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I wanted to purchase a 7ft. Unfortunately the store was sold out except for the display. The clerk said they would probably be receiving a shipment later in the week and that I would have to phone or come back in to check I live out of town. She would not take my name and phone number or put one away for me or offer me a rain check. No explanation was given i. I tried to phone the number listed in the telephone directory and on-line and the phone rang and rang, several times but no one ever answered it!!!

This does not make for good customer service. Usually a pleasant shopping experience each time I visit here to stock up on card stock. However I agree with the one reviewer. Just had a great experience at this store. Management and employees went out of their way to accommodate my rather large order for Vacation Bible School craft supplies. Even helped me carry my purchases to my car in the pouring rain. I will definitely give them my business in the future.

Way overpriced for the quality. Crappy parking lot too. Place needs an update. Well organized store.

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Very clean and customer service exceeded all expectations. They have held the items I've been hunting for, for up to 24 hrs no question. Definitely will have return business. This pertains to the frame shop- I went in with something of a hard order: a fragile original painting on plywood, that needed to be supported in a protective frame.

It was painted up to the edges, so it could not be braced against the frame itself. This proved no problem: the michaels staff constructed a holder for it out of foam core, which supported the painting and also held it in place so that all of it was visible, and none of the painting itself-- which was painted to the edges-- was covered by the frame. The foam core that the painting is surrounded by is hidden by the frame, so all that's visible is the painting. It looks great.

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Thanks guys! Service wasn't too great in the frames department, was kept being pushed to order a custom frame which is at least double the cost when a pre-made frame would fit just fine. Had an end cap display of 3doddlers but when I went to purchase it, they told me that they were out of stock. They should at least put a sign up indicating that they were sold out.

Very nice crafts center, just huge. Much more selection than Omer DeSerre. First floor assistant I saw was passing the broom, I stopped her and asked her where Icould find a blendig pen, she had no idea what it was, where I could find one in the store or even if they were selling them Found a second assistant that helped me, walked me to the product, showed me what was offered and helped me decide.

Good location with helpful staff. Found this location to be difficult to find parking. It's a great place for many types of crafts. And saves you a lot of time rather than driving to Calgary. The shelves are always well stocked and tidy here. The staff are usually younger at the till and a little timid.

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The staff in the framing area are usually the ones to ask for any advice. Michael's can be really overpriced, but I can always find neat things in their clearance bins. My girlfriend loves it here. Seems like there's always something else for her to go find. Very very clean and well organized store!

I give 5 stars to Claire! Micheals is so awesome it's like my go to place before we go to winners. It is the best craft store ever! Love love going in here! Always so many neat things in so many different price ranges. Project levels in all age and ability levels also. Only thing missing is inspiration and a dream! Tons of stuff for almost all of your crafty needs. Very, very, very expensive. If you have the cash, you can do any craft you like. Staff are pleasant and the store is quite clean. Sometimes it's busy but they get you though the cash registers pretty quick.

My favorite micheals in my area! The staff is so friendly and helpful, the store is always clean and well organized! Other micheals take note this is the store to beat! The only place in town when it comes to all the latest, greatest craft supplies! Excellent selection of classes. Teachers are certified in their specialities and really know their stuff! But never go without your coupon! I have really bad anxiety and have a hard time in stores; however the staff was super helpful and Serena the cashier was willing to call another store for me to find an item I needed she was very patient and didn't act like I was a pain.

PlanWithMichaels is today from pm! The store close to me filled up quick so I found this location and Im happy to get in! Me and my Happy Planner will be front and center! Friendly staff, if it's busy expect a wait at the register, pretty clean place but if it's christmas time expect the glittery trees and little branches isle to be a mess because people don't know how to clean up after themselves and pick up what they dug up!

Overall not too bad of a place! If you have a problem it usually gets sorted out within 5 minutes! Great selection of craft products. I especially love the holiday selections available in fall and winter. This store has a friendly environment, the selection is great and the employees are knowledgeable. They are always getting new things and keep up-to-date in the popular projects.

I can always ask the employees for ideas and advice too which makes the experience so much better! One stop shop for craft supplies and the like. Hard to leave without buying three or four items. I love Michaels, it's such a great store. I don't have one bad thing to say! Great deals on custom framing, especially with their regular coupons. Really great, professional product as well. Good stock, friendly staff.

