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Once first-time buyers figure out the size of the boat they want, then they must choose whether to buy a new, used, fiberglass or aluminum model. First-time buyers will pay more when purchasing a new boat for a starter, but they can avoid a lot of maintenance headaches and warranty hassles. Buying new gives them nearly a problem-free boat and full warranty. Dawson noted most boat companies now offer lifetime warranties to original owners. Purchasing a new boat also allows beginners to have their boats rigged with everything they need.

First-time buyers rarely have to customize new rigs since most boat companies offer package boats with all the bells and whistles. The Missouri dealer added the only customizing needed for most package boats is to add the buyer's preference in trolling motors and electronics. The sticker prices of new boats can be a shocker for a first-time buyer on a tight budget, so they might consider getting more bang for their buck by looking at a used model.

The dealer recommends the buyer should seek a rig with a multiple-year warranty on the outboard motor. You can buy a three- or four-year-old boat that still has a year or two warranty left on it, which is super," he said. Looking at used boats is a buyer-beware situation, though. The number one danger of buying used is getting a boat with a troublesome engine.

How To Buy A Used Boat

A certified mechanic can check for crucial problems, such as a cracked lower unit or bent pro shaft, which might not be detected by the buyer. The first-time buyer can check for transom cracks and look underneath the seats and in compartments and livewells for stress fractures. A used boat with a Hamby Keel protector will have less scratches on the bottom, but Payne suggests the buyer should also look for any delaminating of the hull.

Depending on the age of the boat, some of the equipment will have to be replaced due to wear and tear. Knowing the previous owner of a used model could insure that a first-time buyer acquires a dependable starter boat. Buying a used boat from someone you know gives you a good idea of how well the boat has been operated and maintained. Being in a bass club gives the first-time buyer a definite advantage when considering used boats. You fish with a guy this year and in two years you find out the guy is going to sell the boat. So you have been in it and you feel comfortable with it.

You know how it ran and think it will make you a good boat," Payne said. Fiberglass bass boats are the standard for tournament fishing, but some quality aluminum models are available for the competitive angler. Both boat dealers are noticing more club anglers are buying aluminum models for starter tournament boats. There are a lot of guys who run rivers and beat the boat off stumps and they don't feel comfortable doing that with fiberglass," Payne said.

Dawson agrees that aluminum models are more suited for stump-filled rivers and reservoirs laden with flooded timber. The major drawback to aluminum models is a lighter hull, which means a rough ride in choppy water. I've told guys we could blind fold them and take them out riding in a fiberglass boat and an aluminum one and they wouldn't be able to tell the difference in the ride on a 1-foot chop," Payne said. And though buying a starter boat can be a tough decision, bass club members should remember that test rides come tournament time can help make their choices a lot easier.

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Boat Lettering. Boat Loans. Expert Advice. Maintenance Techniques Tow Vehicles. B - BUST. I am on my high school bass team and several of my friends have boats. I just hitch rides with them because I don't have enough money. Just when they get it just the way they want it, something new breaks! I would recommend a kayak instead.

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They have these poles that extend to get your lure unsnagged and out of trees, problem one solved. For the ticks they make bug spray that repels ticks, great stuff. And for tournaments you can partner with someone who already bought a bass boat with their college savings. JK, but i'm with everybody else get a kayak or even a little jon boat instead.

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