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The 9 Best Garage Door Openers of 12222

Looking to keep it simple? Get your order shipped or delivered to any address in the United States—including hotels.

Get a little help from friends and family to get what you want—simply have your order delivered right to them. Today, they are becoming an almost essential part of the modern home. At its most basic level, a garage door opener is an automatic motor device which is used to automatically open and close garage doors. Usually, garage door openers have switches both inside the garage and on a remote control. This website is aimed at helping you choose the right garage door opener remote, brand and type for your home. One feature that sets this model apart from all of the rest is its standby power which allows you to open the garage door, even when the power is out at your home.

This garage door opener system includes some wireless accessories to allow you to operate the unit and open your garage door from your vehicle, from inside your home and from outside the home using a control panel at the overhead door.

The best garage door openers you can buy

Pros: Quiet belt drive. Cons: More expensive than most models, might not be the best choice if you are planning to sell your home soon. Following Garage Door Opener is the most popular with our readers. There are a number of things to consider when looking to buy garage door openers — probably more than you think. The power of your garage door opener should be directly related to the size and weight of the door. If you have a two car door, then you probably only need a 0. If in doubt, ask the manufacturer or retailer about the engine required on electric garage door openers for your door size.

The size of your garage door will affect the power of the motor, but also whether you need to buy any sort of extension. If you have a standard 7 foot door then this is probably nothing to worry about — but larger doors will require the opener to have an extension.

Shop for the best garage door openers to buy that will make your life easier

It simply opens the door quickly and quietly. That's probably a bit much to expect from a garage door opener, but Smart Home Reviewer says this opener runs very quietly compared to other units, which is great if your garage is right under a bedroom or another part of the house that demands quiet.

Best Garage Door Openers of - Chamberlain, Liftmaster & Genie | Top Ten Reviews

One of the nicer high-tech features in this garage door opener is the inclusion of MyQ technology, which allows you to control the operation of the door with a smartphone app. This Chamberlain opener includes a timer, so you can have the garage door automatically close after 1, 5, or 10 minutes. Amazon reviewer John n Leigh really likes this feature. Garage Door Opener Pro says this Chamberlain opener is easy to install, and it requires a minimal amount of power in standby mode, so you won't waste money on increased electricity costs.

If you have a taller garage door, you must purchase an extension kit. You'll have to buy the light bulb separately as well. Pros: Reliable opener with only the most important features, runs very quietly, includes an automatic timer, offered at a good price point. Cons: Only works with doors up to 7 feet in height, motor could be more powerful.

How to make a smart Garage Door opener for $7.00

They stand out from the crowd, making it easier to find your tools when you need them. But if you don't mind the color, this opener has a host of cool features to go with a powerful motor that delivers excellent levels of performance.

The best garage door opener overall

Tools in Action says the Ryobi Ultra Quiet has plenty of versatility, as you can plug devices into the opener hardware, like a Bluetooth speaker, a fan, or even an 18V Ryobi cordless tool battery. When the opener has power, it will charge the battery. But if your home ever loses power, the 18V battery works as a backup to the garage door opener, allowing it to operate normally.

Even with all of the add-on options, installation is easier than you'd think, according to Shop Tool Reviews. You'll use a technique similar to what you'd use for most garage door openers. This opener uses a rubber belt with steel reinforcement instead of a chain, which means it runs with very little noise. Home Depot reviewer JBootheGreat like the quiet operation and says programming the unit doesn't take very long. A few Home Depot shoppers say the Ryobi garage door opener sometimes struggles to move the door up and down properly.

Jack said the problem appears to be related to the safety sensors, which causes the door to fail to close fully sometimes. Pros: Garage door opener with multiple options for adding plug-in devices, will charge an 18V Ryobi cordless tool battery, easy installation, will run quietly.

One problem people have with large, heavy wooden garage doors at older homes is that many openers can't handle the weight. The Chamberlain B has a 1.

Performance, Features, and Durability

The B is belt-driven with steel reinforcement, which allows it to run more quietly than other styles of heavy-duty garage door openers. Beyond its powerful motor, this Chamberlain model has a battery backup system, smartphone access, and long-range remote controls, all of which simplify the operation of the opener. Additionally, the B includes encryption features that prevent others from hacking the system to gain entry to your garage.

Expert reviewers like this garage door opener a lot. The Tool Spy says the Chamberlain B justifies its higher price point by delivering excellent build quality and anti-vibration features. Consumer Search and Garage How To also approve of this unit. One Home Depot shopper says this garage door opener performs reliably and quietly, but it needs an extra component that's not included to use the HomeLink feature that's built into many newer vehicles.

Amazon reviewer Finny says the opener works well when you only need to close and open the garage. But if you want to use the extra Internet-related features, such as having the system sense when your vehicle is nearby and automatically open, you might run into trouble while setting them up. Pros: Handles over-sized and heavy wooden or metal garage doors easily, good anti-vibration features, carries a 1. Cons: Carries an above-average price point, some tech connectivity features are difficult to set up.

If you want a few extra features beyond what you'll find with your typical garage door opener, the Chamberlain B contains many of the latest technologies and features. You'll have to pay a bit extra for them, but the added tech is worth it. It includes a battery backup that you can use when the power goes out at your home. And for some extra features, you'll appreciate accessing the system through the MyQ smartphone app. You can set up this Chamberlain opener to automatically close the door after 1, 5, or 10 minutes, which is great for people who are a bit forgetful.

We also really like the motion-detecting control panel, which turns on lights whenever it records nearby movement. If you live in a home where there are living quarters directly above the garage, Garage Guide DIY says force-sensing technology built into the B ensures a smooth operation, no matter what temperature it is in your garage. The unit adjusts the motor's power on the fly, keeping it running smoothly. Garage Door Opener Pro says this Chamberlain model gives you the ability to program different opening and closing procedures, depending on who is pressing the button.

You'll receive a battery backup feature with the WDKEV, and its remotes work over a range of about 1, feet, which makes this opener extremely reliable, according to The Tool Spy. Some Amazon customers, including Leon L.