for them.

Although some may disagree, there is still some credibility to making a deal with your site visitors when it comes to redeeming coupons. Asking for an email address in return for a special discount is something a lot of customers are willing to do. And, with cart abandonment rates at staggering levels, having this email on hand for later marketing efforts is your golden ticket to re-engaging a customer that left without purchasing anything. Just make sure you do what you can to maintain site security and to protect your visitor's information, too.

If there's a better price, we'll find it.

As you can see, offering your site visitors a coupon is not as simple as having them enter a discount code and securing a sale. And, as with all things business related, it takes a certain finesse to acquire, engage, and retain customers sorting through what you have to offer. Altogether, if you are looking for an exceptional way to engage potential customers and encourage them to buy from you after make a WordPress site , consider using one of the above-mentioned coupon code plugins for WordPress.

Not only will you excite those that return time and again to buy your amazing products or services, you will garner new traffic and consumers because, well, everyone likes a deal. Want to give your feedback or join the conversation? Save Save. When she is not writing she can be found spending family time with her son and two silly nephews.

Embed and Display your Promotion in Any Website with Easypromos Widgets

Phone Call. White-labeling Agencies Freelancers Affiliates. How did Caroline take control of 3 complex websites by partnering with WP Buffs? Any changes you make to your coupon will show in your page to the right. Navigate to Headline. Edit or delete the example text and add your own — ex. Link, Bold, Italicize, Underline or Justify your font from the second line of options. Change the Font Color by selecting the font color icon or choose More to view additional font colors.

Cashback Plugin

Add your own custom font color by entering the hex in the text box under Selected Color. Click OK when you are finished. Add a description to your coupon from the text box under Full Description.

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