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Our TSC never has what we want. We did raise turkeys also, they sold well because free-range, organic. But, turkeys need a slightly higher brood temp or the little turklets will die. I want to get 30 or so meat birds, husband wants to get a couple of layers. I told him he may get layers as long as he takes care of them! I like my meat birds because I only have to take care of them for nine weeks before eating them. I think I am passing on chickens. I am still heartbroken over my chickens being dog murdered last year. I had the coolest rooster on earth!

Not James Bond with a license to kill. Just ordered 6 online to add to our flock. They are pretty darn cute, it is hard not to grab a few from TSC or Farm and Fleet when they are in store. I was at Pickering Valley Feed and they had a bunch of different types. I would love to get chickens to free range and eat the ticks. I keep getting Lyme. However I know they would just become fox food.

I routinely see and hear foxes in the tree farm behind us, including during the day. One fox regularly hunts squirrels off our bird feeder. I also don't eat enough eggs to justify chickens and really do not need more animals to take care of. Oh, well, clearly you're not thoroughly indoctrinated to COTH yet, because finger pointing and drawing conclusions are the cornerstones of this great online community. Tidy Rabbit.

Originally posted by BeckyS View Post. Originally posted by airhorse View Post. I have 5 hens, 3 of which are laying. We get plenty of eggs and have enough to share. But man I'd love some babies. In a weak moment read: I walk in and look at them I might relent and get two from Tractor Supply, but they'll only sell in batches of six.

I'd love to, but only want girlies, need a coop, plus not sure how to take care of them, plus I got 12 red pullets.

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So cute, very excited to have eggs. Also have 4 ducks that will be meat birds later on.

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Please ignore typos, misplaced lower case letters, and the random word butchered by autocowreck. Originally posted by quarterhorse4me View Post. We got our first hens Golden Comets last spring, and are geared up for a pair of Barred Rocks and a pair of Speckled Sussex that should be in at the end of the month.

I love my girls! I have six chicks coming via mail in early April. We've had red sexlinks or similar hens for a few years, and they're great, but I wanted some diversity, so I have 2 barred rocks, 2 buff orpingtons and 2 Golden Wyandottes coming. So tempting to get some from TSC too, but Must. Here Be Dragons : My blog about venturing beyond the lower levels as a dressage amateur. Not adding any, we're full but 5 are pretty old so not producing much if anything.

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But I wanted to plug the Columbian Wyandottes. Add 3 to our flock last year and they're just a nicest birds, and great layers. Our 3 ameracaunas are not laying at all this year, I'm a little annoyed and scold them nightly. They're only 2yr old, it's not like they should have stopped production yet. Help Contact Us Go to top. Yes No.

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OK Cancel. Coupons near me app. Free coupon app for iphone and android. Pickering Valley Select Bird Seed. Available in 8 lbs.

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Since its inception in , Pickering Valley Feed and Farm Store has grown to be a beloved and trusted part of the local community. Besides carrying an incredible selection of food and supplies for every animal on Noah's Ark, we have a variety of creatures to purchase as well such as kittens, chicks, ducks, reptiles, and fish.

Coupons near me app. Free coupon app for iphone and android.

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Pickering Valley Select Bird Seed. Available in 8 lbs. This store is stocked full of affordable and trendy women's attire, making it a great place to shop for new clothing items. You need to make your pets home as safe and comfortable as possible, so come check out the large selection of aquariums, bird cages, and bedding.