Make sure you have a coupon though. Good selection, but the prices are criminal. Save your money and look around. Overpriced, inventory is not organized. Reps dint know jack about art materials. I called ahead to make sure they had in stock the product I needed a dye. The employee was kind enough to check availability of different brands and respective prices. The prices for the dyes were the same as online Amazon and I didn't have to wait for delivery. Also, I asked in which isle I could find it. When I went I was in and out of the store. I liked the service and the prices of fabric dye were fair.

Do a quick search of local stores and online then call in advance to make sure you are not overpaying. One of the larger Michaels locations I've been to. They have SO much Christmas stuff. Lots of stuff out of place though, needs to be organized.


I get most of my art supplies from here, and my family gets all sorts of crafting odds n' ends here as well. It's spaciously sized, well organized, well situated, and they always seem to have something new. Overall Michael's is not cheap, but when one watches flyers they do have good deals. Excellent array of yarns and craft specialties. Don't forget the discount for teaching staff.

I have a slight craft addiction. Planner addicts unite! The place to go if you need stickers, fancy tape, that certain item for that finishing detail on your next project Is always at Michaels. Make sure to grab a coupon You will have more than you bargained for. I was desperately seeking numerous odd sized frames for my one year business anniversary. He went over and above the call of duty to ensure that my frames for my prints would be special and meaningful.

When I left the store I was absolutely speechless due to his kindness and thoughtfulness. I am still smiling and wondering how I got to be so blessed by a complete stranger. Kolby, if you see this, I will never forget what you did for me. I walked in there to get stuff for my baby's first birthday party with my fiance and our minds started feeling with ideas. Manquait un peu de personnel aux caisses.

I am used to another Michael's store, but I was just beside so had to have a look, once in nobody came and asked if needed help, aisle are without descriptions. Sorry but sticking with my usual store, you saw me once not sure if will be repeated. It's a nice store with lots of selection but the prices are abhorrent even with their weekly coupon and some of the staff are a little abrupt.

This is the cleanest and most organized Michaels I have been in. The staff is always approachable and helpful but they will not approach you, you have to approach them. The checkout line is usually long and sometimes may take awhile but my over all happiness with the store is what makes it worth the wait. The scrapbooking selection is massive and amazing and now I go for the wide variety of yarn which I have taken to since purchasing my looming tools here. I'm not a big fan of Michael's but when I have to pick up arts and craftsy stuff for kids' school projects then I'll tend to go to this location.

It's not too busy and I get the help I need. Line ups to pay are always long for some reason. Customer service is great, but line up took a little longer then expected. Michaels Newmarket location is the worst. The selection is underwhelming at this location and customer service is non-existent. Most items are overly priced and can be found cheaper at other locations or online.

Horrendous customer service. Went in for a price on canvas stretching; waited for 15 minutes before even being acknowledged. When I was asked what I wanted, was barked at "I'm busy, you'll have to wait". At that point I just walked out in disgust. Sometimes you find a few products in not the best shape but the staff is always friendly and the store is well stocked. I love crafting and Michaels always has something for me in there; from yarn for my crochet projects to small embellishments for holiday ornaments, it can be found at Michaels.

The only big craft store in town. Some items can be pricey but others are a great deal. If you want great quality, it's worth the extra cash. It's hard to find help here sometimes but when you do they really know their stuff. Great arts and craft supplies, prices are fair. I got plain t shirts here and the selection was out of this world!

An excellent store, but it's awfully crowded Great staff and great selection of products. Answer your phone and quit hanging up on me!!! Twice I called. First time I get a radio in the background. Second time the phone is picked up and immediately hung up. Third time's a charm I guess.

Finally got through, and staff was able to answer my questions. Prices are still too high. While it is not that particular stores fault it is Michaels in general. I keep trying to shop there, but their corporate policies make it my last choice. Great place to shop for art supplies.

Lot's of inspiration. Went to purchase a easel. They carry multiple sizes at a competitive price. They usually have what I need. They don't do price matching unfortunately. It's a little hard to ask for help, they seem so under staffed, I ended up calling the store on my cell while I'm in the store to look for help. There's always a line up on the weekends. If you need art and crafts supplies, this is the place.

Use online coupons and remember dollar stores have some of the same items for up to 10x cheaper. As a Daycare teacher I go there often and I always find beautiful stuff for my felt board stories. I like this Michaels because I can wander for 2 hours touching things and talking to my camera and no staff will talk to me. Like zero staff.

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A severely understaffed store. It is nearly impossible to find someone if you need an advice. And even when you do catch someone by the sleeve, you quickly realize how incompetent they are. It happened to me today when I needed some help with the beading products. An extra star for the cleanliness and the cashier's hard work.

