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Be the first to leave a reply Cancel Reply. News Show more. F1 Review Round-Up. Red Dead Redemption 2 Xbox One. XBox Live 12 M.

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Devari said:. If you want a second account to login and connect via. I wasn't even thinking about the p2w pips. I was just thinking about having a second commander login using one version of the game same as a PS4 can have. Soon TM. I wouldn't worry too much if you miss this deal, it's practically always on sale on Kinguin. AcademicDust said:. Morgan Grimes. Conch said:. Do they get another cmdr slot then? Or can they just log in with another like we do on pc?

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Im confused.. Last edited: Jul 20, Morgan Grimes said:. You simply start the game with another psn profile on the PS4, nothing stopping you from creating multiple profiles and therefore multiple Commanders. Wolf Starslayer. Pay2Win via extra pips was a shameful decision from FD, as bad as leaving the god-mods in; was really disappointed with both these things.

And I'm pretty sure it's solo only. Would be nice to bring the PC inline with the consoles on this matter.

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