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Poor showers are a thing of the past, with our oil combi boilers. Oil combi boilers and hot water — Better but different- Condensing oil combi boilers produce hot water in a different manner from traditional systems with a copper storage cylinder. An understanding of the principle will enable you to obtain optimum results for your appliance and realise your level of expectation. So what is the main difference? In order to reduce the possibility of excessive water flow, each Combi incorporates a built in flow regulator, carefully sized according to the output of the appliance, in order to stabilise the delivery of hot water.

This flow regulator also enhances the performance of its various control thermostats and mixing valves within the appliance which perform better when less subjected to extreme and sudden changes of volume and temperature. The advantages of the system are: a. Hot water is delivered at mains pressure regardless of flow rate which means that vigorous pressure can be delivered for showers.

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Typical mains pressure can be 2 Bar — 3. The hot water is potable — that is, it is fresh from the mains like the cold supply and has not passed through storage tanks in the roof or a storage cylinder. It is more economical and more efficient to produce hot water by this means rather than the old storage cylinder method. Hot water can be produced indefinitely provided that the flow rate is equated to the boiler output. In order to reduce the possibility of excessive water flow, each of our oil combi boilers incorporates a built in flow regulator, carefully sized according to the output of the appliance, in order to stabilise the delivery of hot water.

The Sedbuk rating is calculated from laboratory tests combined with the type of fuel of an appliance, the climate,the hot water system, whether ignition if automatic or permanent and other such factors necessary to produce a meaningful indication of normal efficiency in typical usage. These boilers are robust and will give many years of trouble free service life. We have two different types of oil combi boilers for sale, the first being a wall mounted unit,which is an internal version, and the second being an external wall mounted unit,which is weatherproof and has been designed to fit on an external wall of the property.

When needed, the hot water moves to your shower and taps of your bathroom. The big difference with other fuel type boilers is that an oil fired boiler requires an oil supply. An external storage tank holds this oil and regular deliveries are necessary. Standard heating oil tanks are able to hold enough to heat a house for 6 to 9 months. Any tanks larger than 3, litres must comply with building regulations and be handled by professionals. Oil boilers also come in the 3 types of combi, conventional, and system boilers.

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Oil combi boilers have its own hot water storage tank built in, as opposed to the external components required for the conventional and system boilers. Most oil boilers use 28sec oil, known as kerosene, which burns much cleaner compared to 35sec oil.

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A recent, growing trend is bio-heating oil produced from vegetable oils. However, this type of oil is still very much in the testing phases. If your home does not have a connection to the gas network, oil is one of the most efficient fuels you can use for central heating.

Which Type of Boiler is Best for You?

Modern oil condensing boilers recycle waste flue gases, increasing efficiency even more. However, similar to gas, oil is susceptible to price hikes, meaning you could be buying oil when prices are high. Also, you have a limited amount of oil, requiring regular deliveries. This could potentially cause problems if you run out of oil and must wait for a delivery to arrive. Oil boilers tend to have a weaker flow of hot water than a gas combi or cylinder boiler, and the temperature will decrease as you use more water.

These prices are not set in stone, as your actual expenses depends on your boiler efficiency, the insulation of your home, and the constantly changing fuel prices. Oil, although not as eco-friendly as gas, is more efficient. You will not lose much energy for every unit of oil you consume, offsetting the environmental and economic impacts. If your house does not have a gas connection, an oil boiler might be the solution for your heating needs. The high efficiency of oil boilers will save you money compared to other non-gas central heating systems.

Despite this, you should still conduct thorough research on your oil boiler, as it will set you back a few grand. That is why you should compare as many prices, both of oil boiler models and installers, as possible. Submit a request for free quotations. Compare up to 5 different companies and select the quote that suits you best.

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  • Free No obligation. Oil boiler costs If you need to have an oil boiler fitted, you will need to have a general of prices when shopping around in order to avoid any nasty surprises. This table displays the average prices of a few oil boilers. Oil Boilers. Compare central heating companies like:.

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