I have very bad experience I hate the staff very Rude I went there couple times to experience different customer service unfortunately they just don't care!!!!! Overpriced and difficult to find items but not alot of other choices in town for craft supplies. Sometimes the store feels understaffed but when available they know what they're doing and do it well.

Some stuff are nice but some are awful and racist. She was very friendly to other customers at a casher but as soon as i taried to chat with her she shut her mouse up i'm Asian beside, she didn't give me any discounts i was suppose to get. I had to have her make sure three times while i had to see her offended attitude and finally i got correct price that was less then the price i got the first place!!

She even tried to confuse me by going to math and numbers. There are not many people in this city who discrimate speaking English as secound languages people. It was realy too bad i got such experience here. My last visit was very pleasant, had everything I was looking for and the cashier was super nice. They usually have a good variety of products but their prices are excessive. Compared to the other Micheals craft stores this one has a strick 1 coupon policy. So, i will not return to this store.

Amazing staff! The store is in the midst of a renovation, so things are in chaos, but the staff can help you find any and everything you need! I like this store but its very expensive like crayola products they sale them for But on the other hand AC moore is way better and cheaper! This store is relatively well-stocked and clean, and the staff are helpful. Prices tend to be average to just a bit higher than AC Moore. Disappointed that the selection of papercrafting supplies has been reduce over the last few years.

Overall, a good place to shop for craft supplies. I found everything I needed and then some! You would be surprised at what they have. Michael's is a horrible overpriced mess. Pretty much everything here is way cheaper online. Staff in here are sparse, and from my personal limited experience, not all that knowledgeable.

I asked if a product was carried, told it wasn't, then found it only moment's later next to where I asked the staff member. Delightful staff! They made me smile. And what a lovely smell when you walk in! To the jonny that works there if u keep hittin on my girlfriend im gonna go there and hit on you literally.. I like this store it has alot of neat things i bought some paint and glue for jar painting for my gf and they have a good selection. I usually like going into this newer store. Today I went in hoping to not only gather some project supplies but take a look around since it had been a while since I've been in.

I couldn't wait to get out of there! The music was blaring! And no, I'm not old. I understand the concept of having music playing, but it's a store, not a nightclub. A girl named Brooklyn, so this is the title and the comment? Ok then,. A girl named Brooklyn helped me out and was as respectful as she could be. I am a franchise owner of another company but I know true ppl when I witness them. She was great and if you are lucky enough to find her there while she is working then!!

Going into the store is fine. But over the phone thier customer service skills are horrible the lad had an attitude and she put me on hold for over 20 minutes. Much the same as all other Micheals stores I've been to. Make sure to check out weekly flyer from this store. Great selection of art supplies, however there does seem to be a bit of price gouging with certain brands. If the price seems steep, Google it. Chances are it IS sold cheaper somewhere close by, unless it's something specific like copic markers, ect..

I always find what I need for crafting. They have classes for various things from art to cake decorating.

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Clean and organized, staff are helpful and friendly. As with most Michael's stores in the area - busy but well staffed. There's always someone to answer a question. Stocked with exactly the type of yarns I was looking for,. Good art supplies, but a little. Pricey at times. The paint brush variety is good. I wish there was a bigger selection but the store is ok. If you can't find it, just look for the old navy in the area it's next to it. They should have little benches while you wait for your girlfriend or wife.

Prices are too high. Only shop here if you have a coupon. Lots of stuff that you probably couldn't find elsewhere in Fredericton, but the prices are outrageous. It's a Michaels the workers are helpful and you'll come out with all your needs. Every time I go in there the staff is very helpful, very clean store and organized. Don't get there much, but enjoy shopping there n employees are very polite and helpful. Had to pick up some random odds and ends. The place is quite sloppy but it's more than made up my the attentiveness of the staff. My favorite one in town always had the best stock they get you in and out its my favorite place to shop I could live in there always clean sticks by there sales no matter what they have a clearance area which I haven't seen in others.

Great staff. Michael's is very crowded, disorganized, and has a thin selection in many areas floral, woodworking , but a big selection in others farming, paper crafts. The store is too small for what it contains, and in addition to the crowded environment, the staff appear disgruntled and are not usually helpful. Had a few pieces of art framed, Megan spent an hour going through the matting and frame options.

Extremely impressed with the quality and effort put into the frames. I find it difficult to get help from the staff. They rearranged the store I think, and I like the set up.

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